5 Supplements for Menopause Weight Loss (SCIENCE-BASED!)

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I'm a board-certified nurse practitioner and I specialize in weight loss in anti-aging and we're gonna have a little chat today Today's topic is 5 supplements for menopause So if you're a woman over the age of 35, here's why this is important for you First, along with the balanced diet and exercise, herbs and supplements can be used to help balance hormones naturally as women approach menopause They're also safer and gentler to use than pharmaceutical drugs with less side effects but keep in mind that although they are naturally should still use them safely

Too much of anything can do harm so only use them in moderation and you should definitely check with your primary care provider before starting a supplement because they might interfere with some medications that you're already taking So let's get started, here's what may happen if you put these tips into action today! You might sleep better, experience less hot flashes, have more clarity in your thinking, have more energy, improve your mood and lose weight So here are the 5 supplements that can help with your menopause symptoms This first very important is probiotics Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your gut health

They improve your digestive tract which can help your mood and help you lose weight The second is DHEA Some research has found that taking DHEA supplements can improve libido and reduce hot flashes during menopause It can also be useful for the treatment of depression, weight loss, adrenal and sip insufficiency and, bone density The third is black cohosh

This is especially useful for hot flashes It's been around for a while but don't take it if you have liver problems The fourth is St John's Wort which is especially useful when combines with black cohosh, it can especially improve your mood swings during menopause but consult your your doctor before using it if you're already taking antidepressants And the fifth one is dong quai

So contrary to popular belief dong quai does not have any estrogen activity meaning it will not stimulate the effects of estrogen and the body but it does improve liver function and metabolism Which may improve excretion of hormones bringing your body back into balance It also acts as a mild sedative which may improve anxiety or during menopause So that's it I hope you enjoyed these tips If you found this video useful, like it, subscribe to my YouTube channel and don't forget to check out my website

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