Fat Burning Foods For Men – Top 15

Fat Burning Foods For Men – Top 15

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Men’s bodies are different from women’s and require different nutrients in different ratio’s for optimal performance. In this video I share with you the top 15 fat burning foods for men. Each of these are loaded with essential nutrients that burn fat, build muscle and boost testosterone. Here’s the list:

Lean Meats: Turkey, steak, chicken breast, eggs
Secret weapon: protein
keeps you feeling fuller longer
increase caloric expenditure
boosts metabolic rate
controls appetite

Whole-grains: Oats, cereal, bread & pasta
Secret weapon: complex carbohydrates and fiber
boosts metabolism by reducing insulin levels
keeps you feeling fuller for longer
regulates blood sugar levels

Fresh fish: Tuna, sardines, salmon, mixed nuts
Secret weapon: omega 3
lowers leptin (hormone) for increased fat burn
improved heart health
improved brain power
regulates blood sugar and insulin

Drinks: Green tea
Secret weapon: ECGC
increased brain activity = higher calorie burn
anti-aging properties
high levels of disease fighting antioxidants

Drinks: Coffee
Secret weapon: caffeine
increased heart rate = burn more calories
improved mental ability
increased endurance and workload capacity

Peppers and chile’s
Secret weapon: caspaicin (compound found in spicy food)
increased heart rate = higher calorie burn
increased thermogenic effect = increased metabolic rate

Natural yoghurt + Berries
Secret weapon: protein + low GI carbohydrates + fiber
Keeps you feeling fuller for longer
increase calorie burn
boosts metabolic rate
controls appetite

Fat Burning Foods For Men – Top 15

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