Fat Burning – How to Reduce Neutral Fat – Neutral Fat Foods

Food to reduce neutral fat Recently, many people have been diagnosed as a very neutral fat

neutral fat is a type of fat – which exists in the blood In many cases, triglycerides are related with high cholesterol levels You must be firm in your cholesterol – so do not causes cardiovascular diseases or pancreatitis, among other diseases Here we start with good food and customs – which you need to avoid to reduce neutral fat Bad food for the body: First of all, let's avoid being said to be "bad" fats in ordinary meals

It is a saturated fatty acid or trans fatty acid – and it is contained in the following animal and vegetables food: Instant food: In general, it is made of poor quality oil and cooked at a high temperature Fat contained in meat, dairy products, Margarine and butter: Although margarine is vegetable, it becomes a very healthy food that is very trans fatty acids, especially during processing, especially on the quality of its material While butter is animals, it is much more body-friendly than margarine If you choose, you can choose butter and use it a little bit Cream – cream sauce, flaxseed oil, Pastry bread: Not only does it contain a large amount of saturated fatty acids, but also healthy flour and sugar uses a lot

Processed meat – (especially fat-rich), Foods with hydrogenated oil: When you buy food, make sure the ingredient looks on the back As you can see, many Bad oils are hidden in the body Good for the body: Not all fat is bad for your health The body must have fat as well as carbohydrates – and proteins Let's take a good fat and healthy fat for you body

Foods with healthy fat are as follows: Dried fruit: Not only fat but also an abundant dietary fiber a mineral Avocadopeer: It is nutritious and healthy fruit In order to better absorb better fat, it is recommended to eat seed Please take these foods in appropriate amounts every day Especially if you're worried – over weight is recommended

For example, I think dry fruit is easy to even take a small amount Let's eat a daily pick up as a guideline If you take food you introduced along with carbohydrates – and protein, the admission rate will be higher Whole grain flour: Whole grain flour is also effective for reducing neutral fat – compared to the following : wheat, rice, oatmeal, tortillace, quinoa, Bread made with rye, oats, buckwheat, etc

is also healthy For example buckwheat flour can be used instead of corn flour when crepes, such as French esophagus Fat-rich fish and shellfish: When consuming animal protein it's better to fish as meat, especially omega-3 to choose fatty acid-rich fats like the following Salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardyn, Fruits and vegetables: Also eat fruits and vegetables every day, You can eat rich dietary fiber Seasonal items are especially recommended

It is ideal to take at least 5 items a day because it can be raw or heated Particularly recommended green leafy vegetables – (spinach, broccoli, arukara etc), citrus fruit – (oranges, lemons , Grapefruit, lime etc) and apple If it is an organic apple, it has an effect on the skin

Juice made with fruit and vegetables: To reduce neutral fat, skimmed milk and low fat fat is recommended In addition, juice made from raw vegetables – and fruit is also effective Fruit juice is very natural, zero cholesterol, has a high nutritional value, can take dietary fiber You can buy it or do it yourself It can not be used just for drinking – but also for sauces

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