DIY Back To School Bento Snack Boxes! Easy Healthy Recipes!

(upbeat music) – Hey Munchies Depending on where you live, many of you are getting back into the swing of things with school and many of you have requested more no-bake bentos and snacks

So I've got three fun boxes with tons of ideas coming your way And remember to mix and match to make your own snack boxes Let's get to the first box (upbeat music) I'm starting with some simple spiced nuts or seeds that require no oven Instead of baking the nuts to get the flavor, I'm simplifying this recipe for those times when you're in a pinch or when you're just feeling a little lazy, totally allowed

I'm starting with roasted cashews and pumpkin seeds today but you can use any nuts or seeds that you prefer Using nuts that are already roasted will help with flavor here too since we aren't baking them Toss with a little coconut oil Triple filtered for less coconut flavor and then season I used garlic powder and sea salt but you could use cinnamon sugar, onion powder and dried thyme

Whatever is vibing with you And into the box it goes to snack on later I've also got one of my favorite snacks lately: coconut In its whole foods form It's of course nutritious but also super tasty

Naturally sweet, crisp, and satisfying Bring on the health benefits Next up, if you want something green that isn't a snackable vegetable, make hummus Edamame hummus adds a fresh element using a bean that'll take on almost any flavor beautifully and add a nice heap of protein to your snack In a food processor, I add shelled edamame, fresh basil, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini, water, cumin, and salt and pep

Blend it up (upbeat music) Serve however you'd like but in this box I'm going with seed crackers for dipping Although that coconut would definitely work as the dipper too This hummus is actually one of my favorite dip recipes It's fresh, light and savory, and I love the protein boost

As a sweet treat, I'm using mini frozen waffles You can toast them up or simply thaw them and enjoy Along with some strawberries on a skewer Food on a stick is always a blast You can serve with a side of maple syrup or for easy packing, you can sprinkle with powdered sugar

It may not stay white and powdery for packing purposes but the flavor will still be there This will make it easier to pack and will still add a touch of sweetness without overdoing it (upbeat music) And that is box number one Our second box continues the fun (upbeat music) I'm starting with some of Sunsweet's fruit packs

Sunsweet fruit packs are perfect on the go snacks or addition to a lunchbox They're available with Sunsweet Amazin prunes, dates, and apricots And I love that they're made with 100% real fruit with no added sugar or sweeteners Sunsweet dried fruit is always plump and delicious These packs are also pre-portioned at only 50 to 60 calories

Perfect for a quick, easy, and nutritious energy boost that will keep you going I've loved Sunsweet prunes and dates for years but I personally didn't know how tasty the apricots were They might actually be my favorite yet Thank you so much to Sunsweet for partnering with me to make this video possible (upbeat music) next we've got some easy cereal treats that require no baking

I combine cereal I used toasted oats cereal and crispy rice cereal which are both great lower sugar options and gluten free, but you can use whatever you like On a stove, which is not baking, I melt almond butter and brown rice syrup until integrated You can use honey or maple syrup but brown rice syrup is stickiest so it holds together best Stir in the cereal and then transfer it to a dish lined with foil or parchment and allow to firm up before slicing into bars

They'll firm up more quickly in the fridge but can also sit at room temperature, making them perfect for an on the go snack for later They're sweet but balanced out by the savory almond butter and the crispy texture is just what you're looking for in a cereal bar For some added protein in this box, I'm adding skewers with organic deli turkey and blackberries A nice, sweet and savory pairing that boosts nutrition (upbeat music) I love how simple this box is but it's still sure to satisfy my snacking needs

If you're enjoying this episode, don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell so you can be notified of new videos Onto the third no bake bento box (upbeat music) I'm starting with more food on a stick Hot dogs are almost always already cooked and are great cold straight out of the package making for an easy protein option and I tried to choose a cleaner option without all of the preservatives or fillers Fill them with cheese for a boost in protein and fat

Today I went with chicken dogs but turkey, beef, or your favorite plant based ones will work just fine too I've also got raspberries that I'm stuffing with nuts I went with peanuts because they fit just perfectly but you can use whatever you prefer or have on hand Get creative For a more indulgent option, these are also great stuffed with chocolate chips which I've shared before

Next up, cream cheese stuffed peppers I'm using a piping bag to pipe the cream cheese into the peppers but you can totally just spoon it down in there too You can also use hummus if preferred Even the edamame hummus we made earlier Do whatever works for you or whoever is gonna be eating this box

It's a fun and easy way to include some extra veggies Last, another no bake sweet Chocolate chip banana cookie bites I combine mashed banana, cashew butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt I really think cashew butter adds to the cookie taste but you could use peanut or almond butter if you prefer

Add in coconut flour and mix to integrate and then stir in some mini chocolate chips To roll the mixture into balls, I use a small cookie scoop to help me out with the portioning and then refrigerate until firm These look just like cookie dough and taste like it too And the natural sweetness from that hint of banana is so delicious These might be my favorite little bites yet

And those are my no back back to school snackable bentos You've got a lot of ideas you can run with here Take what you like and leave what you don't My goal is to give you inspiration so that you can get a little more excited about your own healthy food So don't feel like you have to recreate what I've done

Add any of these ideas to your own mix Thumbs up if you like these kinds of episodes It really gives me good feedback I appreciate all of you I will see you next week with a brand new episode and remember, it's all a matter of mind over munch

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