6 Ways To Control Your “Hunger Hormone” For Faster Fat Loss

6 Ways To Control Your “Hunger Hormone” For Faster Fat Loss

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Inside this short fat loss video I’m going to talk about six ways to control your hunger hormone Ghrelin for faster fat loss.

I will show you how to control Ghrelin so that you can eliminate cravings, control your appetite, and lose more belly fat. Now Ghrelin is called the hunger hormone simply because it sends a signal to your brain to eat. So if you’re making progress on a calorie-restricted diet and you’re losing weight this hormone automatically increases, which intensifies your cravings, making you overeat or fall off the wagon so to speak.

So let’s talk about six different ways that you can control your hunger hormone so that you don’t have to worry about this happening to you.

– The first thing you want to do is you want to avoid weight fluctuations. (Video will show you how)

– The second thing you should do is get adequate sleep. (How much and how in the video)

– The third thing you need to do is eat more protein. (I will share the many benefits of protein)

– Fourth thing to do is experiment with intermittent fasting. (The steps are in the video)

– The fifth thing is to cycle calories. So simply by combining higher carb days with lower carb days consistently you can go ahead and stabilize Ghrelin levels. (I share the best way to do this in the video)

Last thing and the most important thing is build muscle and use strategic exercise. Building muscle and lean sexy muscle is the best way to control your Ghrelin levels and engaging in strategic exercise that’s specifically designed for your body’s current hormonal condition.

So if you’re over 35 years old your hormonal state is much different than somebody who’s under 35 years old. Therefore, you must move and exercise differently.

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