FOOD THAT BURN YOUR FAT FAST , lose weight by these FAT BURNING foods (eng sub ),URDU ,HINDI

salam to all I am Dr salma waqas today I am going to discuss 7 foods that help in weight loss eating fish leads to lose weight fast reason is that ,we have to burn calories to digest fish also decrease food craving it is rich source of omega 3 fatty acid rich in protein so fill our stomach for longer time decrease hunger daily use of nuts ( a handful ) also prevent from obesity prevent overeating ,rich source of magnesium so act as mood stabilizer better sleep decrease stress nuts are anti inflammatory decrease body swelling daily 100 mg calcium leads to cut down fat from belly up to one inch it means one glass of milk daily egg white is high in protein use egg white in your breakfast to lose more weight you will feel full for even longer period of time so lead to lose weight leafy greens for example spinach lead to decrease weight because prevent from bloating these are rich source of potassium prevent sodium accumulation in body cucumber also burns fat contain high water content removes excess salts from body citrus fruits also decrease bloating these are rich in potassium decrease inflammation make your body slim this was all about weight reduction by foods SHARE ,LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE

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