Juicing 101: How to Begin Juicing

Hey all, Jason Puckhead Diebold here and a lot of people have asked about the new diet that I'm following week and especially the juicing that I'm doing A lot of people are intimidated by juices and juicing and there's a lot of different conflicting information out there on it, so I just figured that since I'm getting a lot of questions the easiest thing for me to do is just go ahead and do a video as I make my daily juice *Jason Diebold Intro Music* This is the Omega: model number 8,006

It's really nice because it's chrome, it looks good I leave this out on the counter all the time We have a very small kitchen so to do so is kind of a commitment but it's a good looking machine that you don't mind leaving it out It can be a bit of a conversation piece I literally own at least 6 different juicers

Everywhere from the $50 jacqueline all the way up to $2,500 Norwalk juicer which is a two-part user which has the best by far the best juice around but you know whether to use it and clean it it's like such a hassle that i just i mean I don't use it because it's such a hassle The Omega is a great balance between getting great quality juice and being simple to use and very easy to clean up and maintain In fact, this is my setup as I walk into the kitchen everyday I've got my juicer set up over here You know a lot of times my fiance is very neat and clean and particular, she'll throw a towel on top of it, so I just took the towel off

And then all the products that I need for the juicer are right over here so this is the back part of the juicer You've got an auger that fits in there In front of the auger, there's the small screen and then kind of a holder at the end and that's the whole assembly of the juicer that you need to do on a daily basis So it gets super easy So now I just take this auger component and put it inside the juicer and hit close

And now all I've got to do is turn this thing on and it's ready to go Now when you buy any juicer, it comes with all kinds of different attachments to catch the juice and to catch the shavings I just use a simple cup that fits under the juicer fine It's just kind of a juice glass, just like the name sounds I think this is a bucket that came with this particular juicer to catch the shavings

But the other option is we just grab a bowl, right? A bowl will fit and work right there So when this guy's dirty, I just use a bowl Not a big deal Alright so, everybody especially is always curious about you know, not only about the juicer that I'm using but the individual ingredients that I use This this is just my daily routine and I think you'll see that it's not hard to do

So the only thing I really have to cut up to fit in the juicer are the lemon and cucumber So I typically do that first to get it out of the way I'm only going with about half a cucumber a day and half a lemon: so real simple and easy to cut those two guys up And I'll take this half of the cucumber and this half the lemon and I set that aside I'll use that, save it in a ziplock bag and I'll use that tomorrow as the veggies I need to do the juicer tomorrow But then I cut up so it's small enough to fit in this opening That's your only requirement

but as long as it's small enough to fit in that opening you basically just throw it in your juicer and let it go through The skins are on there, the seeds are in there, everything Because it's going to sort those out You know you're not going to be eating any seeds, but there is nutrition in those seeds that's good for you so by all means, throw them in And that's really the whole process

The only other weird thing we do for this is, the juice that I'm doing daily calls out cayenne pepper and it's just like, a pinch And I like cayenne so I add a little bit more than a pinch And a pinch of sea salt, and my girlfriend's from Hawaii so she gets us fresh Hawaiian sea salt Good stuff And then, the only other thing is apple cider vinegar

Kind of a weird ingredient And you can take all three of those ingredients and put it right into your juice I choose to go through the juicer and just kind of clean up the juicer while I'm doing it But those are the only, kind of weird 3 ingredients The only other thing, I kind of forgot this, is tumeric

You want about an inch, about as much as the first chunk of your thumb of numeric and also ginger I've got a lot of ginger here so I have to find a good chunk Just cut that off I don't have to cut that up because it's already small enough to fit in my juicer Weird thing for me is I've learned all the incredible health benefits of turmeric so we have a friend that makes turmeric paste for us

You know, gets raw turmeric and make, mixes it up And this has been known to do so many good things and also just the power of intention, you know, whatever you believe will work I used to hate eating this but now I take a teaspoon every day and I eat it and I always remember to do it when I'm putting the turmeric in my juice It kind of gives me a little something to chew on while I'm making the juice So there goes my turmeric for the day

I can give you a link to a recipe for this But it's not something you sell, it's something you make which is why we have a friend make it for us Right now we have the turmeric and the ginger in there So go ahead and turn that on Now people say this is the bad thing about the Omega, is that you have to push the ingredients into this, but the space in the auger is really big in the back

So it typically doesn't take much effort Ido all that with my left dominant hand One of the first products you use here is the collard greens when I can't find collard greens, I'll just use: not kale, what's the other one? Oh gosh I can't think of it Chard! C-h-a-r-d So if I can't find collard greens I'll use chard but this time they had the collard greens

And every ingredient you see me use here, is organic, whole grown, pasture-raised product You know, when you're doing juices, it's to help you get rid of toxins and clean up your diet So the last thing you want to do is be using non-organic foods that are filled with pesticides and chemicals and who knows what else I would encourage you to go out to your local co-op You might do some research online to find out where your local co-op is but you know most grocery stores have an organic section and I use the organic section at the grocery store as much as I need to

Theres some products, actually like this kale This is tuscan kale, which is a little bit easier to get in the juicer than the other type of kale and I get that at the grocery store a full copy shop or something so I'm really really behind supporting your local cross check that out over the next one get all the nutrition vitamins and minerals that country and I he eating parsley and I would never add this to sell my grandma used to do that and all that sure but when I put it through the juicy here I get the nutrition bars and I didn't have to go through the torture of actually here next to the salon through lunch what you did you finish family know how they use on many other clues and all there's also one of the main advantages of inducing is we want to get all this nutrition from all these vegetables and have a lot of what do you mean by Jason the stuff that's coming at the end and this has to build your body goes through your body it slows down so low sugar that have all those great nutrition you want to get dinner just in your body as quickly as possible so that user lots of the juice because it doesn't he gets everything going you know I read rip break into your bloodstream of volunteer treasurer and the other hand sugars route now you want that extra fires low down the abortion process because when you're taking out sugar is gonna have negative effects on your bloodstream and hormone levels you want to slow the process down so he lies at the question you know what's the difference between using in blending juicy the Bulls wanna get the nutrition it as quickly as possible dream wedding Israel their stuff where you want the added fiber in your diet still so that's so every morning raised alright this is and you know when you get some real intentions his heart was basically just giving you that much so so so I want the extra nutrition here I'm heading thing that I don't want that extra jurors the lemon and the cucumber dill as you put it in the juicy vessels that raises a lot of link with it into your glass with the juicier vegetables and put it in something like they care of it charted because of it all when it does it will that be the reason here now if your interest in this position in america first of all I just can't take this favorite this would be great for your guard in all is actually great to put on the the vegetables hear me now I have a garden so a lot of times I N 20 mins away which is horrible and she can look online and find better things to do with this because you know this is whole veggie veggie that you just purchase all organic kind of swap it around a little bit easy sometimes and literally it's the only those four components have the push rod cap and housing back a lot of times I only used a good balance everything else the only thing I would say is you need to use like this brush to clean up if you have the nylon brush because as little as filter here and you want to make sure you're getting the little whores and that filter there's one part you want to make sure you clean pretty well every day by brushing too hard to you and the quality is very good one way to tell the quality of juice is based upon how consistent it is and it's not going to be completely consistent because we did different vegetables in different times to shake this up and put in a bigger glass you'll see a nice good consistency when you see a strong separation of water versus Lake dance nutrition then you know leg juicers well there's a lot that I wasn't getting if you're not getting that the type stuff and also there's a lot of Sciences when I juice goes above this temperature and kill and then you see with our do so this is a very low RPM tape machine as opposed to the gas centrifuge tube juicer another reason why I really prefer just as good a little bit harder to clean so I had this juicer here I had a makeover at home and California and I switched to the version I got it and then we recently won a trip I took this with me i'm not gonna miss me every day you know this is so much easier to clean not much higher if it isn't too late this is this is my go-to I really tried everything under the Sun so it's not only some brand new carthage just started juicing like this I've got a lot of experience with it literally every Jew certain market you can send your personal question asked me if I try to do certain why this one over and I'll tell you I tried them all quite literally I don't want to be in my results this is really just above the juicy news will be part of my class and curriculum that I teach but the truth is that in the last two months in all of January February lost 20 pounds before because they reduce loosen me know and it's getting this back you know that might not be why you're doing your thing but to have a nice loose fitting jeans or need to build again have the six pack coming and this kind of great food where I'm not hungry all day long and I don't get cravings so that's amazing for me and if there is ever a time between meals basically only have three meals a day you know I have a protein shake it and I have leaders Shakeology in the afternoon if the worst problem which is kind of a good trick to this diet is working on balancing your hormones those you know this your body's production and insulin response and home to the movie which is all you really need to know but I'm not coming calories and when my balance that's what you can use stored body fat you and maybe five million times five hours since my last meal don't feel hungry at all in check and so I skip a meal and I actually just end up losing more weight and one of the great things for me is I don't have to sit there doing all these little measurements got these measurements hope so drives me crazy but that's cool to have become calories than actually coming calories drives me crazy with this diet the only thing that we really do it was we measure proteins but I've got a scale and we just recently to lab uses this to measure the weight of my proteins the most important thing I want to do this career for nine years and it's business it's working out its you write and three million dollars in the last nine years pretty success but the truth is I never thought should be confident that I can control my body the way that I want to look and get nutrition advice to other people like I've got this thing down I know what it takes and all my body works best for I don't even shop around a lot of the new gimmicks that come up you even by my company at this point I know they stick to get big I do more bodies stuff I want to leave when I go back to the p90x know what works for me and when you started losing weight back there's tons of ways to lose weight up there but it's not a maintainable a style you know what you gonna do it that beyond that so this is the first time in my life where I'm only doing this is what it is this what is what we're seeing this will work for either but I can do some five minutes every day and is one of my favorite parts of my day because like you're you're talking real vegetables and you're creating them yourself and you're getting this period but you know I want you to see the taste and responsible you get from all people probably yourself tried using the first time that's not bad well to get out of the habit of saying what things are not if something is not bad what is it actually was good but it think your mind about that that's fine you know going do you want to be called called not a bad blogger called the good thing about semantics can do in your life and you know every aspect of my life right now is that 10 10 10 10 10 I think happiness in life comes from you know harmony and balance as your spirituality ties to your butt and as your relationships your well as all things can merge together so I see this is the first time in my life I can say I 1010 10th grade my relationship feels great I have a great relationship with my own spiritual connection and higher self and my career is killing nine and then but whatever I'm getting a's every course of every aspect of my life really what I want to do is wait to give the same bill and everybody else you know if you're just hanging all over this hurting its painful and you see everybody on the other side of the door is gone first happy beyond the hail over here I found the solution to getting out of the hill and its go through the door for example but the truth is that's where I'm at right now my life has taken me twenty two years to get to that point where I can honestly I wholeheartedly and being online is saying there these things are going great for me in my life my only next mission is to leave a legacy and help other people out of the ship's store so that's why that's why when hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of people I can totally severe bacterial extremist views and not be worried users all over my words York's I'm totally in line with the most exciting thing about me is you know selling fitness programs its messages that come back for the first time I have control my house and my my way and I thought that I've never had it that's what I want to get that kind of appreciation and gratitude back so that's why do I want you to do that during get out of the hills this is done for me I know you can do it for you so please reach out I hope you enjoyed using video and I hope you're ready for the next part of the challenge

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