okay it looks like we're streaming I'm back with another video today is day 33 of my juice fast I'm telling you doing this juice fast is the best thing that anybody you can do for their body I woke up this morning around 6 o'clock I did an hour workout on my bike because I had some things to do in the morning time I had to go to the grocery store and get some vegetables and fruit Torreya on my juices I made about three days worth of juice so I don't have to do it on a daily basis I don't recommend people juice every day unless you enjoy doing it some people enjoy juicing every single day I made a conscious decision in the process of getting healthy and seeing the results myself to get the acrylic I had acrylic you can see it I had a critic on my nails and it's not good females it doesn't let your nails breathe and it makes it thin I've been taking some biotin I don't know if you guys know what this is but it's good for your hair it's it's good for skin nails in here and when you're on a juice cleanse and you're not eating processed foods this enables you're here to grow your skin to clear up your teeth to get whiter your nielsie gets stronger and I want to take advantage of the fact that I don't need to go to the and even if the nails are underneath the acrylic or real they're still considered fake I'm I want to be able to go into the nail salon and get a regular manicure and be done with it and not have to put all these chemicals on top of my nails and because I'm doing this healthy alternative and stuff like that I just want to also you know keep it keep it natural right so I think when males are looking pretty I'm thinking about doing the pointy spear look I don't know you know how when they grow out because I might not be able to stand my real nails growing out long like that while I you know wait for it to get to a certain length so I can do that spear look like you guys normally see when you hear me talking and moving my hands around and you can see how my nails to shape now this is the way my meals look and have look for many of years then real short manicured clean-cut look but anyways getting on to the good thing let's talk about the numbers please subscribe to the channel first foremost and anyone who's in my video who is from juicing for health give this video a thumbs up so I know that you're in here representing our group representing me and you're on the movement of juicing and also leave a comment I am in that group or I am in the group juicing for health I love that group I got a lot of support in that group this is probably one of the reasons beside myself because you have to start with you first why I'm still juicing and it's been 33 days woke up this morning I lost another 22 pounds so I look I lost close to almost 3 pounds today because it's over 2 pounds 2

2 pounds I'm so happy yesterday I didn't lose any weight but it was 3 in a role that my body was at the same way so when that happens because I've been doing a lot of documenting my weight loss daily and you're supposed to do it for those reasons because I think the best weight loss stories are the ones who track their weight every day just one day it's gonna fluctuate okay okay we get that but if you track your weight every day and then at the end of the day you look back or week from that you look back at the numbers you can remember what you ate that week that could have made them like that where you didn't lose a lot of weight or the weeks that you lost a great amount of weight you can think of the things that you ain't and you can mimic that eating style again so that you can keep your weight dropping on a consistent basis I'm tryin my goal right now it's a really small goal I had like 11 pounds that I wanted to hit so I could be a little over the half way mark of weight that I needed to lose I had 88 pounds of moods and I wanted to lose more than 40 pounds of it so I wanted to lose 48 pounds so that I'm over half what I need to lose so so far I lost another 22 pounds and I was at 37 pounds total pounds lost a couple of days ago now I'm 39 pounds so I got a good I'll say about 11 pounds to that goal which is I wanna be at 48 pounds lost and then I'm not gonna stop juicing but it's it's I'm gonna I'll be over the halfway way over the halfway because 88 pounds if I was 80 pounds we would be like a pound away from 40 pounds and I'd be halfway mark but 48 pounds because of 88 pounds would be way over the halfway pound because I lost 40 pounds plus an extra 8 pounds right well either way I wanna I want to be 48 pounds now that actually have 48 pounds down either way so I just wanna let you know when you're doing a juice it gives you so much energy so you guys are not gonna miss drinking coffee because the energy you get it's uncontrollable it's like me I got up this morning I worked out I went to the grocery store I went and got my nails done I got all the things that I needed in school and I actually was 20 minutes early and I had to wait until they opened the salon because I had to get the acrylic taking off my nails so that they could manicure and restore my nails and then I came home I unpacked the vegetables put him away outside of chopping up the vegetables that I was going to prep to make my juice I made like three days worth of juice I cleaned up but you know that is another story in itself all the mess from juicing and then after that I stored on my juice away took off my clothes looked at some of the things that I need to do for the day some questions I need to answer and now I'm making my video and I haven't even had a juice yet and it's going on new time and I have 32 once's of juice I haven't even had 16 ounces of my 32 ounces of juice yet and I don't feel hungry do I wish that it was almost close to me being able to eat again yes am I going to break my juice fast to eat no because then I'll be like why would you do that it wouldn't make any sense and I want to make sense and I'm going to make sense so that's why I'm going to take it one step at a time and I'm going to basically do my 30 days like I did my first 30 days I'm gonna lose this weight I'm gonna see where I'm at after this this second phase of my weight loss and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to then after the 30 days is up it'll give me a rough estimate of how long it's going to take me cuz I should know after 60 days of doing a juice fast how much more time it's gonna take me to lose the rest of the weight because it doesn't make any sense to give up when you're almost there spring and summers come in and yes I say spring first because everyone goes oh I want to get fit for summer oh you want to be also fit for spring you know you know when all the weather is nice and you don't have to wear jacket or you're wearing a little jacket and people see your whole physique little tight we want to be tip-top condition so I didn't notify my my gang gang squad the Jew squad that I was doing a live stream rushing all good I posted in the group that on day 33 check out my video and posted so with all that being said I will see you on day 34 everything's looking good I'm about to have my first juice of the day and I'm out for now so you guys have a blessed and wonderful day

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