Day 40 – My Juicing Fast Video – How I Juice For Health

Hello everyone, Tim here, with my Day 40 juice fasting weight loss update The reason is, I have been promising to do this all week, I am ready to do my juice, or juicing for weight loss

Firstly I want to introduce the person filming Louise, say hello… Louise: Hello Tim: Say a bit more maybe Louise! Louise: Hello everybody! Tim: Hello everyone in YouTube land, how are we all going? Tim: OK, that’s number one I wanted to give Louise some credit for helping me prepare it all Secondly I want to let you know I lost 04 kg since yesterday with my juicing fast, which again is just under 1 pound

OK, so the purpose of this video: I have had lots of people writing in asking me to talk about how to juice, how to go about it So I am going to go through a sample juicing This is my lunch time juice So let’s go through and show you how I go about my liquid diet You can see there are quite a few ingredients there

You can see there’s a good selection of greens And also of fruits First, grapefruit Red grapefruit is actually better than the traditional stuff I don’t suggest you use the skin, because it does really make the taste very bitter Louise: With clean hands of course

Tim: Oh, it goes without saying, Louise, with clean hands Just get that bit at the end, chop that out I find half a grapefruit is enough Grapefruit is very acidic, so you don’t want to put too much of that in your drink The other thing I am going to add is a whole lemon

Some people do it with the skin but I have found that it is just a very, very strong taste, and very overpowering Again the knife should be a really sharp one So I just make sure there’s no skin on there Now, obviously you can change this to taste What I have found is that over the last 40 days this is really probably my favorite juice

The lemon dulls the taste of the vegetables, which I still am not a huge fan of But I am starting to like, I have to say, the vegetables a bit more Let’s do the limes next Because I have actually tried it once, juicing it with the skin, once or twice it was just so overpowering! The reason that I am using lemon and lime by the way, is that both lemon and lime are very alkaline based fruits OK, this can be something you can decide for yourself

… if I can just cut this properly Louise, help me out! … Louise: Smells absolutely beautiful, I must say! Tim: Very fresh juice Louise: Mouth watering Tim: You can have some of this in a minute Louise: Thank you very much! Tim: For those wondering, Louise isn’t doing a juice fast

But, to be fair, she doesn’t really need to either Louise: I am going to do a couple a day Tim: Right, so that’s the lime Next, I’ve got some cucumber I do recommend that you get rid of all the skin of the cucumber

Now, I’ve also got some greens of course, and some vegetables Carrot, 1 carrot Obviously with your fruits and vegetables you should be washing them I have got some broccoli, two lots of broccoli I’ll put that in as well

And we have also got some apples Apples are also very important I find, to just help that taste Louise: Get those stickers off? Tim: You should Louise: No, get those stickers off Tim: Yes, I should

These already have the stickers off Louise: How much juice do you have so far, Tim? Tim: We’ve got about 8 oz, which is about 200, 250 ml But we’ll find once we do the celery, which I’m doing next I started off when I first started juicing I was only doing a little bit and I was actually cutting it But I’m just putting it all in now

So we’ll do that bit now Alright, next, some spinach Again this is washed spinach Now, I’m going to use half an orange today, even though I cut up a whole one I am going to use a second apple

I normally don’t go any more than that But depending on where you are in your juice fast, early on you might be putting more fruit to get rid of that taste of vegetables if you are not a vegetables fan I know some people love vegetables, but I don’t When I first started juicing I didn’t like the vegetables So I wanted to put more fruit in

There’s a half (orange) And I am just going to put in half And lastly I’m going to put in the second apple Again, this is optional So this is the last bit now

And we are done! Now I’m going to just do the final step now which is obviously wait until it stops, and we’ll have a look Now that is what it is like before I’ve mixed it up You can see it’s a combination of green and red Now, that’s around 20 oz there, which is about 600 ml Louise: It’s pretty green! Tim: It’s pretty green

So it’s a good sign that we are having our greens, we’re eating the right stuff Tim: And just ignore that, that’s the phone ringing in the background We made a joke before we started videoing actually that it would ring, and it has And you can see that is extremely green And, Louise, are you going to be our taste tester? Louise: Yes Tim: What?! So that’s around about 20 oz guys, 550 ml, between 550 and 600 ml

And I am going to have a drink of that Cheers! Quite nice I actually did my teeth about 15 minutes ago, so I am feeling a bit of a weird taste That is my staple juice And Louise is now actually having a sip

Be honest! Louise: It’s nowhere near as bad as you would think it would taste! It’s actually not too bad Tim: And again, you can put some more fruit in it, if you want to defuse the taste of vegetables, if you’re not a vegetables fan You could even go less, you could go more vegetables, or less, in terms of less apples and so forth They’ve got lots of great minerals and vitamins and so forth OK, so there you go

So that’s really my ending process I think Louise you wanted to say something about composting? Louise: Don’t forget to compost all that lovely left overs Tim: Exactly, because there is so much good stuff here that can go into your garden,… Louise: Or worm farm… Tim: Or worm farm, or whatever you are going to do Louise: They will love you Tim: And they will love you and they will have a good feed on it, which I am about to do with the rest of this drink

So, thank you very much for watching guys Thanks again to Louise And I will see you tomorrow with my Day 41 update!

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