Fresh Carrot Juice – Best Bang for the Buck to Build Your Health

This is John Kohler with discountjuicerscom, today I have another exciting episode for you and what we’re going to talk about today is one of my favorite juices, especially when I first got started into juicing many, many, many, many years ago, I can remember my parents actually bringing out our old school centripetal non-ejection juicer and making carrot juice in there and just loving it as a child

I think every kid should be exposed to carrot juice, especially because of all its nutrition In any case, some people may have heard “Carrot juice is so high in sugar” Well yes, carrot juice does have more sugar in it that’s more readily absorbed than a whole carrot does, but I want to remind you guys, good, better, best, right? A glass of carrot juice is going to probably have about half as much sugar as a soda So if you’re like “Carrot juice has a lot of sugar,” and then you grab a soda and drink it, dude you’re drinking twice the amount of sugar in the soda In addition if you’re like “Carrot juice has a lot of sugar,” and then you’re just drinking an orange juice, orange juice also has more sugar in it than the same amount of carrot juice, so I want you guys to be aware of that

If carrot juice is going to allow you to eat something healthier, such as more fruits and vegetables instead of your normal whatever you eat, for example, a donut, or a carrot juice, what’s healthier? Of course the carrot juice What’s healthier, some bread or some carrot juice? I choose the carrot juice you know? I always want to encourage you guys to just take your diet to the next level and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, whether they’re fresh, whole, juiced or blended, fresh fruits and vegetables in my opinion are the way to go and that’s why I like the juicers, because the juices allow you to get more of the good stuff, the vegetables especially, in you, because most people wouldn’t sit here and eat a couple of pounds of carrots, but you can easily juice them, get them into the glass, and have that in an easily [inaudible] form So once you juice the carrots you no longer have to chew, the fiber is what holds your body back from digesting all the nutrition in the carrots, and that’s why I like to remove the fiber, because as Jay Kordich, formerly known as the Juice Man said, it’s the juice of the fiber that feeds you And Jay actually got me started on my healthy diet and lifestyle kick that I’m now on, that I now have the opportunity to share with you because I almost lost my life when I was younger due to a life-threatening illness called spinal meningitis and complement immune deficiency In any case let’s talk more about the carrot

So number one reason why I like the carrots is because they are the least expensive fruit or vegetable that I have found to juice If you go to the store carrots are usually the lowest priced vegetable you can find Sometimes I’ve seen them lately for as low as 19 cents a pound You always want to buy organic carrots whenever possible and if you can afford it That being said, non-organic carrots, juicing them are far better than still the coffee, the soda, or processed and bottled non-organic juices

I always encourage you guys to make foods fresh yourself at home using the real stuff, maybe even growing your own produce if you can Because fruits and vegetables have the highest level of nutrition and we want to get it in their peak state, not already processed, not already bottled up for you, because when they do that they have to use heat to pasteurize it to kill off the enzymes and also the bacteria in there to make it a shelf-stable process, and when they do that you lose nutrition So by purchasing your own carrots and juicing them yourself or better yet growing them yourself, you’re going to have the highest level of nutrition so you can be the highest level of person you can be So let’s talk about the carrots, what we have here is a bag of hydro cooled organic juice carrots, and this is my favorite brand, this is actually called the Bunny Love brand Now the Bunny Love brand is made by Grimmway Farms in Bakersfield, and they have extremely sweet carrots

Number one they probably have a specific variety of carrot that’s unique to them, because some carrots that I’ve juiced even if organic have tasted like dirt and taste like crap, like no good to me But these guys taste really sweet and I’d much rather drink some carrot juice made with the Bunny Love carrots than milk any day because they’re just far sweeter, and just taste, and it’s so much more satisfying to me That being said you want to buy carrots in bulk if you’re going to be juicing them, because you’re going to save money Ask at your local health food store for the juice carrots in the 25 pound bag, that’s what this is here, I get a little workout while I’m doing it And my trick is once you buy the carrots you want to come home and wash them, I like to brush them off with a little vegetable brush just under the water and scrub them down, but not remove the skin, remember most of the nutrients are contained within or near the skin on these and if you do buy conventional carrots you may want to peel them, as conventional carrots are probably in the middle of the clean 15 in dirty dozen [inaudible] right in the middle

So I do encourage you guys to buy organic whenever possible, or better yet grow your own And if you are going to grow your own, I encourage you grow heirloom varieties of carrots We all think of carrots as being orange, carrots come in many other different colors – red, yellow, purple, even white carrots So grow your own, heirloom carrots or if you can afford to find them, buy them in the different colors because they have all different levels of carotenoids and nutrition that’s really good for you that you’re not getting in the standard orange carrots So yeah, buy in bulk to save some money, let’s go ahead and put that over there, now that is still fairly expensive to buy this way, the cheapest way to buy organic carrots that I’ve found is in 10 pound bags, and these are a little bit lighter

And these guys are actually from the local Costco, most Costco’s and maybe other warehouse club stores may sell organic carrots like this, and they’re normally around 50 cents a pound so that’s actually the lowest price for any organic food I’ve found So what I like to do is I like to bring these home, top them, meaning cut off the tops and then wash them and put them in a plastic tote in the fridge so that at any time I can pull that tote out and just put them through the juicer and have fresh juice I want to make it easy and convenient for you guys to make these foods that are so healthy for you I mean it’s easy to go in the fridge, pop the top off a soda and drink it, but once you got the carrots prepped bring it out, put them through the juicer, this juicer’s self-feeding that’s why I like this machine Make a glass and drink it, clean the juicer, takes me less than three minutes, and boom you’re done, onto the next thing you need to do and you’re all fueled up with some of the best foods on earth

So without further ado let’s go ahead and get into the carrot juicing We got the carrots here that are already pre-washed and I cut all the tops off already And the one thing you want to do is you see the top there, you always want to cut this guy off right here, just cut it off like that, because on the top there sometimes there’s mold and bacteria and dirt in there It’s just kind of gross and you don’t want to be juicing that stuff So I cut that off

Now one of the biggest benefits to me of the carrots are the carotenoids and more in general the antioxidants and phytochemicals and phytonutrients in the carrots It’s reported to help maybe clean your liver, allow you to have cleaner skin, like blemish-free skin It also has reported, in some cases people use this to heal cancer and whatnot You have to look further into that, I’m not making any medical claims, you have cancer or other illness please consult your medical practitioner Although I do know that there’s a therapy called the Gerson therapy where it’s actually have to do down in Mexico where they give people carrot juice and apples, and they heal people from cancer from what I’ve read online

And there’s actually a really good documentary online about Gerson therapy that you may want to watch as well if you’re interested in that But carrots are a wealth of nutrition, besides the beta carotene there’s vitamin E and for me the carrots are all about the minerals I mean these are root vegetables They grow beneath the soil, and that’s where a lot of the nutrition is stored that feeds the green tops up above Now if you do have the green tops yes, you can juice the green tops as well

If you are juicing them in the Vert you will need to cut them up into eighth inch pieces for best results and alternate feeding the tops plus the carrots, that’ll help push the pulp through the machine If you are considering the Omega Vert Juicer I do recommend you watch my video “Best Practices Omega Vert” to find out specifically to use this so that you get the best results One of the problems with the Omega Vert is that it does tend to make a pulpier juice than other juicers, plus the ejection port can get clogged up if you’re not using it properly That being said I am using this juicer today because it runs at a low 80 rpms Many of the other videos you may see on YouTube are high-speed juicers that have three inch wide feed chutes and they’re shoving five carrots in there at once and it just comes out really fast, and you know those juicers are good if you want speed and all, but in my opinion, they’re not so good if you want nutrition

And I’m all about juicing for nutrition, juicing for the health benefits and not just doing it to be done fast While this is fairly fast, it also runs at a lower rpm which is going to preserve more nutrition in the juice, because actually that’s what I’m after in the end And some of the research I’ve seen suggests that low-speed juicers can pull out 50% more of the nutrients So while you may be done faster you may be losing 50% of the nutrients in the pulp because they’re not getting extracted into the glass, and that means you’re not going to drink them So without further ado let’s go ahead and turn this machine on, and this is how easy it is to juice in the Omega Vert

Number one you will not be using the pusher, just dump the carrot in there and check it out It’s literally self-feeding And once that one goes through you’re going to put the next one in As you can see we’re getting some delicious carrot juice out here, and then we’re getting the carrot pulp there, let’s go ahead and put another one in I mean this couldn’t be any simpler to do this, and in no time at all we’re going to have a delicious glass of fresh carrot juice to drink

One of the things I want to mention is when buying carrots to juice in the Omega Vert it’s far better get a skinny diameter carrots that you can because they’re going to be more easily juiced than nice fat carrots Here’s a fat diameter carrot these are skinny carrots The fat carrots – oh it barely fits in the feed chute, and if you do you can’t feed it in really fast because it may stop up the juicer, but actually that one was all right So I like to get the skinny carrots if you’re buying the juice carrots, the bag of juice carrots those are the odd-shaped ones, so that’s when you’ll probably get fat ones, skinny ones, and all kinds of different ones Because those aren’t being sold as the regular carrots

But there’s no difference in the juice carrots Now in some cases I’ve actually seen the non-organic juice carrots for 25 pounds for six bucks You know and ask at your local grocery store if they can specially order them for you, because generally most of them can, but they don’t sell enough volume to have it as an in-stock item unless you’re some place where people keep horses, then a lot of times people feed their horses those juice carrots As you can see here we’re almost done juicing these carrots in the Omega Vert juicer It’s going nice and slow, just how I like it, maximize the nutrition in the juice

And to me there’s nothing better than fresh carrot juice for a mid-morning snack So let’s juice the last carrot here, one more carrot right through the juicer Now the last thing I want to share with you guys today is that when I first got started juicing I pretty much juiced for breakfast I’d have as much juice as I wanted for breakfast, and skip my normal breakfast Because the whole purpose of juicing is to get more fresh fruits and vegetables in you because frankly, most people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables and juicing makes it fun, easy, convenient and actually a really good way that your body could absorb the nutrition from the vegetables, because most people aren’t going to sit there and chew the carrot 200 times like they’re supposed to into a mush

That’s why we feed babies baby food, they don’t got the teeth, but because we have the teeth we’re supposed to chew our food into mush as if we were babies Did you get that one? Anyways our juice is all finished, and when I first got into juicing I’d literally just drink juice and I’d juice five pounds of carrots instead of my normal breakfast And I would just drink that for breakfast, I’d have my normal lunch, mid-afternoon I’d have another couple cups of carrots and in general, one pound of carrots equals one cup of juice And as to how much you should be drinking, I can only say for me I like to drink about 32 ounces of juice in one sitting If you’re not used to that much you may want to start off with less or actually even dilute the juice with some water so that it’s not as strong for you

All right, we’re done making the juice, let’s go ahead and try this baby Mmm, so delicious, so good Now I am tasting a bit of pulp in there, some people may like the pulp some people may not, this is just a total preference thing There’s pros and cons to a little bit of pulp in the juice I have heard that it can help keep the juice stable longer

Another thing that I want to mention is that once you do make the vegetable juice, you always want to make a little bit more for a friend, a neighbor, a wife, a son, a daughter, or a co-worker at work and give them some, and get them turned onto some of the fresh juices too to let them know what you’re doing, but also to give them a taste of real food and who knows, maybe they’ll get into juicing too If you don’t like the pulp in the juice you can just buy a simple strainer like this, pour the juice through the strainer, and remove all the extra pulp, and you’ll have a pulp-free juice I personally like more pulp-free juices in most cases unless it’s a fruit juice, and it just tastes so much cleaner and so much better when 100% of the fiber is removed in my opinion So I hope you guys enjoyed this episode learning more about the carrots, the juice carrots, the organic carrots and the lowest cost juice you can make, and once again I’m using the Omega Vert 330 HD in this video, and the Omega Vert 330 is in a series of Omega Vert juicers, Omega Vert 350 and the all-new Omega Vert 400, which is actually the latest model which is the model I like the most, and is the best buy for your money in my opinion So I want to encourage you guys to drink the carrot juice instead of the soda, even instead of the orange juice, and just to get more fresh fruits and vegetables in you

And remember, good, better, best – if carrot juice is going to allow you to drink more and eat more vegetables than you normally would, then it’s a good thing If it’s not, then maybe it’s not so good But most people are in the category where drinking carrot juice in my opinion is going to be definitely a benefit instead of a hindrance Once again my name is John Kohler with discountjuicerscom, be sure to visit discountjuicers

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