Journey with Jenney – My Intro to Juicing & Green Smoothies

Hi This is Jenney from A journey with Jenney

I wanted to talk about juicing and green smoothies because I just had one today Finally And I just wanted to share my own experience about juicing and smoothies I started juicing in 2010, after watching a documentary called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead by an Australian named Joe Cross Who was extremely obese, and he was on a lot of medication And he decided to do a 60-day fast, where he had nothing but juices every single day and started to incorporate light exercise into his life So by the end of the documentary he had lost a hundred pounds Got off all his medication and it was kind of considered miraculous by his doctors

It was this documentary that introduced me, who already was a very healthy person, to the benefits of juicing I got a Breville Juicer as a present And started making all sorts of juices So, I was making green juice, orange juice with like carrots and grapefruit And juices of various colors

Fruits and vegetables And it was fantastic! I could feel all the vitamins and minerals boosting my immune system, health, and just overall energy But, it was extremely time consuming Going to the groceries, buying the produce, then washing and preparing all the fruits and vegetables, and then cleaning up all the different parts of the juicer It literally took like an hour or two to make a cup of juice

So for a while, I stopped And I tried other materials I purchased a Ninja Smoothie Kid and used it once or twice and just didn't touch it for years So, it wasn't til last year in 2015, that I got as a gift from my Bestfriend and it was a Nutri Bullet blender And, it's funny because it's been life-changing

Since i received it, I literally have been making a smoothie every single day and it's just so easy And there's really no excuse to not do it Some of the benefits kind of get to destroyed during the blending But it's still chock-full of easy to digest vitamins, and minerals, and tons of fiber So I generally make a green smoothie every single day

It has kale or spinach in it, with watermelon or berries, Greek yogurt, frozen banana, and then coconut or cashew milk, and sometimes I toss in chocolate protein powder or peanut butter If I wanted to be more filling And it really is very delicious I highly encourage incorporating green juices or smoothies into your diet Even if you just have one a week

You know you don't need to go out and buy a blender right away Maybe just go to a healthy store where you've seen smoothies or juices You know, there's naked juices you can buy from your local Whole Foods You just might become hooked like I have And it really does help your health to have one a day

Makes a huge difference at least in my life And the couple of days that I haven't had one I've been like feeding for it So that's all for today And thanks for tuning in for, A Journey with Jenney Bye

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