Juicing For Life Part 1 (How to start a juice detox)

A New Adventure Has Begun Hi people!!! I'll start here This is my new adventure

I'm always making up something I chose this week to focus on my health And also this month We have Thanksgiving coming up I have many things going on

I want to share with you Some of the things that I'm doing First, people are asking how I get my juice I want to start with this box here It's practically empty Cause it's my last day taking juice Some of the things I use also are in the refrigerator But I had three boxes filled with vegetables and fruit

And I used everything Of the two days we've done I did it with the girls I had three big boxes

So, I used the list of "Rebooting with Joe" I went to the Market and bought everything I needed And if I did not find it in the Market, I went in otros, until I found everything that precizava Especially here in Germany It is very difficult to find everything in one place So I had to go in various places

I know in the United States and Brazil And in other parts of the world, you may find other vegetables, then Then in Singapore, in Southwest Asia and a dream

Hi, people in Southwest Asia I know you can go there in Asia then The amount of green vegetables is

incredible My juice was very easy Why I had

Four types of spinach Here I only met two types I think it's even more in Singapore So I made my juice a lot easier

there than here And the amount of green vegetables what do you use for the juices also There's a lot of water in here As you can see I had more

But, this one is water with gas I like fizzy water That is why But I bought more water, too Let me show you

I bought Two big bottles here There's another one over there So we're almost halfway through Tried to take as much as we can Because I was too bad to drink water

That is terrible! This is the first part of some of the things I'm doing The other part I'll teach you how to make the juice Hope you like it See you! Goodbye!!!

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