hey guys today is day 25 of my juice fast it's a great week this is the fourth week on my juice fast I had got on the scale early this morning I was even 2 pounds down in the day before I was also even 2 pound down usually when it's an even number like even 1 or 2 pounds down so say for example my current rate right now is 2 150 you can rush it rest assure that usually the next 24 hours when you weigh yourself in the morning time you will lose at least another pound or pound and a half the scale really won't stay the same so that's looking good for the week I'm trying to aim for 7 pounds hopefully that happens you know I'm not going to stop doing the fast if I don't lose a pound the day but my goal is to try and lose 7 pounds this week so when I weigh in I'm seven more pounds lighter and I think I can do it I tweaked a couple of things on my juice fast juices that I'm drinking I also am going to start because you can do this watering down my juices because I think that this still too much fiber even after I use the nut bag you still can taste of you you can't really taste it but you the the liquid is more thicker than water so you know that the soluble fiber is still in there so I'm going to cut it with water which will make it easier on my digestive system and that'll also speed up my weight loss you know I don't want to be here all day trying to lose what is it 57 pounds I know it's possible for me to lose the 57 pounds for 60 or maybe 90 days tops if I have to go that long I will do it but I just need to be done with this weight you know I want my videos to be a weight-loss journey on how I keep it off I don't want to have a weight loss journey video every single day talking about columns still overweight you know because every day that we're overweight we you know shorten our lives so today is day 25 in as of Monday which is a nother fresh week another seven days I'll do a weigh-in on Sunday to let you know complete pounds loss for this week I lost two pounds on Monday which is a good start to the week and I'm hoping that the rest of the week goes as follows at least one pound or half a pound a day I can be satisfied with that I can live with that but if I only lose five pounds this week I can live with that too because how many people you know that are on diets or some type of regimens that can honestly say that 400% that they're going to lose something and they're gonna be grateful for losing that some people aren't regiments that they get on the scale and it's a gamble they don't know if they're gonna go up or they're gonna go down but I'm doing a juice fast and the worst thing that happens when you do weigh-ins on a juice fast is either your body weight stays the same or that's it it doesn't go up it just stays the same and then you just have to wait to your body or justice and then and some time upped it might take up to 72 hours you might lose two pounds after the 72 hours this is a pattern that I'm documenting on my way ends the longest that I may not have lost a pound is 72 hours but the the fourth day when I do lose weight I always lose on average two pounds and it hasn't failed me yet so that's just your body adjusted when your body eliminates the fat from this from the cells your water your body fills up with water and it has to adjust itself so what all that being said have a great day and I'll see you guys in the next video

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