3 Kid-Approved Healthy Recipes from Daphne Oz (with hidden veggies and fruit!)

I'm gonna tempt you with meatballs but I'm gonna start you with my cauliflower Alfredo mac and cheese Okay, come on over here

Okay? Alright, so here's the deal, for– I've done this trick too, I love this trick This is such a good trick Can I just tell you? You've heard it here first, cauliflower is the new kale Yep It is so versatile, it is so exceptionally– And nutrient-dense

Nutrient-dense and neutral so you can really do anything with it I cut it up raw, freeze it, throw it in my smoothies to make them ultra creamy and rich Here we're gonna use it to basically make a really light bechamel sauce and give your kids some veggies they don't even know they're having A fake-out Alfredo sauce, right So here's what I did, I cut up a whole head of cauliflower into florets, put it in a pot with whole milk and some veggie stock or chicken stock, whatever you have

Right Simmer that until it's fork tender, you want to be able to squish in your hands Then I'm just gonna take that whole mix and put it right into my blender I still have some milk, and you'll see I'm gonna add some cheese and a little bit of butter I'm not depriving my kids of the good stuff but I'm doctoring it up with this bulking agent that actually is so rich and flavorful

That's filled with nutrients So about nee-uh (clapping) I added about two tablespoons of butter into the hot mix of this cauliflower (blender whirring) Give it a quick blend so it's nice and creamy And see how richly dense this becomes? Beautiful

And that's gonna come right over here, I've got two shallots here that have been sauteing just to make them a little bit translucent Thank you so much, and in comes our cheesy, buttery, delightful cauliflower blend Yum And in with this, I'm gonna mix about a cup of ricotta Yum! And then, to give it that really authentic, delicious mac and cheese flavor, I've got about a cup of Pecorino or Parmesan cheese here as well

(crowd murmuring in delight) You'll see where I'm going with this, but the idea for a lot of these recipes is just taking dishes that your kids already know and love and adding things that force them to try something new, because a lot of the time it's just the idea that they don't like it, it's not the actual flavor of it Right Everyone loves mac and cheese I think that you need to bulk up your kids' meals by hiding the vegetables, which is what we're doing here Sometimes I show them

If all else fails, lie to them (laughing) Often times, I'll do a mix, I'll do pork and turkey, but here I'm just doing a quick turkey meatball People say turkey, it's dry, I don't like it so much One of the ways that I've done, that really boosts up the moisture content, is I'm gonna throw in some, again, veggies in here Here we have cut up broccoli

Minced broccoli, guys Really minced broccoli The inspiration for this was sort of a broccoli cheese-ball kind of thing I've got, again, a little bit of parm coming in here I've got some Panko breadcrumbs again

I've got a grated onion This is a great tip Oh this is a great tip! My mom always does this too If you don't have time to saute an onion til translucent– Just grate it, right over the bowl Just grate it

And then the juice goes right in the bowl too So good Some fresh parsley again, a little bit of garlic powder, a little bit of onion powder, and two eggs Bless you Bless you indeed, yeah, two eggs

Keep it moist That's the thing, is when you're working with turkey you really do want, and a little bit of Worcestershire sauce, this is the secret sauce right here I love Worcestershire, mm! Okay, I'll go a little bit more Okay and then– And then mix it together You want me to show– (mumbling) Here

Look Oh, mix it together, and then you use a scoop and it looks like this (clapping) Rachael really wants to eat these meatballs One of the things I hear from moms all the time is kids who love to have their chocolate milk, or their juice, or whatever, and they really feel like they're getting the sugar bomb So I do these homemade sodas

So simple, guys You can use frozen fruit if you don't have fresh fruit on hand, but I'm going to show you how to make my raspberry lime, you can do a great orange blackberry I love, papaya lime My God, you're talking about children and sodas and I looked down and I thought this was liquor (cheering) (audience laughing) Is this maple syrup? My God, I need to wear my glasses on television from now on (Daphne giggling) So I have raspberries, lime juice– Lime juice, okay

Because the lime juice obviously can be a little bit tart, I add a little bit of maple syrup, or honey– Or bourbon Or bourbon, depending on who's drinking A little squish of honey bear? Yeah, fine Oh, it was one or the other, I put both in You know what? You're sweeter– All those kids will be hopped up at my house! Just a little sweet, a little extra sweet for us

(blender whirring) Okay, and because obviously raspberry have those little pesky seeds in them, I throw it through a strainer quickly, if your kids are going to care about that, if not don't worry And then here's how we're going do, this is blackberry and orange, this is our raspberry lime I'll do raspberry, is that enough? That's perfect and then I'm going to top it with some seltzer water right here Is that enough? Beautiful Obviously if your kids want more of the juice, any stage here is a good one, because you're obviously having half-juice, half-liquid basically

(ice cubes clinking in jars) Antioxidants, as Dr Oz would say (clapping) That too! (Audience cheering)

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