Heart healthy lifestyle changes (Cambios en el estilo de vida saludable)

Last week I mentioned ways to prevent heart disease This week I will expand on continued care to treat related conditions that make a heart attack more likely and can also reduce your risk of heart attack Again, a healthy lifestyle for The heart can help prevent a heart attack and includes a healthy eating for the heart, physical activity, stop smoking, control Stress and control your weight

The treatment of the conditions that make that a heart attack is more likely can also help reduce the risk of having a heart attack These conditions may include: Diabetes, which is a high level of blood sugar If you have diabetes, try to control your blood sugar level through diet and physical activity If necessary, take the medication as prescribed High blood cholesterol Your healthcare provider may prescribe a medication with statins to lower your cholesterol if diet and exercise are not enough

High blood pressure Your health care provider may also prescribe medications to keep your blood pressure under control Chronic kidney disease You may also be prescribed medication to control your high blood pressure or your high blood sugar levels It is also possible to have it removed from medications that are known to injure the kidneys and increase blood pressure, such as medications Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Examples include ibuprofen, diclofenac Naprosyn and many others Peripheral Artery Disease Surgery or surgery may be recommended procedures to unblock the affected arteries

It is recommended that you have an emergency action plan Make sure you have an emergency action plan in case you or someone in your family has a heart attack This is very important if you have a high risk of having a heart attack or have already had it Write a list of medications you are taking, medications you were allergic to, phone numbers of your health care providers during and after business hours, and the contact information of a friend or relative Keep the list in a practical place, Changes in healthy lifestyle, for example, fill out a wallet card to share in a medical emergency

Talk to your health care provider about the signs and symptoms of a heart attack covered in a previous episode and also when you should call 911, and the steps you can take continue while waiting for medical assistance to arrive This also allows me the opportunity to recommend the value of family members who they learn the basic life support that the Red Cross and the American Heart Association provide not only to help to your family but to any other person with whom you need these services This also allows me to remind you of the value of have a living will that you can download from this site, and have it available for your family to present at the hospital Once again, here, in the Legitimate Practitioner, we give you information that can help you and your loved ones, family and others to benefit of their knowledge and skills practitioner we bring you information that can help you and your loved ones family and others benefit from your knowledge and skills you

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