hey guys today is day 53 of my juice fast I didn't have a happy ending on Sunday which was March 4 2018 which was yesterday I had only lost one pound for the whole 7 days when I did my weigh-in but I got up this morning because I had changed my workout routine from 6 to 8 two hours the workout routine and I had it from 4:00 in the morning to 6 and I said I'm going to do a much later workout and get some more rest the only thing I did differently and I had said it in my other video that I was gonna gonna incorporate what is it called apple cider vinegar into my juices and I was going to also incorporate what is it called nutritional yeast and the morning times I can get my B complex vitamins so I did so the apple cider vinegar I only used two tablespoons an hour and a half before I went to bed and when I woke up at 6:00 because I do my weigh-in at 6:00 I could not believe what I seen on the scale you guys already seen the thumbnail so you already know in the title what I lost but Sunday only losing one pound had got me down and I would have never suspected in a million years when I got on a scale that it was gonna read what it read and I'm telling you I was blown away I got on the scale at 6 o'clock this morning I felt lighter I could feel it in my legs it seemed like my legs weren't touching rubbing as much as it normally does like for anyone who gains weight and I could see like my neck line it just looked at more sunk in you know but I still was like what are the chances of that I lost you know any weight maybe one or two pounds but I really did feel lighter so I wasn't I was surprised but I wasn't surprised I guess I wasn't setting myself up for any kind of failure or any surprises because when I seen that I only lost one pound for the 7 days from last Monday to Sunday of this ending Sunday I didn't expect to see what I seen on the scale I got on the scale this morning guys now remind you before I went to bed I had two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar I took an hour and a half before bed I had to go to the bathroom a few times before I ended up going into a deep sleep which was fine because that's why I took it an hour and a half in advance but when I got on the scale this morning I lost three point eight pounds I lost almost 4 pounds in 24 hours from my last weigh-in I weighed myself on Sunday March 4 2018 which was yesterday and for the whole 7 days I only lost one pound I weighed myself March 5th 2018 I lost the extra 3 point eight pounds a couple more ounces I would have been a total of five pounds in in two days Saturday because that was only for the whole week I won't say in two days it took me a week on week seven to lose one pound and and this is week eight and I'm close to four pounds down three point eight pounds on on the first day of the eighth week because I got six more days to go before I do my Sunday weigh-in and I'm already three point eight pounds down on that Monday you do not know how proud of I am a myself you know I had all of these reasons why I probably didn't lose as much as I could of last week and I you know promised myself which obviously that promise in that pray was a reality because this morning when I got on that scale I was not expecting to see what I saw I'm doing a video marathon today and I'm going to be talking about the apple cider vinegar because I've been knew that it does help speed up your metabolism and it burns fat I'm not surprised that I lost three point eight pounds in 24 hours only because I'm juicing my body is not clogged because I've been juicing for 53 days I haven't eaten any solid foods just juices and broths that I just incorporated the last week or two so my body has a chance to rest from digestion and it can focus on cleansing and healing the body and anything that I put in my system is gonna be well absorbed anything I put in my system because my body is cleansed out it's not it's not toxins and in my blood is clean my liver is clean my kidneys are clean my Jews inside of my body a clean and cleansed out there detox tile so everything that I put in my system is going to absorb so I'm not surprised that that vinegar did what it did and that was one day result I had did some juices today a hundred and twenty eight ounces of juices a set of savory juices in a set of sweet juices and I put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in each of my juices thank the Lord I can't taste it and the reason why I'm doing that not only to rev up your metabolism but it helps keep your insulin levels down low so yes I might have a a fruit inside of a green juice but it's gonna help keep my insulin down low when I'm drinking that juice and after I drink the juice so that you know I don't store anything as fat and also the body is able to burn off on stored fat faster and if I if I never believed in apple cider vinegar I definitely do now I used to use it when I was on in too many fast but I was I was so toxic when I was on the intermittent fast I had if I wanted to do the intimate it fast like if I go back to which I am when I get off this juice fast you have to detox your body in order for any program to work 100% and I believed in the apple cider vinegar then but I I seen results but they were very subtle this is an extreme result by me drinking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a little bit of water before I went to bed and wake up in the lose four pounds of fat it's crazy but it's the reality this is the magic of juicing I I not only o losing this weight from my hard work but I owe it a hundred percent to the juicing and then the apple cider vinegar second because if I wasn't detox fully out I wouldn't say I'm fully detox not in 53 days but I'm getting there but if I wasn't detox to the point that I was at 53 days I would not have lost three point eight pounds so that bit that did play a big role it was easy to absorb in the body and do its job that it's supposed to do and it did and I lost three point eight pounds and imma keep saying it and I have a few more videos I have to do I have a really busy day today I have to do a few things for my husband so I don't want to make this video too long because I was trying to keep all videos under five minutes or five minutes or less and I'm just really excited and I just want to share the news so with that all being said stay tuned I'm gonna be doing two podcasts today and I'll probably peak in like I did today just to give you that big announcement that I had lost three point eight pounds in 24 hours from my last weigh-in I weighed myself Sunday at 6 am

and I weighed myself today at on Monday at 6 am and I lost in 24 hours 3 point 8 pounds that's almost 4 pounds in 24 hours unbelievable now all my stresses are gone and all the disappointments that I had for week 7 is out the window because this is the new week this is week 8 and I started off already on the good foot almost 4 pounds down so I definitely will be out of the hundreds fingers crossed by Sunday I will probably do a real big all-out video but I don't want to jinx myself but I'm just hoping by Sunday I'm out of the hundreds so that big number that surprised me this morning put me over the hump and I only have three more pounds to reach getting out of the hundreds so if I can't lose three pounds this week that something's not right so with all that being said please subscribe to the channel you can look before you even subscribe to my channel and you can see I do daily updates every day on my progress on my juice fasts or whatever I'm doing in my life that has to do a weight loss wellness and happiness and I would like you to be a part of my channel and a part of the family it's a small family right now but it's growing so with all that being said like this video share this video make it a favorite and if you have any videos you would like me to do as far as weight loss or any questions you need to ask me just put it in the comment below if you want to also be part of my facebook page where I have my juicing recipes and also the videos are also there for you to watch you know any ones that you may miss just friend requests me and I'll definitely you know and accept that firm request also if you need to ask me a personal question my personal email address is also in the description as well so with all that being said don't forget to subscribe I'll see you guys later

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