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Hi This is Amitanshu Kumar a Certified Sports Nutritionist from K11 Fitness Academy and today i am going to show you how i cook my favorite Fat Loss Recipe A lot of my Friends had been asking me Amitanshu what's your Diet? How do you loose Fat so fast? So today i am going to show you what my exact Diet is The Recipe that i am going to cook is Scrambled Eggs and Chicken Keema ie

Minced Chicken This recipe is rich in Fats and Proteins and has negligible amount of Carbohydrates I have seen a lot of my Gym Friends who while cutting down ie while loosing Fat go on a High Protein Diet and stop eating Carbohydrates and Fats Well they have stopped eating Carbohydrates thats Good but they have stopped eating Fats that's incorrect, I am not in favor of that

That's unhealthy You must understand that Dietary Fat is very crucial for the proper Functioning of Human Body They have lot's of advantages They are involved in the formation of Brain cells They are involved in the formation of Myalin Sheath, Cell Membrane Your Sex Hormones Testosterone and Estrogen

They are involved in the production of anti-inflammatory, Vitamin D Fat soluble Vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, K Moreover they supply you with 9 kcal of energy per gram which is even more than twice the energy supplied to you by Carbohydrates Avoid eating Carbohydrates, they are not required by your body Glucose is important for your body but for that amount of Glucose you don't need to eat Carbohydrates Your body is capable enough to produce that amount of Glucose via Dietary Fats and Proteins Before i start cooking i must confess that i am one of the most lazy person on this planet and you are gonna believe what i just said when you take a look at the way i cook my Food I keep it very simple so let's get started

I start by melting some butter in microwave in micro mode at 900 power for 40 seconds Then i add 400 grams of minced boneless chicken with skin I add some cloves Ginger Garlic paste Salt Chicken masala Garam masala Cinnamon powder and give them all a good mix Then i add some green chillies for taste as i like medium spicy food and give it all a quick mix Then i put it in microwave in convection mode at 230 power for 15 minutes After 15 mins i take it out and give it a quick mix

Then i put it back into microwave at convection mode at 230 power again for 15 more minutes After 15mins i put the chicken on a heated pan and stir it for sometime to dry out excess water After the water gets evaporated i put the chicken in a bowl and the chicken keema is ready Now for scrambled eggs i start by melting some butter in a pan And i add 12 whole eggs i

e 12 egg whites and 12 egg yolks into it Yes 12 egg yolks! You saw i added 12 whole eggs in my meal, don't worry cholesterol is not gonna kill me If you still think that cholesterol is bad for your health then you must get yourself updated Cholesterol is very essential for your body Go ahead eat 12, 20, 30 whole eggs you are absolutely fine, in fact you are good

Just don't eat Carbohydrates Cholesterol doesn't cause Heart Attack, Carbohydrates are the main culprit behind Heart Attack via the process of GLYCATION I add few green chillies for taste And let the eggs cook at medium heat I give them all a slow stir

When the eggs are done i put them out in my tiffin box Then i add half of the chicken keema i made ie 200g of minced chicken And my entire day's meal of 200g Chicken Keema and 12 whole scrambled eggs is done

So the recipe is done and now it's time to taste It's GoodIt's Good for me Well, I have been eating this for the last three months and i am planning to continue eating this for the next three months

It's a very simple and very effective Fat burning Recipe Well this is my version of Scrambled Eggs and Chicken Keema, you can go ahead make it your own way You can add spices, onions, tomatoes, bellpeppers, capsicum and other stuffs that are allowed on a Ketogenic Diet There is also a misconception amongst people that Ketogenic Diet is not healthy in a long run Well, as i said, it's a Misconception Ketogenic Diet is actually the most healthy diet you can ever follow

My this Diet of 12 whole eggs and 200 g of Boneless Chicken per day is according to my Body requirements ie my Lean Body Calculations For you it will differ, the numbers won't be the same It will depend on your body requirements and your lean body mass calculations, your Workout Intensity

Apart from the recipe that i just showed you I also take supplementation for Vitamins and minerals like Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Multivitamin, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Fish oil & Zinc & Magnesium Apart from this I don't eat anything during my Fat loss process, No Fruits, No Carbohydrates, No Sugar, Nothing If you are eating Fruits on a Fat loss Diet considering them as a source of natural sugar then i must tell you that you are on a wrong track, your body doesn't differentiate between natural sugar & Artificial Sugar, it treats both of them the same way ie with an Insulin spike and Fat Gain So don't do that

So if you liked the video give it a Thums Up, leave some comments below, Subscribe to my channel Keep working out keep improving yourself with me Eat right, Stay focused I will be back with my next Fitness video soon so till then C-Ya!

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