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org/Great-Juice-Recipes-for-Juicershtml It seems like a match made in heaven: juicing and weight loss Medical doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts all agree The fastest route between your current weight and the shedding of those extra pounds is through a field of fruits and vegetables They will help you to lose weight fast

But try as you might, an afternoon snack of baby carrots, green bell peppers, and an apple doesn't grab you as much as your favorite candy bar That's exactly where power juicing comes in to save your diet You can receive plenty of fruits and vegetables — and the all-important nutrients they hold — as a freshly juiced drink It has the advantage of keeping you feeling full — and (get this!) reducing your craving for that candy bar Recently, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of a research study dealing revealing that a low metabolic rate was intimately linked to a low consumption of nutrients

Not only that, both of these were associated with a larger waistline Now, let's take this one step further A larger waistline, in time, is a biomarker for an increased risk of developing heart disease The good news is that all fruits and vegetables trump processed, packaged foods when it comes to weight loss Think you might want to take the plunge of Power Juicing to lose weight? Here's one recipe that can kick-start your diet

Weight-Loss Wonder Juice This juice will work wonders at helping you lose those unwanted pounds And you'll enjoy every drop of it, too! What an awesome combination! 5 carrots 1 apple ½ cucumber ½ beet 1 stalk of celery Place the produce in your juicer Juice Enjoy If you think this juice needs a bit of a zing, add fresh ginger to taste! Power Juicing offers you the chance to lose weight and the opportunity to restore a host of other health disorders

Once you start, you'll be amazed where this fantastic practice can lead! If you've ever wondered about the effectiveness of juicing as a nutritional tool, then you've come the right place I'd like to invite you to our website which was created to show you the value of juicing and to provide you with everything you need to get started Come to eJuicingBenefitsorg and grab our free 10 part mini-course which is designed to provide all of the information you need to know to get started juicing quickly Thats http://www

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