BEACH BOD RECIPES! Meal Prep Mania: 5 Free & Healthy Recipes

hey guys it's Friday and another rendition of meal prep mania so another week has come and gone on where is the time going hopefully you made some healthy eating decisions hopefully you meal prepped if you didn't don't fret tomorrow's a new day and I have some new healthy recipes for you to help you along your way so again these are meal prep ideas the goal is today you're watching the video tomorrow you go grocery shopping and Sunday you cook all day to prep yourself for the week and this week is exciting everything is gluten free hallelujah!and I have one vegetarian one pescetarian and one meat lovers so I've included everybody this week let's get started so first is a caprese salad this is an Italian staple and seeing that I look like an Italian gondolier guy it's pretty fitting I'm Italian caprese salad is Italian it's buffalo mozzarella I used heirloom tomatoes you can use whatever tomatoes that you so choose extra virgin olive oil basil and some fresh cracked ground cracked pepper less than five minutes to make this great for a party as a salad great for a side dish I personally made it with steak that's not the vegetarian part I made it as a side two steak but it is very delicious easy to make it has about a 197 calories per serving 15 grams of fat from mostly the extra-virgin olive oil so they're healthy fats and then 11 grams of carbs and protein per serving I don't know about you but 11 grams of protein for a side salad that's pretty dang good if I do say so myself and so I got all of these ingredients at Trader Joe's like easy peasy my basil is struggling in this hot summer heat but that being said I got everything at Trader Joe's so that's the first one next up is this chili lime glazed salmon I got this idea from my last trip to Rhode Island my mother and I were in Dave's marketplace really cool little market in in the deli case I saw this salmon it looks phenomenal so I'm like I gotta go home and try to make this they don't tell you the ingredients obviously it's in the deli case so I came home I tried to make it and it came out phenomenal it's sweet and spicy I did my own little like chili lime glazed and topped it with lime slices and then they had macadamia nuts on theirs I could see I didn't get them for two reasons one i'm cheap Trader Joe's sells them for about $999 a bag which is actually a good price but I didn't want to spend $9

99 on a bag of macadamia nuts to use a couple because also they have a lot of fat and I didn't want to add more fat to a dish that already had fat which it's healthy fat salmon has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats I just didn't want to add more fat too fat you see so cheap and I'm fat conscientious all right and that's not fat what a PH so anyways this recipe has about 271 calories 9 grams of fat 13 grams of carbs and 33 grams of protein to the dome piece it is delicious I make it in a foil pack on the grill you can make it in the oven if you want you can make it on the stovetop wherever you want but the way I do it as a foil pack and basically you take a sheet of foil I put a little seasoning down on the bottom so that the fish doesn't stick you take the seasoned fish you put it on top of the foil you add the glaze and then you make a little cocoon with the foil and you can head to BrieOCDcom for exact pictures of exactly what I do so you can see the cocoon and then I chuck it on the grill for 14 minutes and this takes like 25 minutes total to make this entire recipe probably even less because I'm stopping to take pictures and what not oh speaking of pictures salmon does not photograph the best it's not the best model so please don't judge my pictures one i'm not a professional two salmon it hates to be photographed I don't know why but this was super delicious such chili-lime glazed salmon it's gluten-free naturally and then I served it with white rice or you could serve it with a cauliflower rice again head to BrieOCDcom for those recipes or I will also put the links in the description below for all of these that I have referenced today so I buy my salmon at Costco sorry about that I buy my salmon at Costco and basically it's a huge filet I divvy it up and then I throw some in the freezer and then I leave out what I'm gonna use and salmon defrosts really quickly so you know it's great for you to use next up another gluten free recipe and one of my favorites sweet potato skillet so this is made right on the skillet you just saute it all right in one pan it's sweet potatoes which are like a good carb for you in moderation everything in moderation ground turkey and veggies and some chili powder if you don't like spicy just leave out the chili powder but you just saute it all up badda bing badda boom 30 minutes or less to dice chop and saute everything and it is really really good it's about 425 calories 25 grams of carbs that's from the sweet potatoes so you can always reduce that amount 15 grams of fat and 40 grams of protein so really high protein you know all these recipes this week our summertime friendly I hope you enjoy head to BrieOCDcom to get them give me a thumbs up if you like my channel tell your friends please tell yo friends and subscribe okay I need you people all right if you like what I'm doing you don't spread the wealth spread the joy and the health so I hope you're having a great day happy Friday people

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