okay guys I'm back today is day 28 of my juice fast and I wanted to check in with you to let you know that I'm still on my juice fast I'm doing great I'm feeling good I'm doing a test livestream this is a private one I used to do livestream quite frequently when I first started my channel August 2017 my channel is relatively new I only been on this channel for six months I want to start off by saying you guys can you please support the channel by subscribing you know that YouTube is studying this new rule that you have to have four thousand hours of video or watch time and a thousand subscribers and I think ten thousand views so there's like three pieces of things that YouTube needs in order for you to stay relevant on YouTube platform or you'll have to reapply to be in the YouTube program now the watch time is not a problem for me I've been on this channel for six months doing my content and I have over a million watched I'm Way over a million so it's unbelievable in six months I got over a million watch time so I'm not writing about the watch time I just got to get my subscriber count up so I can stay relevant so I just wanted to one do this as a test video to make sure everything is going smoothly because on the 30th and maybe each day I'm going to do a live so that you guys can talk to me one-on-one and switch it up a little bit from the tree recordings you know I'm not doing it because I need the watch time I got plenty of watch time I'm Way over the 4,000 watch time I'm at a million plus watch time what's concerning right now with me on my channel is my subscriber base and that's very low so I'm just asking you to support the channel but before I begin with my weight loss journey I just want to say to all of us in the weight loss community let's stay at peace and let's not think that everything on this platform in the weight loss community is about you it's about all of us if you start getting up here making videos and it seems like you're doing a weight loss video but it's really a beef with another youtuber or some certain way you feel about a certain youtuber and you don't even know that person you have never seen them in person you know nothing about them we did win there off camera YouTube starts to look at this stuff so it's really important for us all to get along remember what is important and that's our weight loss reaching our goals in supporting one another that's all that matters at the end of the day all this other BS is BS and we have to be mindful that when we lose sight or what we're here to do which is lose weight get healthy and look good looking before you know there to be spring its brain comes before somebody just want to look good for spring then summer we don't want to be walking around with love handles and big guts it's not a good look I know it's not a good book I started gaining weight October this is the side of me I have not shared with you guys I started gaining weight up over 16 I mean October 2016 I'm sorry I noticed that I may have gained maybe 1520 pounds but it didn't make a big deal so from October 16 to November December January 2017 another three months went by and I did start to notice that my weight was picking up another three months later into the new year January 17 then February January February March April it wasn't until April 17 2017 that I started taking action I started working out two hours a day on my stationary bike seven days a week and I have not missed the day but a few times and I can count on one hand how many times I've missed cycling on my bike you can commit yourself to doing or workout along with the eating regimen to lose weight or people like to call their diet I don't call it a diet but you can you can you can you can you know put the two together working out eating is the most important is what you do in the kitchen first and then the working out is to tone and really make yourself look sharp you know it molds it all together but I started to do something about it April 2017 I started doing the intermitting fast 24 hour I mean 23 hour fast one hour window to eat and I ate whatever I wanted I was losing weight but not like I'm losing the weight now like in phase one of my juice fast will be on the 11th that would be 30 days I've been on juice no solid foods just liquids and I I've lost close to 30 pounds in 30 days doing the juice fast and working out still 2 hours a day so honestly December I was semi-serious I've been doing this journey for a year and I wasn't getting any results or small results with the intermitting fast the intermitting fast for me is not going to work into our reboot my system and lose all of the way and use the intimating fast to maintain it because I have the option of a tower window to eat with 16 hours that I can fast and eight of those hours are usually when you sleep because you're not eating when you're I'm sleeping and then that's what I'll do or one hour window to eat 23 hour fast that's when I want to move weight throughout the week that maybe I've gained saying I gained 5 pounds because I'm gonna watch out for that now and if I gain it I'll do the intermittent fast 1 hour window to eat 23 hour fast but this juice fast here I love it it took control back of my life I don't wake up everyone and worrying about food what am I gonna eat feeling hungry after like 72 hours your hunger goes away I could literally like I did yesterday I you know what I had yesterday I had a shot of dandelion what is it called dandelion leaf that you know fresh thyme that you get in the salad sex on section and I had some celery it makes a real green juice and I drink I drink a shot of that just a shot every single day and then I drink some water with fresh lime or lemon juice in it and then later on I might have some liver it's called liberty I get it from the Asian market and I put some honey in it 2 tablespoons which is like 120 calories it's like 60 calories per tablespoon and I also put lemon in it cuz I like to have something warm because I'm starting a juice fast in the wintertime picture that but when you want something bad enough you don't care about starting a fast in the winter time you just want to lose this weight I'm so serious about losing this weight I haven't given anybody but time what I'm gonna stop fasting because the time that I'm going to stop stop juice fasting it's not in 30 days it's when I lose all of the weight there's two special occasions one coming up this month that I want to look good for and one being myself so in order for me to get to that goal I must stay on the juice fast and why wouldn't I I'm feeling great I'm sleeping better it's helping my anxiety I couldn't ask for anything else I could not ask for anything else and I do a video seven days a week usually in the morning but before the day is out you can come to my channel and I'm always gonna have an update video of my progress and I'm doing great I have three more days to go for my seven-day way in which is always on Sunday I'm gonna tell you right now I am past the halfway mark there's only seven days in a week and I'm already at 4 pounds down and I have three days left so you do the math on what you think my weight loss is going to be for those seven days which will be on Sunday

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