7 Must Eat Foods To Stay Slim (BEST FAT BURNING FOODS!!)

7 must eat foods to stay slim We're going to be talking about 7 must eat foods to stay slim today

Wouldn’t' it be great if you could just burn fat, even while you're stuffing your face with healthy foods? Well, we've got some great news for you You can! With these fat burning foods you can help speed up your metabolism, keep yourself healthy, and have an all-around fat burning boost So we've picked 7 of the best fat burning foods that will help you keep your weight under control Okay, the first one we're going to talk about are dairy products Milk, cheese, yogurt; anything like this

All of these dairy products are actually going to help promote fat loss They're packed with protein, and they're great for helping build lean body mass Calcium found in diet actually helps inhibit fat formation and promotes breakdown in fats So don’t be afraid of any kind of dairy product A lot of people are running scared from eating cheese, or anything like that

Actually, with the fats that are contained in a lot of the dairy product, you have to remember, you need fat to burn fat So don’t be afraid of your dairy products Next we're going to talk about brown rice It's a complex carbohydrate packed with fiber So we have to remember high fiber actually helps control your blood sugar by releasing sugar slowly into your system

It's super low in density, which means you're going to feel fuller longer, and you're going to consume less calories So if you're putting this on your plate with chicken and broccoli, this is really going to help take up the rest of the space and you won't want to look for cookies, or sugar, or something after your meal because you're going to feel nice, and full with some brown rice in your diet The third thing we're going to talk about is chicken Chicken, we all know, is packed with protein It takes long for the body to digest this type of protein

So with that, it's taking your body extra energy to break down this protein so you're actually burning more calories than you would, let's say, trying to break down carbohydrates, or fat So in effect, the body has to work harder to burn more calories in the process of trying to break down the chicken Super healthy, super clean You can't go wrong You can buy it in – like these, I just take a patty for lunch, throw it in a pan

Really quick Almonds Great little thing Convenient You can buy them in these little packets nowadays

You want to focus on getting protein in a snack So a handful of almonds is going to be great because it's going to stop you from wanting to eat sugary stuff because they're super dense, it takes a while for the body to digest them So you're going to feel fuller, long Which is great That's always a good thing

The next thing we're going to talk about: quinoa This looks like a grain, but it's actually a protein rich and high in fiber product that is super high in fiber – which we're always looking for because fiber, once again, is really going to help keep things moving in our body We always want to think about keeping our digestive system healthy, and this is one thing that's going to do it It's also gluten free So if you have any kind of gluten allergy and have noticed you're feeling a little bloated, get rid of the gluten because that's probably what's causing your stomach to be a little bloated

The next thing we'll look at is cinnamon One of my favorites So how this works is, it actually raises the rate the body burns fat All you really need is a sprinkle So you can put this on, gosh, tons of food

I use it on sweet potatoes, I put it on almost everything What's great about this is, it helps stabilize your blood sugar, and you can put a sprinkle on – oatmeal is great A lot of different things you can cook with it Very tasty Last thing we're going to talk about is eggs

These guys are just basically little balls of protein Can't go wrong with the egg What they're going to do is, they're going to increase your metabolic rate, they are full of amino acids, which help burn fat, and they're easy to snack on You can boil them, you can take those in a gym back, or something Boil some hard – just boil some eggs

Omelets in the morning Even at night there's times if I eat dinner a little early and I'm still feeling a little hungry at night, I'll just throw some eggs in a pan That's kind of my late night meal because I know I'm getting some healthy fats, and protein All right, you guys Here we go

These are great foods to include in your diet I hope this is helpful to you I know a lot of people really struggle with the different foods to eat, and what combinations So there are some great combinations here Chicken with quinoa, you can mix it with some brown rice, snacking, once again, just snack on some almonds

Don’t be afraid of your dairy products Drinking milk They're all good Check out ATHLEANXXforWomencom and hit the like button, subscribe, leave us comments, and I will see you guys soon

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