HEALTHY LIVING: Riding Your Motorcycle

Hey I am Dr Trapper Niccum with Thrive Chiropractic Studio and today we are going to talk about the 5 Health Tips you can do during your Ride

#1 Make sure you move your joints a lot Flex your writs, move your elbows, your shoulders Keep your joints moving Keeps the fluids moving in and out

#2 Make sure to move your spine Flex your low back back and forth, mid back, neck, move it around little bit every 15-20 minutes 3rd one Depending on your ride, it’s a little bit easier, but make sure that you have good posture

Sit up a bit and get a nice posture it is good for your discs and your back Makes sure that your spine can last for the ride #4 Make sure to get off the bike every now and then I prefer every hour maybe hour and a half

Get off your bike for a few minutes and move around a little bit clear your head Get off the road And then the last one, #5 Depending on your state laws, get up and stand up Depends on where you are – sometimes you can stand sometimes you can’t, but it is good for your spine and good for your joints

For a complete list of our Motorcycle Health Tips, visit our website at wwwThriveChirocom Thanks for listening and have a Safe Ride!

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