Hey, you guys! I’m Melissa with ATHLEANXX for Women, and today I'm going to show you a workout that is going to help you lose weight fast Let's go

This is how it's going to go down You're going to do a 2 minute countdown of jump rope and I like this jump rope because the handles are weighted If you can find something like that, it's awesome If not, don't worry about it Or if you don’t have a jump rope, give me high knees for two, solid minutes

That's all Just some jump rope Don’t do this Bust it out Let's go

Then you're going to put that down and you're going to give me 20 reps of each of these exercises So I want you to go hard, and go fast, or go home So exercise number one: four strict mountain climbers, four jump lunges 20 reps I put this exercise first because it takes a while to do, and they're tough

So four strict mountain climbers All that is, you're bringing your feet up to your hands One, two, three, four Get up, one, two – notice my back knee – three, four That's one

I want 20 reps I know Just remember, all of these exercises and workouts, I've done So I know exactly how you feel I know you can do it

Exercise number two and three is going to be with a dumbbell, or a kettle bell if you have it We're going to do a snatch So from here, one, two Try to get some heavy weight Three

You're going to go to 20 Then after that, you're going to switch hands After that we're doing two double high knees, two squat jacks So it's here, one, two, two That's one rep

So it's here That was two reps Moving on, yoga pushups I see – I teach a class and sometimes I see people doing them the way that I do them Sometimes they do them a little differently, but I'm trying to get a tricep burn

So if you're doing it your own way, maybe not exactly how I look, but you're getting that tricep burn; good on ya, mate Here we go So what I like to do is: hands under my shoulders, but my elbows are tucked in I dip my hips to the ground, and I look up So this kind of looks like a yoga pose, right? Something like that

You're going to bend your elbows, bring your chin toward the floor, and your hips are going to move up So you're here That's one, two Every now and then I see someone going down a little bit, more into a pushup like that As long as you're burning your triceps, you're not doing anything that's going to injure yourself, we're good

You can also put your knees down So you can go from here, just like that Which, I have to do at times if we're doing 20 reps Usually my last five reps I might be hanging out on my knees Don’t stress about it, just work hard

After that I want curls So I have 15lb weights here If you can go heavier than that, and if you can get the heaviest weights you can, I want 20 curls Keep your elbows in, keep your hands up, and go here, and here Here, and here

Notice I didn't go here Notice I didn't go here And notice I didn’t use my body to thrust it up This is a simple movement You're a quarter from being at the bottom, and a quarter from being up at the top

After that you're going to do a squat and press You can do this with the sandbag that I normally use, or you can keep your weights here, if you're using dumbbells, and you're going to squat, press Squat, press 20 reps That's your last exercise

However, I want you to finish this workout with another 2 minutes of jump rope That is how you can lose weight fast Let's go Awesome job, you guys That is a workout to help you lose weight fast

Also, you have to have your diet on point You can't just do workouts and have your diet be poor Remember that So it's a combination of both Awesome job

I am Melissa with ATHLEANXX for Women, and I will see you guys next time Bye

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