okay guys this is the fourth day that a monkey doe um two days ago I had made some juice because I will be incorporating juice in my ketogenic regiment I will be having my juices that'll be the first meal before anything solid because I have found that juicing has helped suppress my dog my my smoothie juicing has helped suppress my appetite and it also is a nutrient that is absorbed a hundred percent in the body and it has so many great properties that in some cases I find that after people do long juice fast they don't even want to see another juice but in my case I have a love for juicing and I like the way it makes my body feel and adding and incorporating that with the ketogenic diet I don't like on a diet so I mean regiment um this is how I will be able to get my liquid carbs because I know that if I scaling this ketogenic regiment along with intimating fast I'm going to have sleeping problems because you have tons and tons of energy because when you have ten or twenty plus pounds and moves the body turns into a burning incinerator and you just have tons in loaves of energy because you have so much body fat that the body can use to use as fuel so sometime going to sleep you can you can kind of develop in some in insomnia and today I cannot talk for whatever reason so you have to really be careful with the ketogenic diet is not dressed on those are normal side-effects and I wouldn't even want to use the word side effects because it's just that your body is not tired it's not tired when you want it to be tired because you have so much energy because 24 hours a day around the clock the body is is burning and consuming and releasing toxins but it's always working and if you have like I said 10 to 20 plus pounds or more to lose you're gonna have plenty of energy and you're gonna find that sleeping is going to be difficult now I don't know if it starts to you know dwindle off that feeling of not being able to go to sleep if anyone knows about the ketogenic diet please leave it in the comment section that after a certain amount of time does your body start adapting and then you're able to go to sleep if you're on a high keto diet I would like to know myself well eventually my sleeping get back to normal like it was when I was on the juice fast because at the moment I'm taking like a benadryl to make me sleepy because even the anxiety medication that I use for anxiety and it's also subscribe for sleep is not even with all the energy I have it's not even scratching the surface of making me tired and you know I just need to know is this point to be temporary or is this point to be something that I'm going to have to deal with the whole time that I'm on keto if I have to deal with it the whole time I'm on keto to move last 27 pounds I'm all good with it but I just would like to know firsthand from someone that you in this video or subscribe to my channel is this gonna be an ongoing thing or as time goes by is it going to get better in my sleep so please don't want to answer that question in the comment section I don't want to make this video long but I just want to check in with you so I'll see you in the next video please subscribe Shion liked this video make it favorite

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