Day 47 – Juicing For Weight Loss – Here’s To Good Health!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 47 lemon water update My juice fasting updates continue, and still going well I have lost today 04 kg, which is just under 1 pound Total weight loss since I started, Day One, all those days ago, is 19

6 kilos, which I think is about 43 1/4 pounds So my current weight now is 918 kilos, and that is about 202 and 1/3 pounds I’m going to be quite happy actually when I get below the 200 pound mark A bit of a barrier for me The way things are going hopefully within the next 3 or 4 days or less I’m going to get through that barrier I’ve been thinking about why I haven’t done this years ago It is almost like there has been an unconscious barrier there, preventing me from doing this I’ve certainly had more fruits than vegetables But with vegetables, very little vegetables in my entire adult life I have skirted the issue, to a large degree, with previous diets and so forth What I have looked for is a shortcut, to lose weight without having to eat fruit and vegetables! It’s almost been like a roadblock I’m wondering whether you guys had a similar thing, before you decided to juice fast Or whatever you did to get to fitness Or maybe you are there right now looking at these videos and you haven’t started anything yet Why do we eat junk food? Yes, there’s an addictive nature, and I understand that And I was addicted to sugar and the stuff Trans fats and all that other negative stuff in processed foods for many years It is just interesting, isn’t it? What I am thinking it is, is it is relating to… I read somewhere there are four steps to becoming a really good ‘something’ The first step is unconscious incompetence And that is when you don’t know what you don’t know

In other words, you have got no idea So in this case, juicing for weight loss, for me, I was unconsciously incompetent I didn’t know what a juice fast was, or the benefits The next step is conscious incompetence And that is when you are actually aware that there is a way to lose weight, but you don’t know how to go about it So that’s number two Step number 3 is conscious competence And that’s when you know how to do something, but it is hard to do I think the analogy that I have seen there is tying your shoelaces The first time, when you are a kid, your parents have to tie your shoelaces for you Then there’s a process of elimination You know the first time you tied your shoelaces it was a really slow process It took ages and you made lots of mistakes and the bows were really wide and bulky That’s conscious competence You can do it but it’s a real hassle It’s really hard to do properly You have got to be focused, is what I am trying to say And of course the last step is unconscious competence, and that is when you can do it without thinking And that is obviously, if you are an adult, tying shoelaces, or even a kid after you have done it for a while, you do it unconsciously And it’s interesting, yesterday when I went for a walk I actually watched myself tie my shoelaces And I watched my hands going And it was interesting how I’m not directing that Unconsciously, that’s happening But the point I’m making with these four steps, is that it is quite interesting That has really been my weight loss journey I was looking for a way that wasn’t hard, so I wasn’t even aware of juice fasting And I think I’m moving into juice fasting quite safely I say I am unconsciously competence because I don’t have to think about being on a juice fast

I’m on a juice fast and it is just happening I go to the fridge and I get the ingredients Even things like putting the actual juicer together I remember the first day I got it out, and I was going, Oh, how does this all work? Quite a hassle Now it’s all happening quite naturally So, yeah interesting isn’t it It just got me thinking about that I think I have crossed the threshold now, with health and with eating And that is why I am not going back to my old habits I have got past that stage now And that is why I am not going back to my old habits I have got past that stage now What I need to move on to now is transfer from the juice fast, transitioning I’m talking about From a juice fast back to normal eating, is I am going to have to learn how to do some cooking Learn how to do some preparing of fruits and vegetables so that I can eat those and get the right mix in my diet So, I am going to be – right at the moment when it comes to preparing any vegetables or fruit in any sort of cooked fashion at least I am probably consciously incompetent I know what needs to be done, but I have got no idea how to do it So within the next 9 days, because there is only 9 days now until my juice fast finishes I have got to be at least consciously competent Even though there’s going to be a bit of a battle where I am – let’s face it The first time you cook a dish, if you haven’t had much cooking experience, it’s a bit of a trial isn’t it I have cooked some basic stuff in the past, but nothing primarily vegetable or fruit based So it is interesting I am going to have to go through that phase And I can’t see the possibility of stepping back into my old habits, because I just now know too much But with that said I have also got to make sure that I invest the time to learn this stuff, to move forward So if you are starting, looking to starting a juice fast, do bear in mind that is normal to be floundering a little bit I certainly found that in the first few days What sort of combinations? What sort of recipes? And I was trying to get all my dots lined up You don’t really need to do that

You need to basically just start And the more you do it the better you are going to get at it I’m going to open the fridge and say, I’ve got these vegetables, I can make such and such a dish, and then bang, away we go So I just thought I wanted to share that with you Because it’s something I have been thinking about, you know Firstly why I had let myself go for 30+ years of my adult life And also how I now need to keep thinking of the right things to move on to the next phase, which of course is eating And what I have decided to do guys is I am going to keep the videos going And I am going to try and do two things in the videos Maybe show you some of my cooking – this is 9 days to go before I finish, of course, but And certainly I will be talking about what I am learning, some sample dishes, what I am eating, and I will continue the weight loss So, stay with me, if you are here trying to get through a juice fast yourself You are going to have a full 56 days of juice fasting videos by the time I’ve finished But then I’m also going to start transitioning I think it is important for me It’s accountability for me I know now I have got many hundreds of subscribers following me, and I thank you all for your comments every day I know now I have got many hundreds of subscribers following me, and I thank you all for your comments every day So thank you very much for that And keep those subscriptions coming If you’re looking at this, please subscribe, because it helps It helps me to know that I am making an impact with other people And eventually I want to build up, we’ve got hundreds of videos of me going through this whole journey So that somewhere that is where I was, and didn’t know what juice fasting was They can look at these videos and see a complete journey from A to Z, in chronological order, of what they need to do to get to their goal weight Because frankly, to date, it has been easy! OK, the first, minus the first week or so, it was pretty hard And if you look back at my early YouTube videos you’ll see that Well, I don’t look too good in them, let’s face it I look quite bad So the first week was hard, but after that, relatively speaking Other than a few odd moments here and there, of thinking that “why am I on this juice fast” And “I want to get back to what I was doing”, fleeting moments, other than that, it has been easy And that was my dream So, that’s an easy diet in anyone’s book And I have talked yesterday I think about my blood pressure, and how that has gone down now, which is fantastic And next week I am going to give the results on what the blood test results was Because I am sure they will come back positive and really, really good, all from what I have done with the juice fasting So it has been a wonderful journey and it has really changed me And I am looking forward to giving more back to YouTube by pumping out these videos So, stay with me, and if you have got any other questions, about anything that I have faced along the way And even things like transitioning, because that is something I am now starting to research now, because I want to be prepared I talked about this in earlier videos that it is very important not to wait until the end of the juice fast Before you start thinking “What am I going to do?” You need a transition plan And I am going to be talking to you about that I am going to be telling you what my plan is So that if you are in a similar situation and you are going to come off juice fasting I am going to have done the hard work for you Alright, I will leave it there for now Day 47 is over

Check! A-OK! And I will be back tomorrow with my day 48 update Can’t believe it! Only 9 days to go Thanks for watching guys I’ll see you tomorrow Bye for now

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