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I would have started the livestream at 5 o'clock but these things behind the scenes that we must do so we can do proper setup especially if I'm not doing a live stream and I'm in the video you want to make sure that you have a proper thumbnail to get your patreon or your wonderful subscribers into the chat now before I begin this video I would just like to give a big a big thanks for all the support that I got yesterday I got about 9 subscribers in a day me being a small channel that means so much to me it really brightened up my day to wake up today and see that you guys are on the team with me and you guys ready to start the journey and even if you're not ready to stop the journey it's always nice to be able to come onto YouTube and instead of running to the drama content you're watching content that you know even if you're not actively doing this that one day it could be a few years from now that when you want to get yourself healthy and in shape you know that you have someone for a lifetime well as long as I'm here on this earth I will be making videos and be motivating on the public and especially my subscribers because we're a family um I got a few updates a lot of you may have heard some of you may have not heard because I'm a small channel and nine times out of 10 when people come to my livestream so after my live streams are over they come to the video probably new people that ran across my video or channel and they're watching it for the first time so a lot of times you're gonna see that I'm gonna repeat myself because I want to spread the word as much as I can in each video of what's going on with me currently and keep everyone up to date well the first change that I'm going to be making is I only have four days before to be 60 days of my juice fast I'm going to I decided to do another 30 days so it's gonna be 34 days that I will be doing the juice fast also I had a comment well at least I have you for another 30 days when I had announced that I was going to do another 30 days know this channel is a health and wellness channel and because I did so good in my own experience with juicing and it has changed my life I will continue to do juicing videos I will also I say once or twice a month because I don't want to commit to something that I won't do say twice a month so I can I can I can live with saying once or twice a month um no more than that but after I'm done with my 90 day juice fast will 91 day juice fast what I'm gonna incorporate is it might take me a week to get a list of who's going to do this but every month or so every every month in the twelve months in the in a year or twice a month because I don't know how long it's gonna take together who's gonna do this I'm going to gather the names in the current weight of the people with the before picture I'm gonna ask them to provide to me and we're gonna do a seven day juice fast together and I think that this is you gotta do things sometime for yourself just like you got to love yourself first in order for you to love or help anybody else so I think that that'll be good for me after I get off the juice fast to still get my body used to the lifestyle change that I will be juicing every single day that's what I will be drinking for juice it's fresh juices along with my meals but doing active things with my subscribers is what makes people respect you they're not just as a subscriber they're that your friends are your family and you're helping them out and trying to get them healthy so I will be doing update videos on when each month I will be doing a juice fast with you guys with my subscribers and if I get 20 people on board or maybe more or maybe five or maybe two then we'll do a juice fast seven-day juice fast every month and will and will I'll put together a video with the before and afters of all of my wonderful participants I think got to be fun and that's kinda that's the kind of content that you will not ever run out of arm getting bored seeing because it's gonna be always new and fresh that's something that's gonna be content that will keep the channel growing and it'll also keep the channel where people will be in suspense because they'll be saying Wow wonder how many more people are gonna join this time and I wonder you know like people like the numbers I wonder how much this person is probably gonna lose trying to outdo the last winner laughs you know last month you know so I want to make this a fun channel I don't want to make it a channel whit's like you know like oh god what you know I love this a Content but it just puts me to sleep I want this to be exciting I want when I'm doing my podcast that the words that are coming out my mouth to motivate you guys you know into doing better um and I also want to say to you because I know people don't stay to the end of videos and I should have said this at the beginning you don't have to say you can't do a juice fast because you would have to drink all juices a juice fast is replacing a meat one meal or two you don't have to replace all of your meals with juice and you can still be considered a juice fast on a juice fast is what I should say this all sorts of juice fast arrangements that you can do like one day just juice and then the second day you eat a solid meal clean meal a clean meal in my head is cooking from home and starting the meal off with the salad of your choice that tastes good for your taste buds incorporating a salad with your meal and in the meal even having aside vegetables with the starch and the meat the protein if you're vegan then you don't need protein but I'm just saying for people who do eat meat I eat meat still I'm on a vegan lifestyle regiment or a diet plan or whatever you want to call it liquid diet but I love my proteins and I don't want no one to get any false hope thinking that I'm going to turn into a vegan no do I think vegetables and fruits of the way to go in order to get the body back healthy again and also for super weight loss of course I do I think that's the only way to go when you're trying to like joke or I said do a reboot stop the whole system from scratch get everything cleansed out like it was when you were younger so that all your bodily functions are functioning properly and minds are at this point 56 days then I can honestly say that everything is on a reboot I have things that I need to work on like getting off this medication for my anxiety I only take one medication I have one bottle and it's from my anxiety and I want that one bottle to be out of my arm my regiment I want to replace that bottle with supplements I just got my vitamin D 10,000 IU you take one a day there the gel ones I like them in gel form because it absorbs better in the body so even if it wasn't a gel form when you're doing a juice fast anything absorbs quickly and effectively when your body's cleansed out and all your drinking is fluids nutrients fluids a big difference not fluids like Pepsi Cola and Dr Pepper and processed Tropicana and there are all good juices but they're the overly processed and they're nothing but poisons in it because they have so many preserved preservatives in it to keep it fresh and long on the shelves and that gunk gets stuck in our bodies and in ourselves and it confuses our body why are you putting this in here and then the body focuses on getting rid of it and it can't focus on anything else when you juice it's fresh vegetables and fruits the body it makes the body happy and then it can focus on the things that it needs to be focused on and one being your hormonal system if they see that something over there on your hormonal system is not working right they go okay we're gonna go over there and fix that because that's not right or if this artery or all your insulin is too high okay we're gonna work on that because that shouldn't be that way in the body um if you're clever claw rest excuse me if your cholesterol is high okay we're gonna work on that because this is not what it should be in the body or if you have gallbladder stones okay we're gonna get that out of there because you know this is this is not making the body work right either it can work on parts of the bodies and get rid of the old dead cells in the body and regenerate new cells and give the the cells that are alive nutrients and that's when you get the clarity and that's when you get the pounds drop to drop today I can't talk that's when everything magical starts to happen with little to no effort there's been people that have done juice fasts for as long as I've done it Oh less time and have lost lots of weight I looked at the movie fat sick and nearly dead and I didn't really see him too much doing our workouts I seen him doing a lot of drinking of juices maybe a few you know workouts but it didn't show it too much Illustrated too much in the movie I'm gonna look at the movie today actually again I like the movie so of this parts that I missed because I was pausing the movie and doing other things like podcast live podcast and update videos so I really want to take time from my day and give ninety seven minutes and watch that whole documentary but I'm pretty sure that he did do some workouts that they shoulde in the video but they really just wanted to get get give you guys the clear picture of it's all about what you put in your mouth it starts in the kitchen it's it's all about the juice and really the the 20% is the exercise you know bringing the body all together tightening things up toning things up you know um you know that's 20% but it starts with what you put in your mouth so that's why I think the whole film the whole documentary was watching him literally drinking juices all around everywhere all around us other states other locations it was us looking at him drinking juices because primarily I honestly think in my opinion because I didn't see much working out but I'm quite sure behind the scenes that he was doing some type of workout you can still ultimately lose weight without working out now after you lose weight if you don't do it while you're juicing I do strongly recommend you do some type of workout regimen even if it's walking a couple of miles a day or not even a half a mile you know doing a low intensity workout but right now let's just work on what you're putting in your mouth because if you don't start with what's you're gonna put in your mouth while you're trying to lose weight then you're just gonna gain the weight back as soon as you lose the weight that's what happens this time around this they say three times is the charm I have never struggled what my weight all my life so this is my third time gaining weight but this is also the last time because I'm getting much older and it's getting eat it's getting harder for me to lose weight because I'm my age but I'm gonna tell you what's different this this third time that's why they saved three times a charm is now I know what causes me to gain all that weight back even if it takes me years I don't just gain the way back soon as I lose it usually the other two times I gain weight it was over years spans of time I didn't gain it right back soon as I lost it well actually the first time it took years for me to gain the weight back and then in 2015 I gained all the weight and then I lost all the way and then I'm and I'm back here now so yeah so there was one time that I gained all the way back right after I lost it but the first time I had a gain weight I lost the weight and I stayed that way back to my regular size for many of years many of years to be exact I think I stayed that size for 1415 years after I had lost the weight I went back to my regular size the first time in the second time that I had gained weight it took 14 to 15 years to to gain weight again and as soon as I gained the weight that was in 2015 I lost it fast I think it was 60 pounds and then in 2006 I gained it back so you know 2006 to begin in the 2007 you know I was on my way to getting the weight off and this is where we're at right now but I don't have any complaints I'm glad that I'm on the right track I'm glad that I'm getting people to subscribe to the channel so that they can get motivated I want to motivate you guys I want you guys to get healthy I want you guys to look good for the spring you know and like I said I had told somebody even after my 90 days is over with my juice fast I'm still going to do once a month or twice a month a juice fast with my subscribers I'm gonna get all of the people who want to be in the juice fast together I'm gonna get there before wait and a before picture and we're gonna do a 7-day juice cleanse once a month and so what if you crash the first day you juice fast get up dust yourself off and try the whole seven days to do a juice fast I guarantee you probably still will lose weight within that seven days and with the juice fasts I'm gonna keep saying this you don't have to just drink juice some people have to start off small maybe just replacing a juice with breakfast you still can if you did a juice fast with me after my 90 days when I started incorporating that on my channel as I'm you know my content you know working with my subscribers doing a seven-day juice cleanse once a month with them a group of them who choose to want to do that with me you can replace a meal just one meal with the juice and then eat two meals and if you have snacks in between and do that but while you're doing the juice fast I just acts that you eat clean clean to me is just not going out to fast-food restaurants for seven days you cook your foods from home and you know what clean foods are and it doesn't necessarily have to be a salad that that you're eating but you have to incorporate some type of vegetable or two in the meal with the starch and a protein now if you're vegetarian it'll work fine for you but even vegetarians don't eat clean so like I said in those seven days replace a meal with the juice it just it just has to be one and you're on a juice fast I choose to do all liquids for 56 days that's a choice I made but you still can be on a juice fast just replacing one meal with the juice and you're on a Jew you're on a seven-day juice fast and don't let anyone tell you any different the people who've been doing this for years will tell you that what I'm saying is correct that's all you got to do those are babies then you work your way up to where I'm at because you can be where I'm at as well because it's nothing special that I'm doing it's willpower but I had to build my willpower by baby steps and that's what you guys are gonna have to start with baby steps so I don't want to make this video too long if you haven't subscribed to the channel please subscribe to the channel and follow my journey follow our journey and like I said in another 34 days which are making 90 days following I will start doing seven day juice fast ins with my subscribers and I think that you guys are going to be exciting excited to know that I'm actually gonna do that I'm proactive I'm not gonna be like these uh YouTube content creators that don't answer your questions back in comments and they ignore you but you make them who they are I'm gonna always make you part of my family and not just say it but be about it so with all that being said subscribe to the channel please show your support in that way like this video she had this baby video and make it a favorite and I say make it the video a favorite put it on your like list on your video list so anytime you're having a down day and you may have crashed on something that you're doing as a diet regimen or regiment you can always come back to one of these videos that might be one of your favorite videos of mine and you can rewatch the video and get some inspiration get some motivation from watching it again because it rains but the sunshine is definitely gonna come out again it's not the end of the world so with all that being said I will see you guys later in my day 56 update video I will be actually in the video so you'll see me in that video so you guys have a blessed day and I'll see you a little bit later

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