5 Worst Cardio Mistakes for Fat Loss (AVOID THESE TRAPS!!)

Hi, guys! I'm trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women and today I want to discuss some tips Why cardio mistakes are often happening all the time

I want to debunk some myths that maybe you think are true about cardio, and where some errors can be happening in your cardio regimen So number one is reminding yourself that if you're just doing cardio and you don’t have any strength training involved in your program that you're not going to get fat loss as quickly and as effectively as you thought you would So make sure that strength training is in your program and not just all cardio Number two: make sure that you're not just doing low intensity cardio Low intensity cardio is defined as just keeping your heart rate at more of a steady state level

For myself it would be right around a 130-140 range Make sure you're pushing your heart rate so you're pumping, you're going hard, and you have to reduce the time because you're working so hard Making sure that you're not also going over 30 minutes is kind of a point to that as well The higher intensity that you're going to be, you're not going to be able to do 60 minutes of a high intensity cardio Make sure that high intensity cardio is 30 minutes, no more than, because really you're going to burn more calories, get more bang for your buck, and if you're going 60 minutes plus every day for a long time your risk of injury is much higher

So remind yourself that 30 minutes is definitely plenty and to adjust within your nutrition program if you're not getting results, even with the 30 minutes There's other variables that play into your cardio and getting results as well So make sure that you've got strength training involved, you're not doing too much low intensity, you're adjusting your nutrition program, you're not doing any more than 30 minutes of cardio a day – trying to prevent injury, and we want longevity And then the very last one is making sure that you're not doing the same type of cardio in every session Mix it up

You don’t want to just be on the treadmill every time You don’t just want to be on the step mill, or outside running every time Mix it up, challenge your body in new ways, and I promise you, you'll see results because your body is challenged by using different ways and different forms It likes to adapt So make sure that you're adding variety

Also for your motivation levels as well So there are five great tips A lot of mistakes that we make and you want fat loss We all want results, but those are some great tips there that can help you get more efficient, and effective results I'm Amy Jo

Leave me a comment below, thumbs up, and let us know other ones, maybe tips that people can share and hear from you that have really helped you transform your cardio mistakes into more effective results See you next time

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