Beat Diabetes In 8 Days | Natural Juice For Cure Diabetes

delicious juice for diabetes diabeetus often referred by doctors as diabetes mellitus describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose because insulin production is inadequate or because the body cells do not respond properly to insulin or both patients with high blood sugar will typically experience frequent urination and they will become increasingly thirsty and hungry low sugar strawberry juice for this we need soya milk one cup of spinach strawberry juice yogurt oats and chia seeds soya milk it is high in protein content and reduces damages it keeps glucose levels in control soya milk nourishes the body and keeps you healthy spinach it lowers high blood pressure and strengthens immune system it is also fights diseases and low in calories high in nutrient it is high in antioxidants the spinach prevents diabetes strawberries strawberries improves immunity supports nervous system and they are known as one of the superfood for their antioxidants and flavonoids the combat free radicals strawberries prevent heart diseases and they controls blood pressure keeps you hydrated yogurt it can reduce their risk of diabetes it lowers blood pressure keeps blood sugar levels in control it improves insulin sensitivity and reduces inflammation oats oats are filled with nutrients and minerals which lowers cholesterol and rich in soluble fiber the boost energy levels oats are rich in antioxidants balances pH levels in the body and oats are full of fiber chia seeds chia seeds combat diabetes they are good for diabetes because of its ability to slow down digestion it is rich in fiber chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids so that they regulates blood sugar levels making process so chia seeds in water for two R's take oats and keep them in boiling water for five minutes take a juicer put spinach soya milk oat yogurt strawberry juice and blend well take a glass and put the juice into it and add chia seeds and mix well now the low sugar strawberry juice is ready to serve this juice helps you to maintain your blood sugar level in control drink this juice daily in the morning before breakfast and before your meet continue this diet for one week and check your blood sugar levels thank you for watching this video like on subscribe for more videos

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