Eating & Juicing With The Seasons

Drew: So where did the inspiration come from being a gnome? Girl: My Family Drew: Family? Are they all gnomes? You're like the tallest gnome I've ever seen Girl: I know

Mission today FitLifer is what is seasonal eating? What are some of the benefits of seasonal eating not only from a nutrient perspective but environmental perspective We want to start thinking outside ourselves right? I know I do I know you do We just got back from Hawaii so now were going to go invade the streets of Sunny San Diego and were going to ask some people here what they think Russy what's your favorite seasonal veggie huh? What's your favorite seasonal veggie? Pumpkin

Really? Pumpkin? Drew: I got a question for you my man Guy 1: What's up? Drew: Seasonal Eating I know you got subway What do you know about it? Nothing about seasonal eating? Guy 1: I assume there are different types of foods for different seasons? Drew: there you go Do you know what kind of foods there are? Like especially in like winter months and anything like that

Guy 1: I don't know Soup? Drew: Soup? There you go Root vegetables Say it

Guy 1: Root Vegetables Drew: Perfect Nice job my man Way to go Guy 1: thanks Drew: Excuse me my man

I know you're in the middle of a work, but we have to ask five people this question in the next minute Can you help me? What's your definition of seasonal eating? Guy 2: Seasonal eating? Depending on the time of year Drew: ok Do you know what's in season right now? Guy 2: Season would be Right now More of a meats and potatoes Drew: You're good man Thank you I appreciate it

Guy 2: yeah Drew: what are all these stuff? Guy 2: laundry stuff Drew: oh ok So this isn't going in the food in Lucky's or anything like that? Drew: uh oh! Look who it is? Miriam: Enrique was just asking me about you! I swear! Drew: this is where you can come in San Diego and meet one of my favorite people on the planet Miriam: oh thank you Drew

Drew: Miriam And she knows a lot about eating healthy Miriam: oh yes Drew: hey tell them what seasonal eating is all about Miriam: seasonal eating? Hahahahaha Drew: what do you know about it? Miriam: Well, that's when you eat the vegetable that is out in the farms

Drew: so what's in right now? Miriam: what's in right now? I know about fruits I know berries are out Blackberries Pomegranate Oranges

Drew: yup In san Diego Miriam: In San Diego Drew: alright? You look great by the way You've been good? Miriam: thank you

Yeah Good Drew: we missed you Cory: hi FitLife! Drew: Cory! She's here as well What's the definition of seasonal eating? We're taking a survey

Cory: what's the definition of it? Drew: You know this Look at her skin She's glowing right now She's been eating seasonally

Cory: You know fruits are in season so that's what you eat Drew: what about veggies too? Cory: Veggies too Drew: so what's in season right now? Cory: I don't know Hahahaha That's pretty sad, right? Drew: so, root vegetables? Cory: root vegetables

Drew: black berries Cory: black berries Drew: carrots Cory: carrots Drew: Brussel Sprouts Cory: Brussel Spouts Drew: there you go Cory: there you go

Drew: so should we make a juice recipe? With all seasonal veggies? Cory: of course! Drew: alright! That's what I'm going to do right now Good to see you! Cory: Bring it back so we can try it! Drew: alright! you're going to try it? Cory: Yeah! Drew: It will blow you away! I'm meeting my friend Dana in a little bit here from Specialty Produce Do you guys get stuff from Specialty? I think you do Cory: No Drew: they're great here at San Diego We're going to make the juice recipe and we're going to bring it back for you to try it

Cory: alright! Drew: and we'll have people try it too Cory: Sure! Drew: alright! Cool! I'll see you in a sec Drew: this definitely is not in season Anywhere Miriam what is this? I'm going to confiscate this Miriam: Hahahaha Alright Drew

Drew: alright See you later! Drew: you guys want some candy? Drew: I got a question for you guys I'll run with you What's the definition of seasonal eating? Guy: What is the definition of seasonal eating? Drew: seasonal eating Guy: when the weather gets cold, you eat more Girl: nooooooo Drew: ok I like that

That's good What else? What's in season right now? Girl: eating stuff in season is eating stuff relating to the holiday Drew: oh related to holiday so what would it be? What's in season? Girl: Pumpkins? Drew: nice! Two points

What else? Girl: pumpkin pies Candy Cookies Drew: candy? Cookies? Girl: hahahaha Drew: how's that in season? Girl: Cause it's Halloween Season

Drew: Alright! Goodluck to you guys! Guy: alright! See yah! Drew: go for time Drew: Alright Fitlifers Drew Canole I'm here with my good friend Dana

Dana: what's up?! Drew: You may have seen here on one of our past shows She's back! And ready to tackle seasonal eating and seasonal juicing At the end of this video, we're going to be giving away a $400 Jay Kordich Powergrind Pro so make sure you leave a comment below Fitlifer You want a juicer? Dana: I do Drew: Leave a comment

Alright so here we go This week's video we're talking about seasonal eating and juicing Well, at Specialty Produce I know you guys have tons of vegetables that are in season right here right now Let's talk about some of them Dana: Lots of selection make all of your fall stuffs

Sweet potatoes, pears, apples, carrots We got celery We have some ginger And what is our secret ingredient? Drew: our secret ingredient for this is we're going to make a little nutmilk You know a lot of people have written in and then they were like Drew, what kind of juice can I have in the winter to really fill me up and make sure that I feel good about what I'm juicing? Were going to make some little omega-3s with the beta-carotene which helps transport it as vitamin A you want the vitamin A for your eyes and if you look at the signature of a carrot the reason is so good for your eyes

Dana: cause it looks just like them Drew: there you go! So this juice recipe is going to be absolutely amazing We're going to make about 64oz after this recipe we're going to take it down and see what people think about this juice recipe in the streets Dana: taste-testing

Drew: have we ever done taste-testing before? Dana: I don't think so Drew: First you're going to taste it Dana: I will Drew: I'm going to taste it

May is going to taste it Charles is going to taste it And if you were here you would taste it So, seasonal juicing, seasonal eating why do we do it? Well, May mentioned earlier it's because we want to support our local farmers That's the big thing

Ok guys? We don't want our stuffs flying over from China wandering where it's been made? Dana: less carbon footprint Drew: yeah! Less Carbon footprint all of that good stuff You're not only supporting your farmer but there's more hydration in it Ok? When you juice and you're getting stuff from your local farmer it doesn't take long to get here You're not losing hydration

They say two weeks in you've already lost 50% of the liquid inside it when you're juicing it Dana: and the nutrients Drew: yeah and the nutrients So, that's a big deal for us juicers we're really trying to juice as much out of life right? Dana: right! Drew: so, let's get on with this recipe We got 8 stalks of celery

Dana: we got 2 cucumbers Drew: and we got carrots Dana: 3 sweet potatoes, some pears Drew: we got some pears 2 or 3 pears What kind of pears are these? Dana: these are Warren Pears They are from Frog's Hollow

Awesome! Seasonal! Drew: seasonal? And why do we want these pears as opposed to regular pears? Dana: they are not too sweet but they are really good for juicing They are crisp, they got a lot of liquid in them Drew: yeah! And Dana mentioned this is going to warm the flavor of the juice as well Dana: yeah! I've got a lot of warm seasonal stuffs All these seasonal stuffs its more affordable why if I, your seasons looks usually it's growing right now

Yams, pears, carrots all these stuffs is perfect for fall Drew: so you think it's less expensive? Dana: absolutely! Drew: so when people complain about prices to juice They're like I can't afford the juice Dana: here's your answer! Drew: this is the answer? Dana: yeah! Drew: at the end of this video like we mentioned, we're giving away a juicer And also, we have a quiz

We just built a quiz online Have you taken our quiz? Dana: I have not! Drew: alright you got to take our quiz Dana: do I need to study? Drew: let's get on with this recipe Dana: let's do it! Let's juice it Dana: you want to try it out? Drew: oh my god it's so good

Girl: what is it? Drew: now you're golden Try this It's a you got to guess

Girl: fruits? Drew: it's a seasonal juice Dana: do you want to try it too? Drew: now try some juice? Dana: would you like a little glass? Drew: come on, you guys got to to try Dana: this could be really good Drew: you like it? You want a refill? You ladies want some juice? Ladies: no thanks Drew: alright! So three of the ingredients ok? And we're we're going to give you a million dollars

Ok? John Charles is going to give you a million dollars First of, could you drink this on a daily basis? Cory: yeah! Drew: it's good huh? Man: it's pretty good Woman: it is good Drew: could you drink it? Man: Absolutely! Woman: yeah! It's creamy, I like it's creamy! Man: it is Drew: yeah! It's very creamy

It's kind of like a filling Man: not bad! Drew: totally Good stuff Thanks for rockin this out Let's put it on the menu

Drew: you'll know what this is buddy! Try this You got to guess the flavors in there Man: tastes kind of funny Dana: oh warm and fuzzy you mean? Man: it's ummmm I mean, not bad but

it has all these different types of flavors Dana: what do you say? So what It tastes? Man: I'm not sure, but I think pico de gayo or something? Yeah and a coffee at the end Drew: hahaha coffee at the end? Dana: pico de gayo, coffee Drew: I could see the coffee for chill

yeah yeah! I could it tastes a little bit like coffee Dana: what about like a

Man: and some kind of a chili flavor Drew: Ginger? Dana: Ginger Drew: yeah! Ginger is the spice Dana: pico de gayo? Those flavors? Man: Yeah! Dana: celery that's in there Little pears sweet into that

Drew: what do you think? You like it? On the scale of 1-10 be honest Man: I say like 5 or 6 Drew: you can't win them all FitLifers Right Dana? Drew: cheers! Dana: Cheers Drew: I think people really enjoyed it Dana: I think they did too I really liked it

Drew: I liked it too So welcome to the fall? Dana: welcome to the fall Come visit us Drew: Specialty Produce Dana: yeah! Come visit us at Specialty

Drew: yeah And take the quiz below this video I know you want too So click the link below this video And remember, we're in this together

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