4 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

I hope you like my healthy pumpkin recipes four ways you notice them I'm using butternut squash and butternut squash and pumpkin are both varieties of a similar scores that were in the same family I'm using butternut as it's much easier to source and it's quite similar to pumpkin you can use them interchangeably although I think it's got abit of a nuttier taste and it's a bit sweeter and a bit tastier whereas pumpkin is a bit stringy err and a bit water here I do prefer butternut squash as it's so easy to sauce and when you roast it you can eat the skin it's quite delicious where's pumpkin the skin is quite tough and you can't have it lots of times in the UK the only pumpkins you can get ornamental pumpkins for these recipes when I'm cooking the pumpkin I'm actually dry roasting in the oven no oil or anything just cubing it and putting in the oven to roast just it's and that reduces this means that it caramelizes and gets even sweeter for the wall pumpkin pie this might sound a bit alien to Brits it's actually delicious the savory pumpkin works really well in the wall cake with the creamy cashews and all the spices you can make this nut free if you like by using pumpkin seeds in the base and sunflower seeds in the topping I'm using coconut butter here or coconut or cream coconut instead of any coconut oil to make it oil free you can make your own coconut butter I've got the recipe for that but it's basically just um blending desiccated coconut together and so it goes all creamy becomes a solid block and then it means it all set firm in the fridge and there's no added oil and it's just using coconut rule the fibre retained the pumpkin almond soup is a great way to use up you've got a glut of pumpkin and it's a really nice warming dish all the spices and the almond butter already nut butter or any butter adds protein and fats to make it really creamy in this dairy free and vegan soup the pumpkin spice cookies are great for breakfast lunch dinner or any snack I love them so much because they're you've got the sweet pumpkin with the bananas and the oats and all the spices they're really filling and delicious and also easy to make and with lots of added things like to work so this so they're full of goodness you can use gluten free oats this they work just as well and of course the last one is the pumpkin spice vegan cashew lot a lot of people do say it's not a latte because there's no coffee in it although I do add a few shots of coffee so I'm not sure why people say that though I do say and the full recipe you can use chicory coffee if you fear and chicory coffee is what it's nothing to do with coffee it's got a similar taste it's not identical for coffee but it's a good substitute if you're avoiding caffeine and it's what I'd have later in the night I'm not using any plant milks in this recipe is I'm not a huge fan of them you've got all that transporting a base you just water and often they've got additives and they're low in the nuts or seeds or oats so instead especially if you're using the blender I'm just putting whole cashew nuts in and blending them up and that comes creamy and delicious I'll link the full recipes down below so you can click below to put them out if you've got any comments please do let me know in the comments below and give me a thumbs up if you enjoy this video and like and subscribe for more like this

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