#5 Minutes Hiit weight loss workouts training for women

Hello everybody, My name is Hana Giang Anh, I am twenty years old and I will be your fitness coach today My eleventh clip will be a extremely one, because get through ten video clips which suggested some basic workouts then today I will instruct for you another exercise with a bit higher level This exercise use a method called HI

IT Here we go! Inhale One more time, inhaleand exhale Jump, from left to right Left to right Let's try to jump as long as you can Long jump, long jump Left to right Try to bend your knees as much as possible Your knee, on the left and right Up your knees highly And put your feet into bottom Keep the distance of your two feet separated by 1 foot, and low your body down, push your hips behind, straighten your back and tighten your abdominal muscles One more time, push up the body, remember to tighten abdominal and keep your back straight Faster Down and up Down and push your hips behind Let your butt down and lower Far lower until you feel pain of femoral muscle Down and up Down and more Down and up This action will help strain your femoral muscle, this part here Down and up Have you feel tired yet? Try hard 8 times more seventh sixth almost done fifth and fourth three two And now keep down here, stay there Try to keep at this position, staytry to keep, almost done Ok, Let's jump as high as you can

Jump Your hand touch the floor, straighten your leg out and back Jump, straighten leg out and back Jump, straighten leg out and back One more Jump higher Once, jump, straighten leg out and back up Jump very highly Jump highly as much as you can Keep straigten your leg Jump 8 times more 8 seven six five go go three two and last one Open and back Open your leg, please try to let your butt down, straighten your knees, keep your body on a line and open leg then back Lower your left knee on the ground, your hand above the hips

Tighten your abdominal muscles and straighten back Lift your right leg up Remember to keep straighten your right knee, tighten belly and straigten back Lift the leg higher Up and down This action will affect mostly on your gluteal muscle, come on, straigten leg and tighten belly Up and down Come on 4 times three more two more one more And switch, do the same in the opposite side The right hand and right knee touch the ground, lift up your left leg, straiighten it Up down Come on up and down Do you feel the pain on your gluteal muscle here? Continue lift leg up and down Up down 4 3 2 1 Left and right, let's do faster lower your butt, keep body on a line, lift your knee up highly as much as possible go, left right left right Don't give up, dears, try to follow me till the end Almost done

Let's go Left right, left right, left right, yeahh 9 7 6 5 4 3 2 and stay, keep your leg right there 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 and 8 beats more 8 7 6 5your knee higher and lower butt Change the other leg 8 7 6 5 lift knee up,don't drop it on the ground, lower butt, 8 times 8 7 6 5 4 3 2, OK Put your elbows on the ground and lower your butt, keep body on a line, straighten your knees Let's see how long you can keep this posture Keep trying, we must keep there till the end of this exercise 30 seconds, come on 8 tighten your belly, this action will affect directly on your abdominal muscles Have you feel tired yet? Come on, we've almost done 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 and 8 times more 8 7 6 5 4 3 don't drop it 2 and 1 Open your leg, open and back, open and back straighten knee, lower butt Lower your butt, more effectiveness your abdominal muscle, come on Open and back, open and back, open and back OK Do you feel tired? Just within 5 minutes, we have burned 1000 calories

Women of course could try it but I am afraid that it's hard for you to follow till the end But no need to worry about that At the beginning, you may feel tired quickly and can't follow till the end but just try as hard as you can to get over your limit Only do it till the second time, you can realize the improvement of your health With men who wanna build up your muscles, I advise you should start to do it after this exercise Use this exercise as warming up You can do this exercise daily just within 5 minutes, but it's so useful that burning 1000 calories for you

You could eat any favourite food after Alright, Just try to follow my exercise till the end and don't forget subcribe my channel for more video Have a nice day!

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