खसीको पक्कु बनाउने सजिलो तरिका | दशैं विशेष MUTTON PAKKU Recipe by Chef Suni

namaste, welcome to my channel I am going to share a mutton kabab recipe with you today if you haven't subscribe to my channel, please do so also, don't forget to press the bell icon to make mutton kabab, I have taken fresh goat meat then i have taken 1 tbsb turmeric powder then i tbsp garam masala two tbsp mix of cumin and coriander powder 1/2 tbsp red chili powder salt as per the taste 1 tsp cardamom and cloves powder mustard oil Bay lea, cinnamon stick, cardamom and star anis to temper lets marinate the meat first turmeric powder cumin and coriander powder red chilli powder salt per taste garam masala powder mustard oil i have added everything and i will mix it mix it nicely i will cover this and keep it for 4-7 hrs now this is ready to be cooked now add some mustard oil in the pan add bay leaf, cinnamon stick, cardamom and star anise to temper add meat now stir it cover and cook this in a medium flame for 15 mins again, stir it and cook for another 15 mins after 15 minutes, stir it again add cardamom and cloves powder mix it well cook for 10 another minutes without lead we don't normally add onion, garlic and ginger since we want to keep it for long time in the freeze our mutton kabab is ready let it cool then keep it in the fridge you can use this for a month hope you guys loved the recipe for more recipe like this, please subscribe to my channel thank you for watching bye bye

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