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Hey everybody! Hannibal Bray with Perfect Day Lifestyle and in today's video we're gonna talk about juicing specifically prepping for juicing so I got my man Jack here on the camera he's gonna help me out here so you can kind of get a bird's-eye view of what it takes to really do this if you wanna you know have a perfect week of meals you really do have to just put together perfect days and the way you do that is with preparation there's no way you can avoid that so let me just orient you to kind of what we've got here these are my produce keepers okay these are what I use to keep things fresh if you don't have these produce keepers or if you don't feel like spending 15 16 bucks on getting these go get you some Ziploc bags that's all you need and it will take up much room in the fridge at all I'm gonna go through the recipe here I'm gonna go through the ingredients kind of how we put all this together and then in the comments below while we'll post a picture of everything and I'll have a list of the ingredients so you know exactly how much to get and we'll do another video later actually at the grocery store because they can be confusing at the store if you're like I was when I decided to do this it was okay I'm not gonna go to the grocery store I gotta fight off all the hippies and the super aggressive foodies and honestly I wasn't looking forward to it it was easier to just you know order takeout call up my favorite Chinese place or go get something that was easy this is some work right you gotta get you got to go get all the produce you know what to get how much to get you got to wash it all so I did all that I spared you all that but now I got everything all laid out we're gonna put it all together I'm going to show you just how easy this can be during the week if you do the work on the weekend or one day a week to put it all together so the first ingredient is celery okay I put celery in the box first because I'm gonna run that last through the juicer because it just kind of helps push everything through, next is collard greens okay collard greens are awesome big leafy cruciferous it's a big word cruciferous vegetables and we have kale you can use green kale the lacynto, dinosaur kale I personally like the red kale just because veggies with red red veggies tend to have more antioxidants in there and that's good stuff cucumbers cucumbers as you can see I'm gonna fit in the box and I don't like to cut these up until the day of because all the juices and stuff in there I can put him in the long boxes but not the short boxes these four long boxes and for short boxes is what fits in my fridge but I would definitely recommend getting you know getting a few of these it helps make things easier another word on cucumbers I don't put cucumbers in my salad any more cucumber is technically a fruit so I don't put cucumbers in my salad or all right I don't put cucumbers in my juice or carrots but I do put them in my salads so I so I put cucumbers I know I'm confusing you cucumbers I don't put in salads because of the seeds and I like the juicer the juicer takes the seeds out so I like cucumbers in the juice but carrots I don't do carrots in the juice anymore because when you run carrots through there it just strips it down to all the sugar right but I do put carrots in my salad once in a while, okay next we've got parsley okay and this is a lot of parsley I tend to go kind of heavy on the parsley just because it gives a nice flavor to it and then cilantro now if you have a issue with cilantro some people just you know they can't stand it now I I don't like I can't eat this raw but when it's in the juice it really makes a difference so if you're like "oh my gosh that's way too much cilantro" just dial back on the cilantro and you can kind of ease your way into it, finally we got lemon again the only fruit that I'm really consuming right now besides cucumbers and carrots lemon we're gonna put a whole lemon in here and then we're gonna put two inches roughly of ginger in there and on game day in the morning you know all I have to do is pull one of these boxes out I cut the cucumber up enough so that it'll fit down the juicer and then same thing I peel the peel the lemon and then I cut up the ginger and there's another video here whether you're watching this on youtube or in the Facebook group if you're not in the group come join us at Perfect Day Lifestyle on Facebook it's a public group anybody can join we give people lots of training and tips in there I think you'll find really helpful so let's break this down let's put all this together Oh couple couple more ingredients some apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar is I get the Bragg stuff this is pretty good you gotta make sure you shake it up to get all the residue out of there but I put 1 to 2 tablespoons in there after it goes through the juicer it adds to the flavor a little bit and sea salt is optional I'm not putting any salt in mine because I'm getting enough salt but you can certainly put that into add for a little taste and then cayenne pepper cayenne pepper right here organic this is gonna give you that thermogenic effect to raise your metabolism a little bit so definitely recommend you add that now that said my wife can't stand the cayenne pepper so we don't put that in hers I make two two different batches so as I go through after in the comments here I'll post the recipe so you know exactly how much to put in, this is enough for two people right so the yield it's gonna be somewhere between two and a half to three cups of green juice but this is for two people if you're just doing it solo obviously just cut everything in half okay so the first things first the celery so all I do just gonna break these guys up here so they fit in you don't have to cut them it doesn't have to be fancy and it's need everything's gonna fit in there and obviously I've washed everything here you tend to get some dirt and the soil that kind of sticks there especially with the organic produce but you get everything in there it'll lay nice and flat and to do a full week for two people here I bought three three bunches of celery usually you're gonna have between eleven thirteen or fourteen stalks that come there in the celery and the recipe calls for four stalks now I ended up with a little bit extra today so I just threw it in so you briefly got like four and a half to five stalks in there or celery okay next we're gonna go for the collard greens okay so the recipe calls for two collard greens if I have a couple extra or a small one I just throw it in right I'm just gonna stuff that down in there two collard greens again if you're making this recipe for one person you're just going to have one collard greens right and so to get this much I bought I bought just one big collard greens so if you're you know a single person you're buying it for yourself you just need one bunch of collard greens and probably probably two two of the celery so far okay one sit flat all right so we got celery we got collard greens next is the kale now the recipe here is four stalks I ran out a little bit I got two two bunches of kale and I was a little bit short so I just kind of spread it out not a big deal there's enough other good stuff in here don't obsess over this I mean just the fact that you're getting green veggies into your life is is a good thing okay good things are gonna come from that especially consuming this first thing in the morning right you're um you got a couple levers in your body your metabolism and your appetite and what this is doing is this is telling um it's telling your body okay we're good we got some food so we don't have to go into fat storing mode right I tells your body that you can go into fat-burning mode right and giving this good green good stuff in there it's gonna replenish those nutrients that you need on a daily basis your metabolism is fifty different enzymes and you you need forty oh we got some extra you got forty uh forty different essential nutrients that you need every day and if you're eating the standard American diet something processed something the order through a drive-thru window you're just not yours not giving all the nutrients you need okay but when you're drinking this in the morning it's gonna kick it it's gonna kick it up to where it needs to be so now we got the parsley and again I'm not measuring this we're just kind of eyeballing it I know how much I got kind of level this out right and you can I mean you can obsess over exactly how you do this but I don't see any reason to do that just get a little taste in there there you go and I always find I shop primarily at Whole Foods there's a Whole Foods we can walk to and I find the quantities of the parsley always just a little bit light and the cilantro is always just a little bit too much but it all kind of evens out a couple different kinds of parsley when you go when you're at the grocery store there's the regular parsley in any Italian parsley I kind of favor the idea Italian parsley I can't tell you really what's the difference I can't really tell you if one's better for you or the other but this is this is the the Italian parsley and that was the salon but I just wanted all right so we're coming along here next we've got the lemons all right one for you one for you one for you one for you everybody gets a lemon boom all right and then in the box is that the whole dome we'll put in the cubes the other ones I'll just keep in the fridge all right dad squeeze in there and then the rest of these they're just going to go in the fridge and I'll show you one of these lids here I'll show you couple of these so this is this is the lids what I like about this and I'll put a link in the comments too if you want to get some of these you can get these at Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon what's cool about it is they have little charcoal filter in there and you supposed to change it every 2 or 3 months but it gets out the ethyl oxylene gas right and that's what goes on there just like that and then the other one these both hold about the same amount of stuff it really just depends on you know the configuration of your your fridge you may have to you know raise and lower some of the shelves these things don't stand up so when you drop them I got you know they still work but I get a couple cracks in these because they sly easy so just be mindful of that they do stack really nicely though they stack really nicely so I find I can I stack all these up in the in the fridge so this is basically what it looks like in my fridge like that boom put the lids on so oh I forgot yeah so I'll just look this up and I've already cut each of these and again you just kind of eyeball it about two inches of ginger and you're all set ready to go so by doing this by putting in the prep time it is gonna save you so much time in the morning right so you can get out the door now people people always ask to like like I just I don't have time my daily routine is really tight how am I gonna get this done you can juice the night before the juice is gonna be fine it's still gonna taste okay but it's not it's not the same right and if you go get juice at any of these you know on the go places these these fancier juice bars that are popping up sometimes the juice isn't even made on-site they made it the night before and they brought it over it's got usually got an expiration date or like one or two days it's totally fine to drink and it's better than so many of the alternatives but the enzymes that are in there they really start to break down after about 30 minutes so when you juice you really do want to consume it as quickly as possible if you're not gonna be able to consume it right away um you know get you get you some mason jars at least a seal you know to seal that up and keep it in there keep it in the fridge um you got to do what you got to do over the last two and a half months that I've been juicing I've only missed about five or six days because I was traveling and so what did i do I just had my eggs I said my eggs and maybe maybe a little bit of bacon I'm I'm looking into bringing some greens powder along with me so I can get those greens in the morning now it's not the same as a fresh fresh produce but but you know you got to do what you got to do so hopefully this is helpful go ahead and drop comment in there if this helped you out if you have questions gonna put your questions in there I'll do my best to answer them oh well I got my man Jack here working the camera Jack's been doing the juicing here a little bit he's just kind of getting started with the program we went to the grocery store yesterday helped him get all the stuff he needed any any comments or feedback what's what's been the most challenging thing or what have you noticed from a taste perspective or a prep work don't pull any punches wanna help people here Yeah well personally I despise vegetables and eating vegetables but I found that after doing the juicing and it's really pretty palatable the the vinegar helps and the cayenne pepper for me really helps and you know you just you just get it down and if it doesn't it doesn't taste terrible and that's coming from somebody who would not eat any of this stuff unless forced to

Awesome, so I was fairly persuasive at getting you to take a look at this? Definitely So maybe in the future once Jack gets some results on this we'll let him tell you a bit more about the results that he's getting but guys you can do this anybody can do this if you go to the other video here either on YouTube or in the Facebook group you'll see I got a link there for the juicer that I really recommend Jack, show them the juicer here get this junk out of the way so this is the juicer that I do recommend it's the Omega I don't know what model it is but you don't have to you can buy it direct from Omega or in Amazon and I think you're gonna spend about 300 bucks which is kind of spendy but you can get a refurbished one and I put a link up on the video there's a video on here that shows you exactly how I put you know this is the prep work actually how we put everything in here take the time to watch that I basically show you how I cook breakfast and the timing of all of it you can get it for 200 bucks so you save 100 bucks if you buy it through that link that should help you out now you can also make this in the Vitamix Jack, would just kind of zoom in on that for a second the menu there on the side so and I have this here it's kind of as a reminder we call it yeah we call it the lawn mower that's the drink we're making but this is the recipe if you are doing it in the juicer and this is the recipe a little bit of a modification if you're doing it in the Vitamix now in the Vitamix I love I love my Vitamix but it's just not awesome for it's just not the same okay it's just not the same so I use this for like my afternoon shake the smoothie and stuff that I do every afternoon or a problem for this little shaker bottle here when you but when I'm home I use the I use the Vitamix but if you've if you've done the green smoothie or the green drink in the Vitamix and you switch over to the the juicer I'm just telling you to make a world of difference so the first three days I was on this program this Perfect Day Lifestyle it was a little rough drinking that so if you're like yeah there's no way to keep this up consider getting a juicer it'll make all the difference but appreciate you guys again drop some comments feel free to share this feel free to add anybody you like to this group we are we are committed to helping people get results encouraging you motivating you empowering you with the knowledge and the information that they didn't teach us in school you know I was a Division I college wrestler I was I was a professional at cutting weight when I needed to but I didn't learn any of this stuff you know I was younger and I just kind of took for granted if I wanted to lose weight I could just go work out more or I could deprive my body I could I could starve myself for a couple of days if I needed to to make weight what I've learned now at age 45 now I got a kid I want to be around I want to stick around I've learned that though there is an awful lot of science that can really make this easy again I've lost 52 pounds in the last 70 days with virtually zero exercise I've gone out running twice the rest has just been walking so I get up and I walk 30 minutes every morning and then I get to rest of my miles in throughout the day so if you're interesting to learn more about the full entire program make sure you get subscribed to list I'll send out some updates from time to time just go to Perfect Day Lifestyle dot com and we look forward to talking to you soon take care!

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