– Three, two, one We are so honored, and we are so happy to have Joy of Jinslingers with us on the show

She is amazing, so creative, incredibly knowledgeable Her recipes sustain us every single day They have this incredible cookbook available on Amazon, and we cook from it all the time And this is one of my favorites We affectionately call them the breads, but they are beyond bread

– Yes, and AnnaBlanca, amazing human, a light worker, a sister girl, and I'm so happy to be here, just really, really happy to be here So what are we doing today? What we're doing today is we're making a coconut flatbread And this flatbread is something that is an answer to people who are vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, or just happy omnivores who want a healthy bread they can make in just a few seconds, literally We're gonna make it right here in front of you We're gonna do it with just a few ingredients

So you aren't gonna be blowing up the kitchen, or opening all kinds of jars We're gonna be able to do this, and it's fat-burning and super food So let's see what we've got here – And it tastes heavenly – If it doesn't taste completely out of the park crazy, then we don't make it

That's how it works So let's start with what our flour is So it's gluten-free and grain-free, so Joy, how do you do that? That is with coconut flour, and this is a sustainably, a sustainably raised coconut flour And that is actually from Nutiva We actually like Nutiva

– Oh, Nutiva is an amazing company – Yes – I love their reputation – It's got a nice little fluffy texture, and we use it in a lot of our different – And I'm matching the bowl We decided that way

– Yes, she's green Our second ingredient, ingredient number two, is psyllium husk So psyllium husk is good, it helps with digestion, it gives you that broom that sweep through the intestine It's all good – Makes you poop

– Fiber when you need it, yes Did you actually say it makes you poop good? – Yes, I said Maybe it was a little bit like under the radar, but you heard me too good – Okay Now, it wasn't Hungarian

You actually said it in English But that's fine Exactly, it actually makes you poop good – I know, right? – So now we've got coconut flour and a little bit of psyllium husk And now we have to give it some Jing

So in here, in this little bowl– – You're speaking the language – That's some maca, that's gelatinized maca This helps to regulate hormones, and you wanna get maca that's gelatinized or prepared As a tine Chinese herbalist, or just an herbalist in general, it was important for me, when I learned, that there's raw maca, and there's maca that's been gelatinized or cooked You want the one that's been gelatinized or cooked

That's the one that you'll be able to get all the nutrients in, so you get more bang for your buck The other thing we have in here is we've got some Celtic sea salt, so we've got all the atomic and monatomic vitamins and minerals from the ocean We also have in here a little bit of black pepper, and the piperine that's in this black organic pepper helps to modulate and bring all these wonderful nutrients into the cell – I put black pepper in everything – And all of your organs will actually absorb it faster because of the pepper

So it modulates And the third thing we have in here is granular garlic, so not garlic powder, not garlic salt, but organic garlic So let's get all that in there And that was, the recipe's in our book This is our quick coconut flatbread

And we're gonna mix all the dry ingredients together And now the star of the show, if you want to make this into a cinnamon bread, you could 86 the savory herbs and use cinnamon or cardamom We're gonna put the star of the show here, which is, this is the rosemary, and it's a fresh rosemary that we actually dry for a little bit, and that's going straight in there, too And that was just two teaspoons And it has eugenol and all these beautiful and amazing volatile oils that really help the system

That's antihistamine, in fact, in the blue zones, especially in Greece, where people live to be more than a hundred, one of the main ingredients they use in pretty much everything is rosemary – Yeah, and I believe it really helps with the nerve regeneration as well – It does, it does So this is coconut oil, it's a little bit of coconut oil, only a quarter of a cup So we're not using a lot of ingredients here

We're gonna be able to feed four people So we've got a quarter cup of coconut oil now in here And the one thing about making breads or pastries, doesn't matter if it's pancakes or, in this case, flatbread, is that gluten-free flours in general are really thirsty flours You're gonna be able to see that in real time when I put the hot water in here So it kind of sucked up the oil, which is nice, 'cause we want the caprylic acid and the capric acid, the lauric acid of that coconut oil working for us

Also, in that coconut oil was an additional teaspoon of- – MCT? – Of brain octane oil, yeah So this makes it a little ketogenic as well Now here comes– – You're hitting all the notes – Now it doesn't look like there's much in this bowl But this is where the magic happens

This is eight ounces of boiling spring water And yes, I said spring water If you're be using any water at all, doesn't matter if you're drinking it or you're using it in a– see how it's just rising to the occasion It looks likes there's way too much And now all of the sudden, we're gonna have this beautiful dough, just like that

– Oh – You need, this is smell-a-vision Jason Wrobel, shout out to brother Jason Wrobel Smell-a-vision is his idea Taste-a-vision, smell-a-vision

You can smell the rosemary, you can smell that garlic Oh my gosh, silliness and– – Oh, and when you bake it, the entire house just filled with that scent Makes me so hungry – Now, see, it's gonna take a couple seconds for it to actually suck up all the rest of that water And rather than take the time to show you how you, the way you make this, now that's it's literally a dough, I'm gonna get my hands in this in just one second

Finish is getting all of that of that moisture – Oh, I can bring the ones in the paper to show you – Well, the ones that are finished, we're gonna look at this guy up here – Yes – So this dough, I'm gonna handle this dough for you first

And, yes, I've washed my hands And, no, I'm not wearing gloves, even thought I cater and I private chef for a lot of red carpet people, a lot of amazing humans, based on being in their kitchen, my hands are super-clean, and I don't need to wear gloves, 'cause we're gonna be eating this So you can just cut this right in half, you can make six breads out of this right with your hands You don't have to roll this, you don't have to use any, yeah, right in your hand Beautiful just like that

And you want it to be about a quarter of an inch thick Any thinner than that, it won't have as much flexibility But these make beautiful– Oops, see, there we go, there we go Really beautiful paninis, it also makes a really good pizza, personal pan pizza, they freeze gorgeous Now you can freeze it just like this

And if you don't have time to do it in a pan,– – I put it in between brown paper, and never make less than quadruple your entire recipe, because we love it that much And then just have them in a box in the fridge, in the freezer, take them out and boom, ready for breakfast within minutes – Yeah, and these are good in toaster ovens when they're done These are good in a bowl Just you put it on parchment just in the oven if you don't have time to watch it

But the way you would get it from this to this is just, in a non-toxic enamel pan, you can do it with just a little bit of coconut oil, or none at all, and do one side and then the other And as it browns evenly, you know it's done As you press on it, you can tell that it's done all the way through So that's what it looks like just before it goes into the pan And then this is what it looks like when it comes out of the pan, ready to eat

– Amazing – And so, for Mother's Day, we could do something This is a little probiotic cheese, this is a cashew cheese This is an entirely vegan meal, which actually works for our Paleo friends as well, 'cause there's no, there's no grains So this is a probiotic cashew cheese that I've gone ahead and put something that we foraged from North Carolina, right from our property, and that's some morels

So I pan sauteed a little bit of morels, and I put them in the cheese with a little bit of CP1 custom probiotics, and the custom probiotics went into the cheese when it was cold, not into the hot pan You don't want that hot, the probiotics in the hot pan Put it into that cashew cheese, and now I've got a gut-building– – Oh my God – Beautiful, probiotic yum-yum, and we're gonna put some pine nuts on here, and a little bit of, if you have sliced avocado, we've got a little bit of avocado dressing to put on here, and some greens – All right, hand it over, woman

I will do the taste testing for everybody – I love to make these beautiful and spiralize some beets and some carrots, and then we're ready to go There we go There we go – Who's envying me now? – That's right

The guys behind, Sage and Jay are behind the camera going, "Is there more?" – Mm Cut, end of the day, thank you, signing up Oh my God, it's so good – So just to recap, we've used literally a half a cup of coconut flour, two tablespoons of psyllium husk, a quarter of a cup of coconut oil, and a cup of boiling water, some Jing herbs to bring you up into that superhero stratosphere, and, uh– – Stratosphere – And you can top this however you want

These are beautiful, stick 'em in the freezer like you said, they're good for a couple of, actually a couple weeks in the freezer – Or in the fridge a couple of weeks They don't go bad – Yeah, they don't go bad Probably because the coconut oil

And they keep that beautiful, bendable, it's almost like a pita, only it's more tender than the pita, it has a lot more flavor And you can swing those sweet as well Like I said, you can take out the– – Garlic? – The spices and the garlic, and do cinnamon and a little bit of lakanto We're gonna do that next in our next little segment, we're gonna do some ice cream So there you have it

You've got a beautiful little tea sandwich, or a bread, this is good for tailgate or Mother's Day, you choose There you go

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