30 Min HIIT Kettlebell Workout for Fat Loss & Strength – Kettlebell Training Exercises for Men Women

hey everyone it's your personal trainer coach Kozak and i'm claudia 30 Min HIIT Kettlebell Workout for Fat Loss Strength Kettlebell Training Exercises for Men Women and this is the hiit kettlebell workout now i'm going to be doing the intermediate through Advanced moves today and follow along with me for all of those modifiers we're going to be using a couple different weights one lighter one heavier to mix it up for different exercises but if you only have the one that's totally okay also if you don't even have a kettlebell and you just have a dumbbell all these moves can actually be modified to just use with the dumbbell so no excuses you can follow along today absolutely and if you want to it's not a requirement but if you want to warm up before this workout just to get your muscles nice and warm then go ahead and click right up here for our five-minute warmup otherwise let's get this thing started we're going to work head to toe today now we're not going to count any reps so just going to be about getting as many reps in as we can in the allowed time period Claudia's gonna start with a One arm high pull,i'm gonna start with One Arm Clean now I'm gonna put my weight back my hips a littlebend my knees were both can explode her elbow up driving her hips forward only difference is i'm gonna let that kettlebell flip up and i'm gonna scoop underneath it,where Claudia's just driving that elbow straight up this is definitely a more complex move than it looks so if you can't pull this one off without beating up yourwrist and without Flapping it over then just go ahead and knock out that high pull honestly work the same muscles making sure to breathe we're going to knock out reps on both sides equally here drive in those hips forward 3,2,1 let's switch sides good so the hips go back little bend in the knee drive those hips forward big posture,pull up on that elbow nice keep it up i guess another rule of thumb with that whenever using how bells for this type of movement just to keep the kettlebells close to your body as possible very,true you don't want to flopping out here because when you lose power you lose control over,nice keep it up not much more on this first one,3,2,1 and good ok it's going to the ground for the next one we're going to do a close grip pushup I'm gonna do it from up top,claudia's gonna go ahead and do it from her knees but so I'm up top and that high plank position and both hands on the kettlebell gonna let my elbows come in underneath my body and backup definitely challenging move even from your knees and if you want to do this modified versions a little bit too hard for you we want to show them that second one Claudia,yes! so go ahead and put your kettlebell and just do a regular push-up from your knees so just one hand on a Nobel yep either way you're keeping your core tight and you just switch halfway back straight and breath stay balanced and work for stability along the way as well good you got it lets go 5,4,3,2,1 nice so we're up going to grab that dumbbell oh i'm sorry kettlebell,put with hands up or thumbells whatever you using we're going to do a goblet jump squat or goblet squat so in front of you,elbows are in, weights back in your hips and you either do a jump squat or just go on stand up either way once you get that weight back in your hips on every single repetition keep your head chest up,breathe big power,keep your weight balance in your heels and in your hips Good good you got it keep that core straight,back tight nice,focus on your form guys on this one and five four three two one good alright next moving on to either a one-arm row or a ballistic row so I'm gonna actually switch hands on every rep both weights are bent over on 45 pulling back with that elbow or Claudia is just going to pull the one arm at a time without doing the ballistics switch and then we'll just switch halfway through guys well I'm switching every single one stay focused feel that elbow pulling back like there's a string pulling back from that elbow any time you're doing a row you don't want to pull back from the hands and if you going switch Claudia you want to pull back from those elbows good breathe core stays tight easy i'm unconcentrating on this one is true draw that navel into your spine guys,you got it,good keep it up how many can you get, in this a lot of time frame this is an awesome compound movement for sure uff my legs are burning on this and 5,4,3,2,1alright we're going to put that kettlebell up top in the rack position by your chin elbows up,in your stationary lunge+press or front Squat to Press so I'm drop I'm stepping out to both knees drop to a 90 degree angle and straight up overhead,for Claudia's going to squat both legs she's using that energy from her legs to drive that kettlebell up overhead nice whoo,we're going to switch sides here in five four three two one switch it up oh my godness,opossite side i know, it's so brutal, it's horrible these are all total body movements all compounds are getting a lot of work in in a short period of time today try your best to press that arm straight up as your bicep is by your ear so such you're looking for I'm straight overhead maintaining a neutral grip,with palm facing in,good keep it up let's go for five four three two one and done nice alright we're going to the floor for the next one moving into a Russian twist so on the ground lean back on 45d angle grabbing that kettlebell both hands i'm gonna have my feet up for Claudia is going to keep her feet on the ground but either way both of us we're leaning back on this 45dg the most important part of this movement,breath that core tight if you want you can get a little bicycle kick going,if you want to step it up a little more advanced version I'm cool i stick with this one if you're feeling like this is too easy cause you're too far up gotta lean back on that 45 to get the full effect lean back you can do it let's go good breath,lean back lean back nice keep it up just go ten more seconds on this one that's it just 10 seconds almost there 5,4,3,2,1 good we are staying on the ground actually we're doing Iso Hip Up+Press,i know that both doing the same move so really that modifiers just how much weight you use,hips are up driving off your heels,back is straight kettlebells in the back your arm press up and you're pressed into the center so elbow goes out to your side and then go and press that kettlebell straight up so it's in the center mass line with sternon keep those hips up,really want to draw a straight line from your knees to your back good keep going keep it up all these movements today're super-efficient getting so many muscles with each and everyone in our hamstrings,your glutes,lower back,abs triceps,chest,shoulders on this one switch opposite arm and back up nice keep it up guys keep that pace up and pace up today we're going hard and we're going fast so don't save anything put it all out there rep by rep,every rep getting you just that much closer to goal with an awesome calorie burners in a short amount of time oh my goodness what everybody wants so true feel like I could eat a horse by the time when I'm done this,for sure keep it up let's go 54321 alright,we're up on your feet for the next one take the kettlebell with ya,i'm gonna do a Reverse Lunge + Over the Shoulder so start with the feet shoulder-width apart,i'm stepping back over the shoulder and back up,Claudia is just going to do from a split stance position so she's not popping up every time, ,stationary, good that goes over your shoulder as you go down,so dropping down it's going over my shoulder at the same time whoa,bend both elbows as it's coming up nice again another efficient movement guys get in right here,feeling that everywhere hope you are,to stick with us remember something brought you here today some goal you're working on don't forget what it was placed in your brain right now,switch sides and go good work for remember those dreams are not going to come through by accident that's gonna wake up one morning and it's all going to be gifted to you i wish man do I wish do in that case takes hard work and you put that work in right here rep after rep,set after set,you got it breathe and move let's go and 5,4,3,2,1 onto the ground we go high plank position either from your knees or from on your feet we're going to kettlebell row,high plank row or renegade row again we want to listen to pull back from that elbow core stays tight nice,breath, back straight all the way up all the way down your base or foundation arm make sure you keep a little bend that elbow don't lock out your arm nice keep it up you more on this side not imagining it you just did some rows a second ago,and five four three two one switch sides right into it no rest let's go breathe anytime you're in a plank position I know I've said a million times but like you can't be reminded it off have to focus on your breathing cause otherwise you get down here and just hold your breath & man does that mess you up good keep it up guys one into the next it's great for stabilization so hard to keep the shoulders square in this movement is true it is,almost there let's go with five four three two one,nice what's our next one,summo oh yes How could I forgot them Sumo Deadlift + either high Pull or Upright Row,feet width, toes are pointed out picking up those hips,whoo elbows come high now i'm going to explode onto the balls of my feet but claudia is going to do it a little more control,she's gonna bring those elbows up yes like someone is just pulling those elbows by string guys every time pushing that,low back pushing your hips back on the way down you're really gonna feel this in your glutes just squeeze them right at the top make sure you're not coming forward on your toes down here at the bottom but instead you're on your heels good big power one to the next good job keep it up guys keep it up breathing move almost there go ten more seconds on this one how many can you get last 10 seconds and five four three two one zero alright standing on your feet for the next one we're going to flip that kettlebell we're going to grab it like a ball here your elbows are in,two hands-on a kettlebell gonna keep your elbows in and Curl +Overhead Triceps Extension extend back up and reverse it down opposite direction so it's 1 2,3,4,5,6 six parts,oneno modification here just dropping the weight if you need to exact just go lighter if you need to good,keep those knees nice and soft and breathe one-at-a-time focus on each individual part,bending at those elbows press with the shoulders,core stays tight not using your legs on this one,nop so don't let your legs help you out on that press,it's cheating,nothing that not today,cheating,now come on guys all upper body good whoa,starting to feel it let's go ten more seconds on this one almost there triceps are burning i like it,you like it it's how we know it's working guys so we know it's working here we go and 3,2,1,0 finish up all right nice,time for your legs we're going,I'm going to go side lunge and claudia's gonna go lateral squat so stepping over this leg stays straight and backup stepping out this leg stays straight for Claudia she's stepping out to adjust shoulder width stance and dropping straight down with their hips doing straight down squat,and i have both of my hands on this kettlebell dropping straight down the middle either one that hip is drawn back and then you bend at the knee hip goes first then the knee whooo!,you got it,and feel your legs are already on fire I know it's a killer one that's how we roll around here you guys know you're not new here,come on that's how we're getting these results all this work we've been putting in come on keep it up guys let's go hasfit tribe,let's go you got it three two one switch it up opposite side now Oh am i keep doing this thing? i know it's only halfway oh good posture straight up-and-down don't bend over head up chest up focus your eyes on something right in front of you and ideally you're getting thigh down to about parallel to the floor and angled,oh sorry,my bad Claudia is getting a little extra credit extra credit working on my booty let's go come on guys let's go 10 seconds finish strong in this one end of the first round right here and five four three two one zero nice end of the first round alright so that's one round done we have one more to go so that's half way through that's the good news but now we're a little more familiar with the movements that means we gotta go a little faster only 20 second break in total so we're halfway done already if you get a water now is the time make it fast make account will get right back into the either One Arm Cleans or One arm high pull you decide which one is right for you today,decide which movements keep moving here we go in 321 hips are back elbow high drive up good make sure to breathe we're just going to keep going today pointed you think about yourself as a machine you can just do this all day long nothing could get in your way every rep is good focused form,keep it going you got it nothing's going to get in your way focus on that form guys,drive those hips forward,using those hips do not curling your back you're driving your hips forward and switch opposite side nice work,common keep it up, safe if you're doing this clean make sure you're not flopping it over but instead bring it to the side and punching under and through good you know when I'm high pull just concentrate on that elbow pull back on that and both of them keep those shoulders square back stays nice and straight you got it,keep that core nice and tight keep it up,keep it up in 5,4,3,2,1 alright we're going to the ground moving into that Close grip push up a brutal one we know run for us to promise you,down, high plank,both hands on the kettlebell elbows are in and let's go good,this one's struggle for me so come on get it going Claudia groove for Claudia guys let's go we're all in it together all fighting together not easy for any of us we're all pushing all working through with all have that in common let's go not quittin no keep grinding right here and use the same work ethic and everything we do in life driving through when it gets tough not given up let's go you got it,breath keep your elbows in the best you can I cannot take a break and i really want to but I'm not gonna let's go 5 4,3,2,1,0 oh my Gosh! we're up we're moving into a goblet squat or goblet jump squad, weights back in the hips either exploding jumping up or extending at the legs and the hips standing up good notice how they're come back and foward one second arms are getting it next second it's the legs that's on purpose when one part rest the other gets worked putting in work right here guys come on you got what you come here for focus on it breathe one into the next no stopping you there's no stopping you let's go guys let's go 10 seconds we're feeling it too almost there 5,4,3,2,1

either ballistic row or one arms row elbow goes back,i drop my weight here and i'm switching,Claudia is going all one at a time nice keep your eyes,if you do this one keep your eyes on that kettlebell don't take them off or you're gonna drop it pull back at that elbow,pull back whoa either way with that string attached your elbow pulling back breathe good good good you got it almost there push yourself guys come on let's go remember this last time we're doing this one today,that's it last time push yourself no one else can do it for ya switch side if you're following me keep on going with more than halfway done stand in focus i can't take my eyes off on this, breathe i know this one is not a easy movement let's go for 5,4,3,2,1,0 all right,don't do that trying to get fancy it didn't work flipping it up if you are doing stationary lunge+press or front squat just a front squat if you're following me stay balanced I need to get it together guys bicep by my ears,drop the back knee to a 90 degree angle back up,there it is,stay focus a prime example what happens when you lose it good you gotta keep fighting guys fight through,right here breathe how many can you get it'd know you clip on this kettlebell cause you know it was going to be a challenge switch opossite side, let's go burn so good burn so good put that arm out if you you need some help balancing both knees doing 90g nice work,oh my godness my legs you're not imagining that pain,it is for real almost there pushing through guys 5,4,3,2,1 ,0nice work alright keep that kettlebell to the ground Russian Twists are next leaning that back on that 45 remember you decide if you want your feet up,or if you want them down either way start twisting we're twisting it that core right so not like you're just moving your arms from side to side but instead actually twisting rotate at your abs obliques transverse abdominals all getting hit on this one stay back on that 45g if you want going throwing that bicycle kick whatever you do don't stop though keep moving,if you start here and you gotta put your feet down and go modified that's ok but just don't stop keep it up,this modifiers is still a killer it's true if you need to set the kettle bell down that's ok just don't stop 5,4,3,2,1 we stand down, line back almost forget,i know usually is up-down, up-down hips are up in the air one arm press,elbows out to the side and we press that kettlebell straight in the middle of your body try your best to keep that kettlebell over your elbow the hole time anytime you're doing a press like this that's your goal to keep that weight over your elbow because that's where the power comes from good keep it up keep driving off those heels squeeze and contract those glutes just keep them squeezed this whole set nice good keep it up guys no quit in you,nope not quitlet's go, you're a fighter not a quitter last time you are doing these presses let's go show yourself and impress yourself right here switch it up keep my hips up the whole time and back into it want you impress yourself achieve more during this workout than you thought you were capable of achieving right here come on let's go is your choice no regrets give it your all or give up,it's up to you right here,we love reading your comments saying that you actually push yourself further than you ever thought you would on this oh man that's what gives us at motivation and energy talk about smiles,seriously after the afternoon thanks for all those awesome comments you, guys give us we'd not do this without you and we'll read every single one damn right we do 5,4,3,2,1 nice alright we're up which one we got next ah reverse lunge over-the-shoulder alright both the legs and shoulders are getting this one so this lunge back drop that back knee Claudia's doing Split Squat yeah she's just doing the split squat dropping straight down is still

the killer got that back knee straight down don't bounce that knee off the ground,it's ok if it touches the ground but don't bounce it, landing hard good! whooo,keep those elbows bent I'm feeling this one fighting through right there with you guys let's go five,four,three,two,one switch side with the opposite side right into it,no rest! come on we can rest when we're all done no pause in the video no breaking,push through with this guys workout's just very small fraction every day give it everything you got and conquer it feel good afterwards,be proud of what you achieve right here, think how good you're going to feel when this workout is all set and done come on,one of the next you got it uff my shoulders are on fire 54321 into the ground High Plank Row,i'm switching weights and grab my mat i'm on top,she's on her knees core is tight pull back from that elbow good one into the next you got it,breathe,keep the shoulders square,square as you can,best you can we know it's a hard one to keep square you need to and also width your feet a little bit little wider stronger base, pull back on that elbow good almost there let's go for 5 seconds on the side 3,2,1 switch sides opossite side right into it, come on last set of these right here no time to give up,giveme a peptalk coach no time to slow down,what are you waiting for,even your wife is hurting what are you holding back for put it all out there right now good keep it up,pull backin that elbow stay controlled on the way down don't just let that kettle bell fly down just keep it under control nice almost there let's go 54321 good who's next,ah sumo deadlift+power pull feet are witdh toes are out,switch my weight again weight in hips elbows high I'm coming up uff i don't want that one exploding up come on Claudia let's go what are you waiting that not go they know the movement by now when you got no time for that,don't you tell me no time,my bad pull those elbows up high,good I thought I wanted a 20-pound but oh i could not handle that Would it happening,no today she had to switch away it's ok but she kept moving,it's important part she didn't take a break she didn't pause come on let's go i'm sitting there and ponder for 10 seconds i have somebody yelling in my ear up here good hips back first every time his back then bend your knees bring the elbows up big power,let's go faster than last round you got it everything you got, keep that kettle bell nice and close to you too,yes let's go five more seconds that's it lets go 3,2,1 alright we're standing on our feet for this next one grab that kettlebell like a ball,right we're going curl+press tricep extension extension reverse it,whoo my hands are all wet and slippery 123 keep those elbows in 5,6 good remember we're not using those legs, it's all on upper-body biceps triceps and shoulders on this one,going to keep a little bend those knees though keep that core nice and tight, good on the tricep extension in the curl to keep those elbows tucked in nicely i'm start to flare out its kind of the way they start to cheat so you feel naturally starting to flare out there trying to achieve even if you don't know it, weight was probably too heavy on fits up also true,problably know you might want to drop your weight a little bit but don't stop moving here we go here in the end everybody fight with us,let's go for 10 more seconds on this one that's it you got it almost there breathe,5,4,3,2,1 0,oh oh

fight through that niceok let's go lateral squat or side lunge this is it right here everybody step or big step,back up, weight back on those hips you know the game you know the drill by now this is it,let's go guys your legs are catching on fire remember you don't have to listen to that's lastic acidah lactic acid,lactict acid burning that's it's just fuel that your muscles give off,no big deal you don't have to listen to that that creates a little response and the nerves mind overmatter just a little pain don't listen to it,I got plenty left come on doesn't mean you gotta stop not to mention this is your last exercise for the day,push it come on right here give it all you got let's go 5,4,3,2,1,0 switching sides this is it everybody last side last one last leg for the day if you have to slow down slow down a little bit but do not stop let's go you've come so far do not give up on yourself right now push yourself no one else can do it for you you can do this you can do anything i don't care what anybody else told you you can do it this it all up here everybody how strong are you in your head prove it to yourself right here last five seconds prove it to yourself three two one last one, zero oh my goshmy,burned it burns so good haha my goodness thank you so much for working out with us today if you liked this workout, if you've worked out this for a while and you're starting to see great results, we'd ask you please consider visiting our patreon page giving us a pledge helping us out helping us keep this great service free spreading our mission across the globe absolutely and give this video a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our youtube channel so that you are updated each and every time we upload one of these awesome workout several times per week andyou don't want to miss it check out hasfitcom for more free workouts free meal plans free fitness programs it's all there for free no tricks no games don't get mixed all there for you and find us on your favorite social media outlet whatever that is we're there we're are on facebook snapchat Twitter instagram,come connect with us we'd love to hang out with us online again it's been a pleasure to work out with you today thank you for giving us opportunity i'm coach Kozak and I'm Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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