How to Increase Your Motivation to Lose Weight | Weight Loss On The Daily – Episode 2

– In this episode I talk about a powerful strategy that will help you find your motivation (energetic music) Hi, welcome to a brand new episode of #Weight Loss On The Daily

I'm Chris Barlics, thanks so much for joining me again today And today we have a really great question, and it comes from Laura, from Texas What's up Texas? Hope you're doing well, it's hot here in New Jersey, I can't imagine what it's like in Texas Texas is a great state though Laura asks, "I'm having a hard time staying motivated "to lose weight, any ideas?" Laura, that's a great question, thank you again for asking it

I think probably motivation is a number one thing I'm asked about when it comes to losing weight, because we all feel like we lack it, right? We're tired, we're exhausted during the day, you know we'd rather watch TV rather than exercise, rather eat the comfort foods rather than eat healthy Motivation's something we all struggle with And I think the reason, honestly, and this is coaching a lot of people over the last 13 years, really being active in the forums, and reading a lot of what people are saying, I find people focus on the wrong goal, right? And here's what I mean by that If your goal in your mind is a number, if your goal is a number of inches on your waist, if your goal is to look like a certain celebrity, you're focusing on the wrong thing Because, yeah, although you want to get to that number, or though you want to achieve that number, or look similar to that celebrity, that's not why you're doing this

You're doing this because getting to that number means something for you You're hoping that once you reach that goal of achieving a number, something's gonna change in your life That something that you hope is gonna change in your life is what you really want to achieve That's your goal, and I want you to focus on that What are you really fighting for? And remind yourself of it

Put it on Post-it Notes, put pictures that represent it all over your house, put it in your car, put it on the computer screen at work, find what you're truly fighting for and remind yourself of it It's not about a number Get rid of the idea of a number Yeah, you want to lose 50 pounds, and you're gonna get there, but the reason you're wanting to lose 50 pounds, that's your goal Focus on that the next time you're trying to make a decision whether or not to exercise or stay on the couch watching Netflix

Whether or not to eat healthy food, or whether or not to eat the same fast food junk that you've been eating Focus on why you're doing it There's a great quote, "Anybody with a strong enough why can withstand any how" Losing wight, yes, it is hard, but if you focus on why you got started in the first place, you'll be less likely to quit And Laura that's the best answer I can give you, without talking to you, I hope that really helps

And if you're watching this right now, and you have trouble getting motivated, keep focusing on your why, and keep coming back here, and I'll help you with your how Thanks so much for watching this If you have a question now or in the future don't forget to click on the Ask Chris link below at the bottom of the video, and hopefully I'll be able to answer your question and get you one step closer to living a better life and achieving your weight-loss goal Have a great rest of your day, I'll talk to you really soon (energetic music)

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