2 BEST Fruits to Eat for Faster Fat Loss

Hey, everybody, Shaun Hadsall here with Get Lean in 12 And inside today's short video, I'm going to talk about the two best fruits for fat loss

Now before I discuss those, I want to talk about why fruit doesn't really make you fat So even though fruit has a lot of fructose in it, remember this fructose is completely different than processed fructose that you find in processed food, because it has a natural antidote from nature called fiber, not to mention all the additional vitamins and minerals that you're going to get from eating organic fruits So first things first, fruit doesn't necessarily make you fat However, there are times when cutting fruit out of your diet for two, three, maybe four days of the week can be beneficial to help you put your body in a calorie deficit, have less sugar in your diet to help you burn more belly fat But the reality is that fruit doesn't make you fat

And these two fruits that I'm going to share with you today are going to prove it And they are grapefruit and tart cherries So first things first, if you take a medication, make sure you look on the label and follow the guidelines because a lot of medications interact with grapefruit in negative way That's why you should probably consider tart cherries instead if you're on a med where you can't eat grapefruit Now there was a study done in La Jolla, California, several years ago, and it showed that people who ate a half a great group before their meals significantly lowered their blood glucose level for a few hours after the meal compared to the placebo group

So this indicates that grapefruit is one of the few fruits that can actually flatline insulin Remember, when you can keep insulin stable, your body is in a fat burning environment Some fruits, for example, like ripe bananas have a lot more sugar in them, so will spike insulin higher, and potentially take your body out of a fat burning environment Now the real solution to combat the sugars in fruit is just to make sure that you never eat them by themselves So eating a half a grapefruit before a meal is a great experiment to use to lose more weight, but you're still going to be eating a meal afterwards, which makes you combine it with your protein

So always combine your fruit with a protein And always make sure you're getting a protein in every single meal The other thing that you can do, when you're eating protein and fruit together, you want to make sure that you keep your friendly fats a little bit lower Don't get too many friendly fats So, for example, eating a ripe banana with peanut butter on it, it's a healthy snack

There's no doubt about it But it could potentially make you store more fat because insulin's your body's number one storage hormone So if insulin is present from the sugar from the banana in the bloodstream and you ate that peanut butter, which is mostly a friendly that, what ends up happening is that insulin could potentially store that sugar as fat So just keep this in mind as you're eating fruit The second fruit, tart cherries, is even more impressive

There's over 70 studies showing that tart cherries have a more powerful anti-inflammatory effect than ibuprofen, Advil, or other over-the-counter anti-inflammatories Now, the FDA actually sent out letters to cherry farmers forcing them to stop making their substantiated claims about tart cherries, because, obviously, if people know tart cherries work better than medicine, they're not making money So just keep this in mind as you experiment with anti-inflammatories, tart cherry juice, flash pasteurized tart cherry juice, or tart cherries are amazing The other thing about cherries is they only have a glycemic index of 22 So again, very similar to grapefruit, they're not going to spike insulin very high, because of the low glycemic index

But usually the solution to this anyway is just combining it with a protein Then it's all about the glycemic load, and that will stabilize insulin even more And then the last thing about tart cherries is they have built in torsion control So you have to eat them and take out the pit So by the time you get through 10 to 12 cherries, you've eat a lot slower, and you're probably going to eat less of it because you're not popping them in your mouth and just chowing down on them like you are blueberries or raspberries

So hopefully this gives you some insight to what I consider two of the best fruits for fat loss, grapefruit and tart cherries Now you just have to make sure that you're moving right based on your age category So as a gift for watching this video, taking time out of your busy day, which I appreciate by the way, if you got something out of this, please click the Like button, please share this And then the link around this video leads to a free report that I put together It's called the "Over 40 Stubborn Fat Sequence

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