BH4U | Fat Burning Soup Recipe, You Lose Weight Quickly And Healthy

Fat Burning Soup Recipe, You lose Wight Quickly And Healthy The quick diets which are very popular around the world nowadays make you lose weight, but put your health at risk at the same time

This is why experts recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly if you want to shed weight in time for the summer, and the fat-busting soup we have for you will help you achieve that This famous soup contains only natural ingredients and has already helped thousands of people lose weight It can be eaten whenever you’re feeling hungry, and it will help you lose a lot of weight naturally and without any health problems The soup eliminates toxins from your body and burns the excess fat The routine should be followed for a week – afterwards, you should continue with your normal diet

Here’s how to prepare it Ingredients Half a cabbage 2 green peppers 3 celery stalks 6 tomatoes 6 large onions Spices Preparation Wash and chop the ingredients first, then put them in a pot of water and bring the mixture to a boil Once they are soft enough, take the pot off the heat and your soup is ready to be served Eat the soup whenever you’re hungry for 7 days, then continue with your usual diet The results will be noticeable in just a short time

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