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Welcome to fat over 40 my names Miles and in this episode we are going to be juicing with Gee Now if your new to the channel please subscribe there is a new film every single Friday and if you like what you hear then give us a thumbs up you may know somebody that needs to start their weight loss journey and if so share this with them and tell them to get involved with the channel Most importantly let me know what you think and get involved and comment down below Now juicing with Gee, I personally don’t have a lot of experience with juicing I have heard of juice diets and I can imagine that you can lose a lot of weight on a juice diet you know just by drinking juices but Gee is also a health coach so she brings some science to the table and if you go onto her website juicing with Gee you can read up all about her there but I thought it would be a good idea to share or her to share with you an introduction to juicing and you can find out more about it and you can check her out so I myself am going to get involved with some juicing and I am going to let you know exactly how I get on but now that I have leant a little more about it I need to take a measured approach as to when I am able to do a juice cleanse and really sort my insides out and I’m looking forward to that the important thing that I have learnt from speaking to Gee and looking on her website and all the stuff that she has got available is that she doesn’t just only sort out your short term weight loss goals but she also looks to the longer term to make sure your going to continue to lose weight and get a healthier lifestyle going forward so with no further a do its over to the kitchen with juicing with Gee Thank you Miles hi my name is Gee and my passion is juicing and helping people reach their ideal weight with the aid of juicing what I do is empower people to understand themselves understand nutrition and then create new tool and behaviours to reach their ideal weight Juicing I feel is a good opportunity for people to understand nutrition and what happens in the body and the science behind the juice cleanse can then be applied to the food that you eat over the long term to help reach your goals over time there are a lot of juice companies out there selling juice cleanse packages and what I think is missing from the market is the actual information as to why a juice cleanse works so what I empower people with is information as to what happens in the body and the more likely you will then be to stick the the regime as it can be challenging and get the results you are after one of the common questions I get asked is how often should I juice? And I am going to answer that in two ways firstly I drink a juice or a smoothie every day as part of my normal diet just to get good nutrition into my body and is a really good habit to get into as there is a lot of nutrition packed into one glass the second way to answer that is the juice detox or cleanse a juice cleanse or juice detox and the frequency of those really does depend on the individual and what their current weight is and what their weight loss goals are and where they are in their journey when I first found juicing I was probably a stone and a half bigger than I am now so I had some weight to lose and I did not want to do that over night and it’s impossible to do that in one juice cleanse but the way I used juices was to break through weight plateaus and probably at that time I did a juice cleanse once every 3 months but now that I have reached my ideal weight I purely juice for the health benefits and not the weight loss and I do that just twice a year and that’s probably enough but I do as I say drink a juice on a daily basis so what I want to do with Miles is help you guys to understand juicing in more detail to see if it’s right for you and I’m going to try and help you dispel some of the myths so the first question I will answer is why is juicing so effective why does it work an probably the answers are not what you are going to expect I think the number one myth is that it only works because you are reducing your calories and that’s it, full stop Of course if you just drink soup or you just drink juice your calorie intake is going to drop and you are going to lose weight but if you don’t do it in the correct way and you don’t drink the correct juices that can leave you feeling dreadful so I really want to promote the correct juices you should drink while doing a juice cleanse but the 3 key reasons why a juice cleanse works are as follows The first one is giving your digestives system a rest so that’s quiet a big one and an important one for you to understand if you think about when you eat food it goes from your mouth through into your stomach through your digestive system and out the other end and that actually is a lot of work for your body to process so when you are eating food constantly your body is constantly working hard to beak that down so buy giving your digestive system a rest for 3 days it allows your body to do other things the energy it saves from eating food it uses to sweep up your body and fit itself so that’s the number one reason The second reason is you alkalise your body so the fruit and vegetable juices that you drink create an alkaline environment in the body now that’s quite a complex area to understand but I believe that juicing is a good opportunity to introduce you to alkaline foods you understand how you feel once you have finished the juice cleanse and how good your body feels and you can apply those foods to the foods you eat over the long term the body runs most effectively on a slight PH alkaline number I think its 73 or something like that around there, so when you eat foods that create an alkaline environment in your body it runs more effectively The final reason is the calorie reduction which I think people believe is the only reason why juicing works and that is important because by rescuing your calories you body is going to burn fat for energy and this is one of the main reasons it is called a juice detox or juice cleanse what you are doing is sweeping out unwanted matter from you body all the toxins that have built up from your daily intake you want to get rid of your body is really cleaver it stores things that it can’t process as far away from the vital organs as possible and that means on the edge of your body so that is where you store fat so when you do a juice cleanse you rest your digestive system your alkalising your body and your giving yourself an opportunity to sweep out what’s needed your not getting enough calories so it’s going to burn fat for energy, you burn the fat and you breakdown the toxins that are stored there and you are flushing your body through with lots of juice lots of water and they leave your body so the end result with a juice cleanse there are many health benefits more than weight loss but I know that a lot of people use a juice cleanse for weight loss and I particularly like if you are on the beginning of your weight loss journey using a juice cleanse as you do get fast results and that can really give you a good kick start to help you start your weight loss journey get some good results initially and that will give you good energy to move forwards with you new plan I have got lots of information in my website as it’s a lot to take in you can find out more information through my juice with Gee website where I explain that in more detail and tomorrow what I will talk about with Miles is the difference between a juice and a smoothie and which one you should use when doing a detox don’t’ forget to follow me on Instagram details will be below So that was an amazing introduction on juicing I bet you did not realise what effect a juice cleanse has on your body so I will be putting all the relevant links in the description section down below including a link to all of Gee’s online presents including her Instagram so make sure you follow her and get involved Now this is the first video in a series of videos about juicing the next one that we produce is going to be about the difference between juices and smoothies and then we have also recorded making a couple of juices and I’m going to be trying my first green juice and my first nut milk as well so those are something to look forward to it’s really exciting so if you like what you hear then smash that thumbs up button comment down below let me know if you have tried juicing or if you have a smoothie everyday within your diet and let me know what your up to now if you make one change this week get juicing so you don’t die fat

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