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Glam Glow's Lips Plumper Will give you the perfect pout without any filler injection and the winner is Hira Gulzar and watch today's video carefully because I am about to give you in this month of giving Amazing Becca Highlighter What is the question? for that Happy Ramadan!! and Welcome back We are going to chat about What is my routine like during Ramadan What I eat or drink I will tell you everything After all during Ramadan you can't lie so there's nothing I can hide I have to tell you everything

On thing which is really like my best friend throughout the year -11 months and if I don't see it first thing when I wake up in the morning My day just won't start What is that thing

and after those 11 months and this one month -The month of Ramadan I hide it from my viewinside the closet or even locker I just hide it

guess what is that? and this is the thing can you see it I throw this thing out this month How much I gain weight Usually I am really obsessed even gaining two pounds got me to freak out So during this month

I don't check my weight I don't count calories I eat whatever I feels like Even though I craved for few things But I have craving for same thing daily This is a Ramadan craving I have since childhood That I want to eat Samosas I want to eat chaat no matter what Slightly

how I try to keep my craving healthy along with this what are all those (shabat-afshan) exquisite drinks Ashan-There's was this soap that use to come to TV It was a very good show- Afsha So sharbat-Afsha (exquisite drinks) That I take both at the dawn and the sunset I am going to show it to you in a while then you will know what I am talking about I will share the recipe So, we will start from breaking of the fast Instead of the starting of the fast I think

the day actually start with the breaking of the fast! After breaking your fast with a date I usually am feeling very thristy at that time This is my exquisite drink I put Basil seed in it Seed are very small and they get quickly plump in Seed swell up so quickly when the seed is swell up I put half low fat milk and half water to swell the seed

you have to put them in slight hot water take it in small quanity otherwise you will have too much Then I add RoohAfza or Jamm-e-Shireen I don't like it with plain water I take it with Milk and Basil seed The more the basil the better I drink little bit of that I don't just break my fast with water After that I am in love with Somoasas and Chaat and I eat this daily you might be thinking

Somoasas is fattening but I take four small ones When I was a kid

I used to have 12 12?? At that ageone have less wisdom

and don't really gain weight But 12? But now I just cut it down to 4 and I have one great bowl of yogurt Plum-chatni Aliya used to make the paste from me I took it with me Aliya my friend I put crunchy thing what you call it? Dahi phulki ? I don't put the soggy one I put the crispy crunchy one and there's these samosas Apart form this if there's some Dinner A lot of families

have dinner so if there's dinner I take little bit of this and that and even if I go out I request them to bring me some spicy yogurt and somosas- type thing and now the Sharbat-e-Asha After having this I offer my prayer I take the nap Kitchen will get clean in little while don't worry Put the tape in kids mouth and tell them strictly

No one going to make noise Even though you don't have to But Not more nor less it has to be 45 min nap Put the alarm

because if you over slept you feel start to feel bad As soon as I wake up I am sorry to say thisBut you really can't make espresso at home For this you have to work hard If you have good machine at home then you can make it I go to costa which is 20 or maybe 15 mins away from my home When I go there my double shot of espresso is already ready I make the gesture the girl there know me You try it yourself

I am sure you will be like "Nadia you help me wake up I don't take Red bull or other vitamins It is called espresso shot and the single shot is this much and double shot is this much And when they freshly made coffee right there It's equal to nearly five kicks – you felt you got at the back Not one but you keep getting the double triple kicks After that I I come come relax

I pray after that I am awake till very late Butsocializing with people having chit chat before dawn I do that little bit We called this Majalis (gathering) here A lot of time men go to men only majalis (gathering) Girls sometimes gathered at one place then there's couples's get together After this between 11-12 am I have one full bowl of fruit chaat I don't add sugar in it it has banana in it

peaches, pomegranate, mangoes, and there's some orange juice in it salt, little bit of chaat masala After eating this I will have my pre-dawn meal One day by mistake I had shake shack burger in my pre-dawn meal Honestly it hurt here it hurt very strongly here I can't able to sleep whole night felt like someone was suffocating me after having pre-dawn meal and after offering my prayer

my condition started to get worse and I take an oath to not have burger in my pre-dawn meal ever again I realised that day

your pre-dawn meal what you eat The food you take your whole fast depends on it and it determine how's your overall health going to be Eating heavy meat having burgers Even the oily breads and the things which dries your mouth you should not be having them Especially- just forget about burgers What I prefer for pre-dawn meal is yogurt with more fruits and on the top of it little cereal like granola and put walnuts and have full bowl at pre-dawn meal I have these for 4 days only day 5 and 6

I have some oily bread and nihari Home-made nihari home-made nihari don't have fat the one I make at home be it any curry available at home I avoid lentils

because it makes me thirsty Overall something really lights for 4 days and for 2 days even if I have something heavy it really doesn't matter and after this

third day is left in which I can be little careless like I did last time and lastly after meal I have my sharbat-e-Afsha (exquisite juice) Basil seed Apart form this whole time from breaking of the fast till pre-dawn meal I finished two bottles – like these Don't forget to drink Water Most of the people

forget to drink water Drinking water is very Important I hope you like today's video I am going to ask you a question now Most of the people usually men who keep fast and later they scold and insults their wife and kids let their frustration out at offices starts to yell at the traffic and curse at the cars passing by and what is the use of their fasting? So be careful even when you get angry A lot of people have asked me about highlighter in my previous video and the highlighter is of Becca and I will ask you a question tell me what you think what is the one thing that we have to eat or drink so that we don't gain weight yet it keeps you and it should be nutritious and good what might be food or drink- which is like that? share it because when people will read comments they will learn something so that there's interaction between us

so that our connection builds up Wouldn't it be better and you guys are so smart and learn so much I should learn something from you guys too and how is your preparation for eid is going? Shaadi season is coming tell me who among you are getting married soon? They should get some special gift too from outstyle

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