Easy Fruity Ice Cream Recipe For Kids At Home & Healthy Ice Cream Making

Hi Guys, today I am in Kitchen I will do something today

The one I like the most is the one candy so I'm going to make an ice cream today And here are the ingredients and machines we will use These are the ingredients Four pieces of bananas Two packs of whipped cream

And three packets of cream stiff And pudra sugar We still need a bowl, a mixer I push the ingredients aside And the most important thing is ice cream maker

We have to cut the bananas and you need an adult or the help you cut And the bananas have to we are here in the mixer reintun so that he is the prisst And, let's start The bananas are ready for pressing Yes, guys

The bananas are ready now The bananas are ready I put that aside and now we will mix the creamstiff and whipped cream Now we need this bowl This part and this part here

And my shirt can get dirty my pineapple can get dirty so I need adult help The whipped cream is ready now And the bananas are ready now And we have to mix the two with these machines then stop here then the ice cream is ready And we'll mix them with this machine and the ice cream will end

(will be ready) When we power on the machine and when we plug in the cable that's gonna be ice cream So that ice cream is now finished He has to stay in a freezer for one night And so tomorrow I can eat that

The ice cream is ready now and then I want to serve So I like when I eat the ice cream with coconut and chocolate I think, it tastes delicious If you have that you can also use it that it is delicious

And, yes let's serve That tastes delicious Yeah guys, this video is over now And do not forget to subscribe to my channel 🙂 Write what you think about this video in comments 🙂 Do not forget to like 🙂 And enjoy your meal Ciao

Until the next video

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