How to make the best weight loss lemon drink in 1 minute,

Hello it's Vangel your weight loss expert Founder of Substitute health clubcom Easy solutions just for obese and over weight

With this video I'll show you how to make one of my Most popular weight loss drinks You can make in a minute at home Now the best drink is water, how ever Occasionally you might want something Different, It's great if you can make a drink that's low calories your self, and cheap and you know what's in it Have you ever made lemonade or lemon? Squash? well Let me show you how to make it My way in about a minute Here we go Now of course, when ever we come to the Kitchen to eat or drink anything we always Have some water

So I will do my 1,2,3,4 weight loss habit builder 1) water, 2) 10 reps of an exercise, to make my lemon squash drink, I have to boil some water You'll notice with my glass because I drink Water all day long, and how I like to distinguish My glass from the rest of the family is I put a little rubber band around it Every morning I change my glass, And put my rubber band around my new glass I do this so the other family members don't Accidentally take my glass, and its not that I don't Want the others to get my germs, but I just like to Change my glass every day and know it's a fresh Glass and I know who's glass it is And if I need to find my glass again I can Easily find it And of course I am drinking lots of water All day long just like you should and Maybe even have a different coloured rubber Band for every member of the family The water is almost boiled What you will need is cold water, Fresh lemon or lemon juice, I also like to put in a bit of lime into it And a spoon, A bit of sugar Use a thick glass, I have my lemon squash with one tea spoon of Sugar, to taste, that's fantastic, bit of boiled water to melt the sugar, stir watch out it doesn't burn you

Then cold water See if it's melted Have the caps ready to go Looks like the water is clear and sugar is Nicely melted And, Pop your cold in there, almost to the top And, squeeze in or add a bit of the lemon, Just a few drops Enough to taste, 1 or 2 drops of the lime, And there you have it I'm sure that was only about a minute Fantastic You know what's in it because you made it yourself

Its cool it's refreshing It's only got 1 teaspoon of sugar in it, as much as a cuppa tea, or something like that Because you are having lots of water on My program, you might want to very it Now and again, if you want to get more water Because the more water you drink, The better on this weight loss program I did my knee lift exercise I had my lemon drink And for the 4th element which would be Eating some food from your pantry, or Some normal food, raw fruits or vegetables, Tomatoes you can eat them raw, or carrots, Or boil them up or the microwave You can also microwave some frozen veggies From a packet, mixed veggies, beans, peas, Broccoli, are terrific, corn, fresh ones or of course Frozen ones are just as good I'm going to have an other one You watch how quickly I can make this one Because the last one I didn't make it that quick Sugar The water boiled 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 10, cold water, and I already had 1 glass, I am very super thirsty, it's been a long day video taping, you can use fresh lemons as well, I'm trying not to show you these brands These are genuine, lemon squeeze, juice, And they are fantastic, just like real lemon

Ahh, my tummies full, feeling good, feeling refreshed It's a cool drink great for a summer's day I'm sure this has given you ideas on how to make plenty more try not to put too much of this sugar in it though That's the secret to it If you have got any suggestions for any Terrific easy to make cheep, drinks, That are low in calories that are yummy, Please send them in, Send them in on video, I'd love to see them And im sure the rest of our community Would love to see them as well Remember I'm Vangel Weight loss expert

Founder of Substitute Health Club com Solutions just for obese and overweight Have a fantastic day, If you have any enquires please send them Through to me and any help would be really Appreciated And now you are a fat burning machine Make the most of your membership and Follow your program every day Bey

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