9 Health Problems You Can Cure With Lemon Juice

If coffee is the first beverage you reach for when you wake up you might want to switch up your routine having a glass of warm lemon water reach morning might just be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body lemons are packed with antioxidants vitamins and other nutrients that support your digestive system immune system and even your body's detoxification process consuming lemon water on a regular basis can help naturally clear up several health issues here are 9 health problems you can cure with lemon juice number one lemon water helps heal cold and flu lemons contain vitamin C a natural antioxidant for your body vitamin C helps strengthen your immune system and fight off illnesses such as the cold and flu the antibacterial properties and lemon work to kill harmful bacteria and heal the body number two lemon water fights inflammation inflammation is most likely to occur in an acidic environment lemons neutralize acidity in the body and work as an anti-inflammatory to prevent and reduce swelling lemon water can be used as a natural remedy for those who suffer from inflammation related to health issues including arthritis number three lemon water boosts energy and mood if you fall into an afternoon slump try drinking lemon water instead of coffee coffee can cause a caffeine crash later on but lemon water will boost your mood and energy without the negative side effects the scent of lemon has also been found to reduce stress levels number 4 lemon water aids in digestion the atomic structure of lemon juice is similar to structure of the digestive juices found in the stomach drinking lemon juice tricks the liver into producing bile which keeps food moving through your body lemon water can help relieve indigestion and calm an upset stomach number 5 lemon water helps the body detox the acids found in lemon juice encourage the body to process the nutrients in foods at a slower rate this allows insulin levels to remain study as you get more nutrients out of the foods you eat lemon water stimulates the liver to flush out harmful toxins detoxing the body and skin number six lemon water supports weight loss the animal studies have shown that the poly phenyl antioxidants in lemons can significantly reduce weight gain and improve insulin resistance these studies suggest that the same results may occur in humans number seven lemon water can lower high blood pressure lemon juice contains potassium which helps control high blood pressure dizziness and nausea it provides a calming sensation to the mind and body making it ideal for those who suffer from high blood pressure stress or heart problems number eight lemon water helps prevent kidney stones the citric acid in lemons is believed to help prevent kidney stones increasing citric acid intake can decrease your risk of getting new calcium stones drinking lemon water allows your body to get more citric acid while increasing your water intake as well to prevent stones number nine lemon water fight skin problems lemon juice works as a natural antiseptic to cure skin issues you can apply the juice to your skin to reduce the pain of a sunburn or wasting or to reduce inflammation and redness due to acne or eczema lemon works as an anti-aging remedy it can be used to remove wrinkles and blackheads while returning a healthy glow to the skin if you liked the video give us a thumb and subscribe to our Channel thank you

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