Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

Well Hellooo In this quick video I will tell you about juicing and share some delicious juicing recipes that are great for losing weight I will also tell you how you can get tons more recipes absolutely free

Juicing and specifically "juice fasting" is a great way to lose weight Ever since I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead I have been OBSESSED with juicing This movie follows Joe Cross who was fat, sick and nearly dead in his quest to take his life back Joe went on a 100% juice diet Every meal for 60 days would be fresh juice, which he would create by juicing his own vegetables In total he lost 100 pounds, along the way he met a guy who was very much like himself

Phil joined Joe and went on a 100% juice diet to try and reclaim his life back He was over 400 pounds to start and ended up losing 200 pounds This film really demonstrated the benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables, because of this "juicing" has become extremely popular as a weight loss method So, what exactly is "Juicing" Juicing is taking fresh fruits and vegetables and putting them in a machine called a "Juicer" which works to process the ingredients into a liquid form The resulting drink provides optimal levels of nutrients while leaving you full and satisfied

Here are a few juice recipes you can use: So if you are trying to lose weight juicing is a great way to get your needed nutrients, cut calories and keep full For tons more juicing recipes check out my friend Max's FREE weight loss coaching program He covers tons of methods, strategies, and tips to lose weight and the best part it's completely free to join I have partnered with him so that when you join you will get a full report with lots more information on juicing as well as many MANY more recipes So, if you truly want to lose weight click the link in the description below and join the program for free

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