7 Natural Prostate Health Foods For an Enlarged Prostate Diet

7 Natural Prostate Health Foods For an Enlarged Prostate Diet

7 Natural Prostate Health Foods For an Enlarged Prostate Diet


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7 Natural Prostate Health Foods For an Enlarged Prostate Diet

1. Brazil Nuts
Great source of selenium and zinc that helps prostate detox and function properly

2. Broccoli
Helps with all kinds of cancers

3. Cayenne Peppers
Contains Capsaicin which keeps prostate healthy

4. Shiitake Mushrooms
Contains lentinin which has great anti cancer properties

5. Grilled Tomatoes
Contain lycopene which retards cancer cells

6. Pumpkin Seeds
Oil helps BPH and PSA

7. Turmeric
Great all round healthy food that kills cancer cells


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