hey guys today is day 74 of my juice baths and I am very energetic today I'm very happy and proud of myself and I wanted to let you guys know about some changes one of the changes that I'm going to be doing is I will be doing my upload videos between 5:00 pm

Eastern Standard Time 9:00 pm the latest I've been looking at my analystics and I see when my traffic comes to my site on my videos and I want to upload videos when you guys are available to watch my parts at my pond excuse me my Khan tent so that's between 5:00 and 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time also today I'm going to tell you that Sunday which will be tomorrow today Saturday the 24th of March I will be doing weigh-ins on Monday I want to get the full seven-day result for each week so I'm going to have two on the eighth day that morning do an update video which will be away a video and that will be a full seven days a full 24 hours per those seven days so it'll give me a more accurate reading of my weight loss because I've been finding that I've been doing away and on Sunday and come Monday I'm losing on average two to three pounds but my weigh-in was a good weigh-in it could be on average no no no less than three pounds no more than seven pounds there has been a week that I only lost one pound hopefully it's not this week because my my weight has been fluctuating and I have not had that problem since being on the juice fast but I know why it's doing that that's why I want I do away in every day so that I can watch certain juices that I drink and how it affects my body and then I change it importantly I knew eventually using miso paste for savory juice without use a liquid to substitute for the savory aspect of it because I am a savory lover I'm not really a sweet lover I'm not a person that's gonna go grab before the desserts or savory food person so I had to after 30 days incorporate a broth so I was using the bouillon cubes and miso paste and also the instant diesel soups broths my anything I'm solid but the broth and I said that if I started to notice any water retention any kind of sodium build-up that I would discontinue using it so I'm at that point now using the you know the broth for a few weeks now that sodium is building up in my system so what I had to do was get up this morning and master something so I went to the store yesterday and I got some vegetables because I'm not thinking about any fruits I want to make a savory drink so when I look at my eating show videos I don't get hungry so I wanna show you I should have pulled this up already the juice that I made today and you're not going to believe how good it was okay so I made a drape that yields 42 ounces thanks to my nut bags the description link for the nut bags in the description of all my videos if you're interested in purchasing some so you can save money on buying fruits and vegetables and yielding more juice from the pole so the combination of this savory juice that I made was one green pepper with the seeds 1 red pepper with the seeds 1 I mean to form tomatoes 1 lemon with no skin then I took a little piece of the skin and put it inside of the juice machine then one line no skin then I took a little piece of the line skin and put it inside of the juice machine to get that line effect flavor and then one garlic clove wine a piece of red onion be very careful when you start adding onion I know that red onions are not as strong as white no onions but they still can overpower your drink 3 celery Spears and one English cucumber um so for my condiments which really surprised me this is letting me know that my body's healing and that I'm taking to food better when I say food and my eating soul but my taste buds are they're getting better because my body is being detox out and I'm not all plugged up with chemicals and preservatives from the foods at a meeting I'm on a raw regimen right now of fruits and vegetables and I had heard that eventually it was going to bring your taste buds back so the way you taste and look at food is going to be differently it's gonna be like a euphoria so surprisingly in order to season up the savory juice I only had to use two teaspoons not tablespoons and a 42 ounce yield of juice pink : saw two tables of brag apple cider vinegar they give it a zest and a tablespoon of Sriracha hot sauce now I'm going to replace in that recipe the Sriracha hot sauce because I'm getting away from the miso paste which is processed with chemicals that blood knows what's in it and then the bullion cubes are probably like bleach in processed salt it isn't certainly no tinkling in salt in it I have to get away from also the Sriracha hot sauce for now because that's probably chemically processed to so can have a longer shelf-life so what I'm gonna do is on Monday because today is Saturday and I'm not gonna go out I got everything for the weekend I'm going to go and get some green jalapenos and what I'll do is I'll substitute contain from the spicy jalapeno because I have the tablespoon of sriracha now on this juice I will if I need to add another tablespoon the Bragg's apple cider vinegar to give it that exists and no you do not taste the taste of apple cider vinegar all you taste is the zestiness from the apple cider vinegar it compliments to drink and it makes it taste delicious so I have 32 ounces left now I made 42 ounces but I drank like two I mean 10 ounces of it sample drink when I chilled it and once he got cold I drank it and I said oh my god it tastes so good so I had to make sure that I had a hundred percent the accurate ingredients so that I can make one every single day now that's something you would want to make fresh let's see if if you're a sweet lover then you could probably go one or two days prepping your juices but for me I look forward to savory so I want my juice to be as fresh and tasty as possible so I probably will make every other day 64 ounces of my savory juice and get away from the broth and miso paste Asian miso paste because it's putting basically toxins back in the body without even realizing it yes it is a liquid but what's inside of it is it's bad sodium and I'm replacing bad sodium with good sodium which is pink relay in salt and I'm very excited about that I don't feel guilty at all there's only two teaspoons of pickling salt and that stuff is good so I don't have to worry about water retention bloat in sodium overload or anything like that so I'm looking forward to for the next 30 days having that for lunch or at night when I want something savory having that juice as something that's on the roster now for me to drink beside vegetable blends so please subscribe to the channel like and share this video and make it a favorite

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