hey guys today is day 96 of my juice fast today I have my hair pinned up a little bit usually when you see me with this bathrobe on but don't don't don't you know quote me on this cuz sometimes you might see me with the bathrobe on on a weekday but it's the weekend I'm winding down you know it's it's at the end of the week where you know I've done all my videos for the week Monday through Friday at least and now I know that it's a weekend and I'm still here doing update videos because I'm doing my accountability videos for myself and also I'm doing videos for you guys but all in all I love doing these update videos I'm starting to see more people responding to me and telling me how I'm inspiring them to get on the juice fast and how they cited the juice fast and you know people are losing tons away and a lot of these people they're not just losing weight because of uh superficial reasons they're losing weight because they have health issues going on with them and they need to lose the weight because a lot of ailments are from weight and weight is compiled of fatty toxin toxins that ultimately cause other problems down the line if you don't correct that so I'm very very very excited that I can be of motivation to a lot of you guys on your journey and I'm trying to be there every step of the way I'm almost done with my journey to a certain extent I always have juicing as part of my lifestyle I'll probably not probably I will have a juice before I break my fast because after I get off of the juice fast I will be doing what I was doing before I started the juice fast and that was intermitting fast is is what short for and so I have decided when I do break the fast I will be doing from 12:00 noon to 5 or 6 o'clock so that's 5 or 6 hours that I will be fast with fasting with like 20 to 19 hours no one are talking about it'll be like 5 or 6 hours so it would be like 19 hours that I will be fasting and in that time period that I will be fast and I have the option to drink water no calories when I'm not eating until I break my fast at 12:00 noon or I can do a dry fast which is even more effective where I don't consume any liquids until 12 o'clock so that would be considered everyday doing a dry fast for 19 to 20 hours and fasting is a very good thing especially if you're doing it in the intimating fast cycle where you do still eat foods and get your energy and your nutrients and all the stuff that the body needs to prepare it so after the fast that's a that's a good option for people who want to do dry fast for optimal healing because dry past is equal to three days of water fast so doing every single day as a lifestyle change up to 20 hours right fast giving yourself a five to a five hour window to eat with 19 to 20 hours of fast is excellent umm which you want to work yourself up to and I had did that the first year that I was introduced in submitting fast was I had broke my fast at noontime and I ate for one hour and I was on a 23 hour fast one meal a day um and I think that I might for the next few months do that but it's not really a big deal at the same time so um there will be days that I'll do one meal a day because you know I know that the longer I fast and you know keep the digestive system clear and cleanse the better benefits that I will get from the fast um so I love intermitting fast I have nothing to say about it I know that when I get on the intimating fast I will be eating relatively my hair looks like a mess even though it's pinned up and away from my face I will be eating fresh fruits and vegetables and proteins and treating myself a few times out the week – I don't want to say a cheat meal because then that means that you're putting restrictions on your life and what you put in your mouth and how you live your life and life is too short to put all these restrictions you end up not sticking to it so I will be incorporating through all my meals a carb but I will eat not as much carbs as a typical person would eat in a day because I know that that's how you bring that Candida that's how people get diabetes and that's how your system gets out of whack when you start adding that element which is sugar it's the other silent killer salt is also a silent killer but I think that if you take away the process salt and just put sea salt and pickling salt I prefer pickling salt into your diet then that's not something you have to worry anymore about being a silent killer is the salt when you start using natural salts in your everyday regimen and seasonings you make your meals yesterday I went out and I had bought like three different seasonings and they're starting to me seasoning mixes in spices with a sea salt I haven't seen too much blends with the pink salt but seesaw is the next go-to for me if I can't get a blend of a seasoning salt with pink : salt sea salt was the best alternative for me so I have found myself a steak seasoning it's all the steak spices but they use sea salt and I also found me another set of garlic salt the bleached and processed one I found a sea salt in garlic so it was it's see it's it's a garlic salt but it's said of having the bleach process all it was um it was sea salt for the garlic salt and so I was very happy to find that and I picked that up spices can be very expensive but one thing I have realized that if you marinate your food overnight or for a few hours the the salts and the spices can penetrate through the meat and the vegetables and you can basically use less of you know sodium because as we all know it does make our food taste good but we don't want to have a lot of it so you can cut down by doing that so that is a big budget saver so with that all being said today is day 96 of my juice fast I will see you on day 97 have a great day

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