hey guys today is day 54 of my juice fast I thought I would do my podcast my live podcast early why actually it's not early because I've been doing them between 5:00 pm

and 6:00 o'clock um but when I do these live podcasts and I almost sounded like I was turning into a French lady the way I just said live podcast um I like to do them first thing in the morning and when I settle down at night those are like the times that there's pretty much nothing to do because first thing in the morning this it's just too early nothing's open if he was going to go take care of some errands or I'm a housewife so it's not like I'm working so if I had something to do I basically um it's too early so I just get on my podcast and I talk about what's going on you know and I hope that whoever comes on to the live stream and motivates them what is going on in my situation and my weight loss journey so as you can see in this illustration here I have got the AC V the apple cider vinegar um and I wanted it I wanted to try it with my limes I has fresh I had cut up – I'm sorry I'm messing things up I had cut up 6 limes into halves and I have an electric citric juicer so that it can arm squeeze juice like oranges lemons and limes and then I use my nut bag because I don't want the pulp and I separate the pulp from the lime or the lemon the orange juice that I'm making so I have a thing with lime juice I love it it tastes so good with the combination of fresh lime juice even the lime the lime skin the green part which I'm going to start incorporating as well is delicious and lime juice um but for the time being as you see in this illustration the true lime gives it in its actual its actual lime that's been dried out in it gives you that green skin flavor when you add it to this mixture now I was inspired to make this concoction because I love lime juice and I'm on a liquid diet so I have to to do things that are like desserts for me but their juices because I can't do smoothies um that are satisfying and I love limeade I used to buy the simply limeade at the supermarket and I loved it I love the lemon raspberry and I loved the just straight limeade now I'm still tweaking this because I think I'm gonna switch off because I used 64 ounces of purified water in this batch and that's just gonna be in a refrigerator so when I want to after I drink my green juices 32 ounces of that I want to have when I have a taste for that lime sweet taste I want to have the lime juice in the refrigerator already chilled and I will pull 8 to 16 ounces into a glass and be satisfied but one thing that I did do and I was hoping that it did not ruin the lime juice was I added the apple cider vinegar that you see in this illustration and it didn't but just to be on a safe side I added the true two packets I might have to step my game up and put three in it even though I don't taste the apple cider vinegar and I think the reason is because it's a sit it's a citrus the lime and lemons and apple cider vinegar is basically in the same family the way it's produced it's a very tangy you know bitter you know something that you don't really want to drink on its own unless it has a sweetener add and add it to it so I tested it out so I cut up six lemons I'm sorry six limes so what I did was I added six tablespoons this is what's different to this lie made that I made homemade from home because I had put a cup of raw honey and I don't care if it's processed sugar from candies or raw honey from bees sugar spikes your insulin your body does not know the difference so for me to drink that kind of dessert as I call it at like 6:00 o'clock about hour and 44 minutes ago I was drinking it it's gonna spike my insulin and it's going to stay spiked and it's not gonna burn any fat so what I did was I added the apple cider vinegar which also and I don't care what nobody says people think there's no way that apple cider vinegar can um cause you to lose weight I'm gonna tell you one reason apple cider vinegar helps you lose weight one it lowers your insulin levels it doesn't keep it spiked it keeps it with your body doesn't have to deal with the the insulin spike so your body's not gonna store any fat because your insulin up your insulin levels are going to be at bay and it's a good appetite suppression because since being on a 54 day juice fast don't think that there has been days that I didn't want to go on my refrigerator and cut up some of them vegetables I had enough of them and make a salad and add some gorgonzola cheese or some blue cheese crumples and some salad dressing and make me a salad which it still would have been it would have been all fresh raw on produce but it wouldn't have been the way the juice fast is designed and so that would have been eating solid foods so I didn't do that but I also noticed I like to look at a lot of food eating shows on YouTube that's like my number one to go to every single day I look forward to seeing people's mukbangs and eating shows or how to cook you know exotic meals so I can duplicate that at my own home and I noticed that even though there's been some delicious rich savory I mean even let's talk about things that are basic like fried crispy chicken I have not had the urge because of the apple cider vinegar when something either it's apple cider vinegar or whatever you might use other than apple cider vinegar suppresses the appetite it doesn't matter what you see in your face or you smell if the brain is saying I'm not hungry you're not gonna eat when when now the difference between but you know like people who are on weight loss journeys now and when they wasn't you could be not hungry you know prior to taking apple cider vinegar but the difference is when you smell food and see it you eat just because it's there but when you have something like apple cider vinegar which is a suppressant and it makes you not feel hungry it doesn't matter if you smell it see it you're not gonna want to taste it because the brain is saying I don't want it that's the difference between eating just to be eating and taking a suppressant that suppresses your appetite if you're taking something that suppresses your appetite I don't give you 600 pounds and you love food and you're addicted to food if there's something that is stimulating the brain an anti suppressant you know and you don't have an appetite you just are not gonna eat as much as you might be addicted to food and you're looking at that and you say to yourself well I don't eat this now I might not see this buffet ever again in life you're just not gonna eat it's plain and simple there's no other way to to say it but I got inspired with this lime aid from the Master Cleanse I don't like drinking lemons on the Master Cleanse I didn't like the maple syrup that went with it or the cayenne pepper so I had to do it that works for me a lot of people that watch me will say that girl says that all the time she does it you know anything she does as a diet or regiment to lose weight I do it I tweak it so it works for me I don't tweak it way change it around so that it's not what it's you know what it's supposed to be anymore and then I get up on a video and say I'm not losing weight I don't tweak it like that I just took out the lemons and switched it for the line now another thing I'm going to it's gonna probably take a few times to get this right but I think that I'm gonna switch out the raw honey because I don't think that it goes well with the apple cider vinegar because I'm not really tasting the apple cider vinegar but I am tasting the raw which Ronnie is delicious but I want to taste the lime juice and I'm tasting the rawness of the honey and I think it's kind of on the same scale as the lime juice it's it's it's 50/50 and I don't want I don't want um the taste of the raw honey I want lime juice that's sweetened so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna switch it out to raw sugar which will give it a more neutral flavor so that means it's gonna complement the line because all I'll taste is the sweetness from the raw sugar and not the you know like how the the honey has a flavoring to it the sriracha was just gonna sweeten the lime juice and I'll taste the lime juice better because I don't want to stop thinking in my head while I'm drinking this juice that I make every couple of days because you get eight servings in 64 ounces or you get four servings if you drink 16 ounces of it either or it's even thinner than a juice with veggies and fruits in it that you make from your juicer basically it's like you're drinking definitely water so even if you're done with your juices for the day if you have a sweet tooth this is the go-to drink that I would you know suggest that people arm add into the drinking regimen and yes I had to find a place for my very favorite limeade that I make from home that I'm very proud of and I had to incorporate the apple cider vinegar because it's good to put it in the foods that you're eating so I'm not eating any solid foods so I wouldn't put it in things like salads or stews or anything like that I would put it in my juices so as much as I didn't want to do it because I didn't want to mess up my limeade and then kill the taste of the limeade I have things to help bloom I won't say I don't want to mask any flavors I want to complement everything the the apple cider vinegar with the lime and then to step it up a notch use the true lime two or three packets I used to in this illustration here so that you know basically I can make it taste like lime juice even more so with the green skins hold on one second guys I'm sorry for that I had a very important phone call that I had to answer um but you gotta be real careful I think that it's a it's a chemistry thing that if you haven't passed in science class you know when you were in middle school or high school whatever or in cooking school or just learning how to cook you know apple cider vinegar can be horribly the worst thing that you can put inside of your juices you gotta know the right combination so this is my first batch making it everything turned out good and it's so weird I don't have any complaints from the taste of the apple cider vinegar I don't taste that it's that raw honey and I'm going I'm going to the next batch that I make I'm going to add the raw sugar because sugar has just the neutral taste I don't care if it's raw or process it just tastes like sugar sweet and that's all I'm looking for only thing different that I'm doing is I'm not using processed white sugar or eat I mean even the brown sugar that you get that's not raw sugar is processed but I'm using raw sugar because it's better for the body but the bottom line is sugar is sugar so it's gonna complement the lime a by just using sugar rather than honey because it's gonna give it a neutral taste it's gonna give the lime juice a sweet taste rather than this you know rich you know raw honey and if you know and if people want that thing if they want that going on fine but no I want to taste my lime juice okay so I'm just gonna leave that at that but I'm telling you this concoction that I made you if you drank this every day for 10 days because this is really a Master Cleanse juice and if you put in 6 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar you will definitely eat less because that is what the ingredient in apple cider vinegar is and that's what it does it suppresses your appetite it's not a miracle where you drink it and then you're just losing fat no it speeds up your metabolism and it also suppresses your appetite I'm finding myself rushing for cutoff because I don't eat or drink any juices only thing that I do drink besides the my fruit juices with the green the greens in it is my detox tea at night with the dandelion powder in it and now I have added my finger water purified water and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and I take that before bedtime and matter of fact as we speak you're gonna probably hear some gulping because I'm going to drink down the apple cider vinegar as we talked sorry for that I just drank down 16 ounces I didn't plan to drink that much liquids I like to just cut to the chase and maybe eight ounces or less and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar I had a 32 ounce glass of ice water purified water even the ice cubes are purified you know they're not tapped from the tap and I cut up some fresh lemons and squeezed them in the water and I drank that earlier today so what I did was I had about sixty obviously 16 ounces left of that 32 ounce lemon water so what I did was I took and I pour it in a smaller mason jar the other 16 ounces and then I took the the lemons and I squeezed that juice into the mason jar and I put the two tablespoons of ACV apple cider vinegar and I do notice that it does make it taste better it does it actually makes it totally taste like a different drink that's more tolerable and I don't know if it's just in my head or what but it does taste good and for me even when I'm drinking herbal teas especially if the herbal teas like I was drinking a green tea with Senna I don't put sugar in it because it defeats the purpose it's supposed to be doing something for the body that's good but adding sugar to a herbal tea it defeats the purpose but with the lemon fresh lemon not the fake kind you get inside of the little fake plastic lemon it just gives it a different taste and this is what I'm explaining about this can that I had made that I got inspired to make from the Master Cleanse I learned a lot from the Master Cleanse that's where I get the detox tea at night I still do that even though I'm not on the Master Cleanse I do make the Master Cleanse juice but I don't use cayenne pepper I use and I don't use lemons I use lines and I just use the limes freshly squeezed I'm taking off the pulp with my nut bags that I have and as we already know because I've been clarifying this up set to use and now the honey I'm gonna start using sugar raw sugar so that it tastes neutral it tastes like lime juice rather than lime juice with the raw honey taste I'm not really looking for that rich honey taste I want to taste my lime juice so anyways I'm yeah so it tastes really good the ACV mixed with fresh lemon juice so you know I always have lemons around the house and I definitely always have limes but in this case as much as I like limes better than lemons I will be squeezing Karen they're fresh lime juice I mean I lemon juice because it's working for me it's really working for me so if anyone has any questions you can leave it in the chat I also have my email address if you want to send me any personal questions I also have my link to my facebook page where there's no one on that page unless it's related to juicing or some type of weight loss it's basically a page it's not a group but it's a page same thing but it's not a group page I set up it's just a regular Facebook page that I had since I think 2010 and I turned it into juice pay age where I can put the recipes of some of my juices that I make and you guys can try those recipes out and then I put my videos as I upload them onto that channel if you don't always be on YouTube you know you you can go over to either my Twitter coz my Twitter links there follow me there or on Facebook the links there I will accept the friend request and keep it moving you know we can do this together we got to be supportive because there's gonna be times that this weight loss thing I don't care if it's juicing kedo intimating fast Jenny Craig slim fast whatever it is that you're doing is going to be some rough patches and you're gonna slip up sometime and you need and you're gonna feel bad about it and you're gonna need someone that's gonna say to you everything's gonna be okay stop beating yourself up everything's gonna be okay and it's gonna be okay because I've been there before and I felt the same way that you felt but I dusted myself prosper because sometimes people fall off the wagon and they don't get back up because of the simple reason once they're broken and they disappointed themselves they turn back to food and once you turn back to food and you see how fast you can put on a weight and then you put on more weight then you start it with on the weight-loss journey you kind of say I give up I can't do this this is just too much stress trying to lose this weight and you say to yourself as hard as it is to get to where I needed to get to on this weight-loss journey and then for me to pick up some food or some pizza or whatever mess up my whole regiment I don't want to start over again it's hard I don't want to start the 80% of having to focus on what I put in my mouth to lose weight and the 20% of working out because you only need 20 percent of the whole hundred percent in order to lose weight 80 percent of weight gain is what you put in your mouth it starts in the kitchen once you get control of what you put in your mouth the 20 percent is just a bonus the 20 percent is just the bonus and when I say bonus it's to tighten and shape and mold the body as you're losing weight is also good for people who are losing weight fast and they don't want this skin to be loose and also when you're working out it also overall makes you look healthy because you're toning up your collagen your muscles your tissues just everything is lifting gravity is not your enemy anymore when you work out but that's 20% of it you notice when people start diets and they don't work out that 20% they look sickly when you're doing the 80/20 method which is 80% is what you put in your mouth and the 20% is the bonus for the Titan and in the contouring of the body so that you look more healthier and you're getting the benefits from the food and then the 20% of working out it just makes you just come together and that's just the bottom line so I'm not gonna make this podcast any longer I want you guys to subscribe to the channel like this video make sure you share this video and make it a favorite because I say make it a face so that you have something to come back to and listen to when you have a downfall but understand that's why we call it a journey because it might take you a long time to get to the goals that you need to get to it only takes one day at a time and you only can live for today not tomorrow but today if you try to live for tomorrow you're gonna drive yourself crazy and you're gonna feel you're gonna feel before tomorrow gets here you take it one day at a time that's the only way it's gonna work um so if you haven't already subscribed to the channel please subscribe to the channel and I will be seeing you guys on day 55 I will be appearing on the video where you can see my face on day 55 to give you the update on my juice fasts in the update on my ACV apple cider vinegar if I lose any more weight which will be Wednesday the 7th I will let you guys know and on Sundays for people who are just coming into the live stream is when I do my weigh-in and I tell you total weight loss what I lost for the 7 days so with all that being said um again please subscribe to the channel like and share this video and make it a favorite and I'll see you guys in the next video bye for now

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