hey guys today is day 19 of my juice fast and yes I'm still on my juice I was looking at my collarbone here and I'm starting to see the bone feel it see it everything is getting so much lighter I just can't believe that I found a regimen for weight loss that I can do that will give me tons of energy and also clarity and lose weight I'm so proud of myself that I'm still on this juice fast it doesn't make any sense to stop and to I lose all the weight because I don't want to keep going back and forth with this weight loss journey it's been a struggle because I had a fast but I also just want to tell you a hack a weight-loss hack really quickly today is day 19 yes I'm still on the juice fast but let's get into the hack but before I get into the hack please subscribe to the channel I'm doing a 1k giveaway and I'm going to be giving away a gift card in order to qualify for the giveaway you must subscribe to the channel and leave a comment please do not leave a comment that you subscribe to my channel and you would like me to subscribe back you will be disqualified I'm doing this giveaway because I want people to subscribe to my channel who are going to support my journey and like my content I don't want to do something so because I don't want to be subbed to someone who I might not even look at their content or not interested in so with that all being said the hack it is if you start a juice fast what I've noticed if you want to know say today is Monday which it is if you want to get a reading of what your weight your weigh-in is gonna be for Tuesday what you do is on Monday morning which is today weigh yourself at the same time each morning which I do at 6 o'clock write down that number for what you lost so if it stayed the same usually on the juice bath you don't really gain weight you might just stay the same weight if you know you know if you don't lose weight for that day and then after that you do a salt water flush the salt water flush takes between 20 minutes to an hour to activate then it might take an hour for your system to be flushed out then you wait from 2 to 6 hours before you eat anything if you don't see the numbers move lesser than what you waited at 6 o'clock then you wait up into the six hour period once that six hour gets there so from 6 to 12 you do the job salt water flush at 6 and at 12 you weigh yourself you don't eat anything into 12 when you get back on the scale after it eliminates all the toxins and all that out of your system by 6 hours later that number usually is going to be the number that's going to show up or close to it on the scale the next day so you can basically prepare yourself for eating or drinking whatever you're doing as a regimen to lose weight you can prepare yourself today for losing even more weight tomorrow ok so you might have to eat a little but lesson you see that after the flush the number that you were looking for is not gonna make it for Tuesday so try it out leave it in the comment section if it works for you but yes that is a weight loss hack and I use it and I live by it and it gives me an idea of my weight for the following day way before it gets here and it usually is correct or close to it so with that all being said subscribe to the channel share like this video make it a favorite and today is day 19 now going trough

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