hey guys today is day 49 of my juice fast I was really tired yesterday I could feel myself getting tired before 7 pm

last night so I knew I wasn't gonna be any good to anyone so I figured that I would do my podcast my live podcast for any questions you guys might have for me because I can't always answer when I do a post and my juicing groups I can't always answer every last post at one time because I'm not always on Facebook and I'm not always in one particular group now I do spend a lot of time in juicer for health because I feel as though that group was the group that really helped me stay motivated and get to day 49 people ask me what am i doing that is keeping me from eating processed food is what I would call it and sticking to a liquid regiment because I don't like calling it a diet and a lot of it is not magic it's just the willpower it's um something that I visualize in my head I'm doing this for myself but I think that if you set a reward like for an example if you say I'm doing this for me what you always should do it for you first but you visualize what others maybe an ex-boyfriend in my case for my husband um you visualize when he looks at you what his response is going to be not only because you're losing tons away and you're starting to look yourself again and feel yourself again but you wanna look and feel healthy um since doing this juice fast I've had some slip-ups in my 49 days but I didn't stall the process of the slip-up I just picked pick myself up dust myself off and I just continue doing my liquid as some people might call it liquid regiment or diet I call it a way of life because even after I lose the weight I still struggle with the anxiety the reason why I'm not including my sleep so much is because I'm almost close to getting my sleep back to a hundred percent now that I started the juice fast I'm telling you I had put in the group and also on my Facebook page a recipe it's just three ingredients cucumber apple and a whole pineapple and that promotes hair growth and I made it it was a delicious not too sweet juice and I loved it I actually think that's one of my favorite juices that I don't even have to write it down it's just three ingredients I know how much makes us actually 64 ounces of juice and it's one of my go-to juices because not only am I on a weight loss plus wellness mental health because I'm trying to eliminate my anxiety disorder and my sleeping disorder so I'm not only trying to lose weight I'm also trying to I think that if the weight came in third I would I would accept that because I feel like if my anxiety went away which when your anxiety goes away that means you happiness is there because that's one less thing to have to worry about and anxiety makes people sad and depressed so if I had my anxiety under control or eliminated because of my chemical imbalance obviously in the body that's causing the anxiety I could succeed in losing weight because I could be happy losing the anxiety from the 49 days of juice fast I would be able to focus on my weight loss so even if it didn't come in the order of losing the weight then starting to feel the anxiety lessening I could take getting rid of the anxiety then the weight loss I mean a lot of people might say yeah okay I don't believe that but I truly believe if you're happy happy first in your life you can change anything that's that's wrong with you weight loss a bad relationship getting out of a toxic relationship surrounding yourself around better people making better decisions so that's why I I could have took the this 49 day fast getting rid of this anxiety over the weight loss any day of the week but getting on to this controversial subject vegetable versus fruits which one is good and which one is bad and I'm going to tell you my opinion and this is my opinion only I think a combination of both is wonderful now I have 80 percent green juices I never just make a fruit juice to me I just don't think that in my opinion is healthy – just drink drink for 49 days fruit juices that's not being realistic I'm quite sure that it still is way better than buying a store-bought juice or eating a pizza um you're still eating raw food and that's a great thing I do believe that you get more nutrients and the things that our body is lacking in the vegetables so what I do is I add 80% vegetables and I think that everyone should do it and this is just my opinion I'm not a doctor you might need to consult with the doctor or nutritionist before you take my advice never take anyone's advice on any type of regimen or diet you should always consult with a professional but I do 80% vegetables and 20% fruits and that's just sweetened and also you want to enjoy your juice you don't want to be drinking a bitter juice for 49 days because you want to make it doable if you try to follow someone who prefers to drink a bitter juice every day there's some people that like bit the bitter like they like the taste the bitter everything their taste buds or what I would call strange some people might call their taste buds exotic um because they're drinking bitter things and they're enjoying it with a the half of the nation or or more than half of the nation disagrees with that they have to have something that's either savory or sweet it can't be in between or it can't definitely be bitter um but I do recommend that if you want to get the maximum results in a juice fast you must add 80% vegetables and 20% to sweeten up your juices so that is doable you got to do what works for you sometimes you might have to do some subtle adjustments some people can go on a juice fast and they might have to eat a salad they might have to eat a salad because some people are so addicted to food they have to have something they can chew to satisfy them now this is what the downside about eating even if it's raw vegetables it's the fiber you take away from your body doing what it's intended to do and that's fix problems without within the body that are wrong chemical imbalances things that are high like your sugar and your cholesterol things that are clogged like your arteries and cleaning the blood the liver the kidneys it's not able to do these things because now when you add solid foods fiber solid foods all the same thing back into your juice fast regiment now your body has to focus on digestion so it's going to eat and take in the nutrients from the new solid foods that you place back into the body and it's gonna have to break it down and digest it it's not going to have time to burn and eat fat that's already stored on the body it's going to skip doing that because now you have reintroduced it to food and if you're on a weight-loss journey which a lot of us are even if that's not your first goal is to lose weight we all can stand even skinny people can stand to lose a few pounds it can make us ladder on our feet and we can get a lot of stuff done productively just with that extra weight that we have gained we all feel it skinny medium-size or overweight to obese people in America we all can stand to lose a few pounds some of us more than uh than others some of us can lose can stand to lose oh just a little bit but not force it but I don't think there's a right or wrong answer to juicing if you prefer a sweeter juice you must still add vegetables in that juice blend but you make the juice sweeter you have to do what works for you do I recommend throwing in a half a leaf of a kill or lettuce no you have to put enough in to still consider it a green juice now I look on my juicing groups and I kind of envy some people because they have like all the juices of the rainbow like yellow orange purple you know and I'm like this some of my green juices they look kind of murky because I have a lot of vegetables and my juices that I do fruits I don't care about the color it's the benefits of what I'm drinking is all I care about my juice like I'm going to tell everyone who axes me this question even after this live podcast is 80% vegetables 20% juice I mean fruit juice and that's just the sweeten it up and also because you want your juice to taste good you want that to count too because that's all that you are having for the day is that fruit juice and also after you're done doing the juice fast you don't want to get turned off from juicing you want to incorporate it in your eating regimen for a lifetime you want to be drinking juices every single day because trust and belief you might not know this but there's a lot of improvements that you can do internally for the body and Juicin has to be something that you have to replace and if it's taken away one thing to add juicing in your life then you have to do it because the lifestyle change and just gonna as long as long as you're living you're going to live a better quality of life by incorporating one or two juices a day in your life every day not giving yourself two days off hold on for one second guys I'll be right back sorry guys I'm doing a salt water flush I am do one salt water flush every morning I have for 49 days since being on a juice fast and I do that every morning after my workout so a little bit after 6 o'clock I do the salt what a concoction of 32 ounces of salt water but how I do mine is I put 16 ounces of fresh water in one bottle and then 30 I'm sorry and then 16 ounces of the water and the pink : salt the 2 tablespoons and I guzzle down the 16 ounces of salt water and then after that drink the salt water I drink the fresh purified water 16 ounces and then I lay across my bed because in the morning time is when I have time to give my body another rest after waking up at 4:00 working off for two hours to 6 o'clock and then resting again until my body activates and flushes so that's why I had to hold on and hopefully I don't have to to tell you guys I'll hold on again it doesn't seem to be you know anyone in the chat anyways but um this still is a live podcast and now that I'm just rambling on let me see if I can get some people into this chat I wasn't even thinking one second tier good thing I'm staying on for at least a good hour I could actually stay on for two hours because early mornings and late nights I'm not doing anything I'm actually I take care all of what I need to take care of early mornings but we're talking about I'm starting a podcast like after 6:00 am Eastern Standard Time so there's not much open if you had to take care of business so basically this is my time if I can't always make it for podcast between 5:00 Eastern Standard Time and 7:00 the latest um I can always do one in the morning time so even though I wasn't able to do one yesterday I'm here today to do that to do my part on my live podcast so be watching out for these podcasts cuz I'll be making them seven days a week I enjoy doing them so this is why it's making it even easier um also I'll be doing my update day 48 uh today as well I'm looking at this cover sheet here I don't know why it's not showing let me see showing my new thumbnail but oh well I'm not gonna get stuck on it I'm live now guys if you have any questions okay so I sent that over there and let me just check real quickly to see if it got over there hopefully it put my up-to-date thumbnail on there let me edit this cuz I don't like that hopefully if I can edit it so let's I don't think I can edit this that is so weird oh yes I can I talked to myself a lot and I'm gonna I know what I'm gonna have to do I'm gonna have to put the link the link I should have been a little bit more prepared but it was not like there's anybody in the chat and when this does upload to my page people will be you know looking at it on their own time so you know that's that okay so I got I got the message across that I was live so hopefully someone gets in the chat soon if not it doesn't make a difference because whoever doesn't see the live stream now can see it later so again today's day 49 of my juice fast I'm feeling wonderful I slept so good last night my head is so clear today I'm just I'm just so happy I'm so very proud of myself and I'm going to continue to prosper I'm not going to let anything stop me I'm hold for one second please yes I did a salt water flush this morning so I'm back and forth in the ladies room right now I think that it's key to do a salt water flush every day because you do take out the fiber from the juices this is the juice fast so we're not doing smoothies however there are fibers that still get in the colon and they build up and juice fast it's supposed to cleanse and detox the body so you want to make sure that you help in aiding and it's um and you know helping the body cleanse as well so a salt water flush to me with the Pinkel and salt is key and I do one every day at a little bit after 6:00 after I do my two hour workout I do a salt water flush and this is is it's it's it's a great thing to do and it's natural so you can do it every day if you choose to I'm seeing great benefits my skin has cleared completely all the marks from the toxins from the beginning of the fast that we're coming out through my skin that will leave a mark that are totally gone away I always talk about this in my videos how the whites of my eyes look like when I was a baby um they're so white like the like like white out in my eyes you know everything gets detox when you're detoxing your body off of anything so my eyes have detox greatly and the color of my eyes a light brown and they're more vibrant like when I was a young girl light brown it's almost like it's taking me back in time the lightness of my eyes are coming back and that's from detoxing my hair is growing like a weed that is all from juice fasting I have put on my facebook page a3 a3 recipe it's just three apple cucumber and pineapple I am showed everyone the organic and you don't have to use all organic everything people don't have it in their budget you can still buy non-organic make sure you clean the vegetables and the fruit and you're ready to go I bought the long I don't know the name of them but they're the long arm skinny cucumbers and they come pre wrapped in the clear cellophane paper or whatever you want to call that paper or plastic paper and I used a long skinny cucumber just one of those and I used a whole pineapple and five apples and I made 64 ounces of juice and that concoction of a juice blend is supposed to promote hair growth so let me just tell you this even if you're not doing a juice like that juicing is going to grow your hair anyways hold on for one second guys I gotta go to the restroom like I told you I'm doing the salt water flush I'll be right back hey guys I'm back ooh hey I gotta do what I gotta do I'm trying to multitask I just did a salt water flush this is like my third time telling you guys a hold on but yes that's just letting you know how the salt water flush really works and I'm gonna continue to use it and it'll probably probably always be around the time that I do a live podcast in the morning time so because I do it it's close to after six o'clock as possible because I don't want to consume my whole day with doing the flush so that's why I do that the way I do it but I'm back to what I was saying to you guys um I can tell who really wants this and who really doesn't or they think that they want it but it's not something that they're fighting for and and what I mean by that is people who watch my videos people who I invite and share my links to on Facebook groups and I invite you guys to watch my videos our people who I don't care if you're feeling but you're trying to make an effort and you know that this is free knowledge knowledge only from me doing it not some I went to school for it I'm talking about I'm living this life right now so I'm sharing this with you and it's free anyone else who would tell you about a juice fast or a juice challenge would you have to pay the money this is free content that you can always if you subscribe to my channel you can always go to the site and you can get free information on juicing this doesn't cost you any money it doesn't matter if you've tried juicing a hundred times and it failed you I've tried it numerous times and I've field and you know what do trial and error this is how I got up to day 49 you're not going to some people get it the first time let's give them a clown a clap but I wasn't one that got it when I first started juice fasting I failed miserably hundreds of times I lost count how many times I failed and this is why I do these law live podcasts and this is why I do these update videos on day 49 today which I'm gonna do my update video where you'll see my face and I'll tell you what's going on for day 49 this is just a live podcast that I do now I usually do one in the morning time now or at night Eastern Standard Time that's the hours that I'm on the time zone that I'm armed but let me tell you something if you feel a juicing dust yourself off and start doing it again that's all animal tell you what December 2017 I prepped myself for 30 days and I lost 15 pounds and I failed miserably but you know what I said on January 11th when I started the juice fast and I never looked back it's 49 days later I look back and I said even though in December I filled I juiced I did water fast I did all kind of liquid type of regiments for a month and I also ate it in in the month of December before I started my 49 day juice fast as of today and I lost 15 pounds in that month so I said it only thing changed in December 2017 was that I had added a liquid regiment I don't like calling it a diet if some people want to refer to it as a diet I added the liquid or juice fasting in December 2017 into my way of eating and because of me adding that and I was fair but I still was doing the juicing but I was also eating solid foods I lost 15 pounds and I was feeling at it but I still was juicing I was juicing um not even sometimes 24 hours in a day but I still had incorporated juices before I relapsed and had a meal that same day that I was drinking juices but in that trial and error month I lost 15 pounds and I did it eating solid foods and incorporating juices and then when I look back I said I lost 15 pounds without even trying hard I didn't try hard at all because when I felt like eating solid food I just ate I just ate I was supposed to be doing a juice fast in December of 2017 but I was still eating but because I incorporated the juice fast in December and then when I felt like eating like hey this these urges are just too strong I'm gonna eat I still ate I lost 15 pounds I cannot say that enough to you stop looking at a fill as a loss no you're doing better than some people I see people look at my thumbnails on Facebook my pictures and they're liking the picture and what the picture is saying and I put my video link there for them to watch the video and the liking of videos that are going to the video and helping themselves where do they do that at someone who is just not ready or motivated to make a change in their life and they may never be ready and that's okay too but I'm still gonna spread the word in my own way from my own experience what I think should be done now me saying what I'm saying is that right for everybody know everyone's life is different everyone has health issues that are different than mine some people don't have health issues but they're just not living healthy you know but people have to do things at their own time and we can lead a horse to water but we can't make them drink they have to want to do that on their own so as much as we want to tell them you're doing this the wrong way they have to see that for themselves I couldn't imagine myself on a liquid diet or regiment I'm doing it now do I ever want to have to go on a 49 day or a 69 day or a hundred day juice fast no and I won't never have to because when I go back to eating at the age of 43 and knowing that as you get older it's harder to lose weight I will be doing the right thing when I gained 10 pounds I will be doing the right thing what I have learnt is I don't care what anyone says and I'm not vegan if you are trying to lose weight healthy weight and fast raw going raw vegan for the time being even if you don't want to do it permanently is the way to go I don't care what no one says I have I'm a person who eats meat call me a carnivore all day long I do not care but if you want to get healthy overall feel better raw vegan diet regiment eating lifestyle is the way to go even if it's a temper everyone and like Joe Cross said it's a reboot that's just what it is it's rebooting your system unclogging what's clogged correcting what's not right then when you go back to food hopefully you make better choices so you don't end up back in the same rut that you ended up in because I've had you know my days where I'm like wow why can't I be like these people in these videos eatin this lavish food in loving it but see the end result I'm gonna look in a couple of months from now I'm looking at it now I love my month bank videos keep rockin mark me a mukbang videos eating show videos but a lot of those people I know one person I look at and I know she's having health problems there's two actually and it's all because of all that YouTube money that they don't want to stop and online okay so there we go I'm gonna take this I had my facebook link arm up I think I may have to take that down because that might be why my live stream went down because I have too many tabs open but it just came back on so hopefully you guys didn't miss anything but um I'm looking at my thumbnail like right now as I speak to you on my podcast my live podcast and I'm looking at this picture and I'm saying this is what I remember and I still have 40 more pounds ago but I'm liking what I'm seeing right right now I'm okay with this I am okay with this I know it's gonna get greater later but I'm okay with this I am so okay with how I'm looking right now this this can this can this can be me even though I'm not all the way where I need to be I can I'm all right right here right now I know it's gonna get greater later I got another 39 pounds or so to lose and that's a hell of a lot of weight still to have to lose but if I put my mind to it I will definitely lose it and you know what else I keep I'm striving for I know every pound that I lose that's toxins that is just pouring out of my body and once I get rid of all these toxins and all this extra build-up and get my body close to probably how my tox acidity level was when I was a young girl which was probably very low then I will stop feeling myself again and my anxiety is going to get better juicing has almost cured my anxiety I know it is like 95% cured my sleeping disorder I sleep like a baby now this is all from juicing my hair is growing like a weed this is all from juicing my skin looks like plastic I have no scars on my face anymore marks from you know when I was detoxing at the beginning that came out in the skin this is all from juicing you can't beat that you can't beat that you mean to tell me juicing some fruits and vegetables every single day giving your body a rest from solid foods can do all this good I'll sign up for it all day long because I'm 43 years old and I'm not afraid to go when God takes me this is not like a religious videos I don't want you to think I'm just gonna stop talking about God no a lot of people do fast and things like that for religious reasons that's not why I'm here I do believe in a God but this is not why I'm here I'm here to get healthy but a more so conscience about my health because I'm 43 years old I'm not getting any younger no one's gonna tell me like I'm 17 or 20 years old you got a whole life ahead of you this is the rest of my life ahead of me so I have to make it count I have to make this count and I want to stop the aging process now I just turned 43 a few years ago okay I'm still I'm still a few years wet out of the waters from my 40s I just a few years ago was still in my thirties so I really wish I knew maybe ten years ago about this because I would probably look like a Barbie doll a black Barbie doll just fabulous I look fabulous now but I started doing this in my 40s and it doesn't matter when you start as long as you start but fasting and then doing a juice fast which is on the cellular level of nutrients is the way to go to me I'm telling you this is ground breaking breaking juicing I'm gonna tell you is gonna keep your youth you're going to start to look younger because the juice that we put in our bodies our bodies we're doing good for our bodies so it's not gonna be a rapid you know aging process because we're putting the right things in our body which is lots and tons of nutrients this is why people see my videos are like oh you're glowing your skin looks great this is all from juice and 49 days ago I couldn't tell you this when I talked about my hair growing like a weed and my eyelashes alone I was thinking about getting extensions I don't need to anymore because my eyelashes have even gotten thicker and longer and voluptuous I put a little bit of mascara on my eyelashes and I'm saying to myself are these even my lashes because I cannot believe that my here and my lashes have grown oh like they have I'm starting to notice I used to get facial hair like chin hairs they're starting to diminish so my body is in my well I'll say more my hormonal system is balancing so whether he is supposed to grow it's growing and it's growing like a weed it's not supposed to grow on my chin cuz I'm a woman I'm not a man it's it's slowing down it's it's a great feeling I used to have sleeping problems I like the eighth day of my juice fast I started sleeping eight hours a day I'm on day 49 I sleep like I did when I was a kid when it was time to go to bed I went to sleep and I didn't wake up to the next morning I've slept seven to eight seven to eight hours a day and I woke up refreshed I Billy take my anxiety medication because I don't really have anxiety attacks anymore I don't feel anxious I have social anxiety I can sometimes go outside without taking my medication this is all from juicing people have tons of questions that they want to ask me in facebook groups this is why I started this live podcast ask me all the questions that you need to ask me ask me what do I do in a day right now people are astonished they're like I can't believe that you're not eating any solid foods you're on day 49 you're just drinking juices one who does a long juice fast can tell you the same thing I'm gonna tell you right now when you're juicing everyone's bodies different it might take a week for some people for me it only took three days you stop feeling hungry you don't even get the hunger pains anymore you know when your stomach growls and you're like oh I'm hungry that goes away I'm not a scientist I don't know why but if I was hungry and I still had those hunger urges I would I wouldn't be here for day 49 juicing still I would be eating some food but juice fasting is a miracle because once you start doing it and you're consistent with it within a week tops you're not gonna be thinking about oh god I have to eat when am I gonna gonna stop doing this juice fast what am I gonna start eating you're not gonna be thinking about that you're gonna just be like like me in a minute I'm about to go on the refrigerator and get me a green juice I'm gonna get my cucumber apple and pineapple juice that I have put on Facebook that is a promotes hair growth you guys should really try that it's a whole pineapple five apples green or red in a whole the long cucumbers not the fat ones you get at the supermarket and you cut up and putting your salads it's the fat long skinny ones you put a whole one of those in with five apples and a whole pineapple and I have I have nut bags so what I do is I take the pulp right after I finish juicing and I squeeze out the remaining of juice that's in the pulp and that makes about 64 ounces of juice so basically for me that can last two days because I drink like 32 ounces of juice by choice I'm not trying to stop myself when I first started juicing I drank more but as time went on I didn't want that much juice I had my body was meeting that much juice so I don't advise people as time goes on if you were doing 64 ounces a day if your body doesn't want 64 ounces then you do 32 ounces um listen to your body your body will tell you trust and believe your body will tell you and I I cannot say this enough guys please subscribe to the channel I do daily uploads of my progress on my juice fast this is just my live podcast today I'm gonna do a day 49 video where you'll see my face in the video and I will be telling you how my day is going today so I just want to let you guys know to subscribe to the channel so you can get all the latest updates and what's going on with me and I'm just going to end this podcast I guess I said what I had to say but yes 80% um vegetables 20 percent fruit juice that's how I think you should do it to some people that want to do all fruit juices a if you like it I love it but for me it's a tea vegetable 20 percent fruit juice so with all that being said you guys have a blessed day and B I'm looking out for my day 49 update video yes I'm on day 49 I'm rocking strong please like this video share this video make it a favorite and make sure you subscribe so with all that being said have a blessed day

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